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male sexual dysfunction

Sexuality And Male Sexual Problems


Sexual problems affect both women and men. While for women, sexual problems are generally viewed as understandable, for men it is a bit different. Male sexuality still functions in a world of myths and stereotypes. It is a typical premise for judging a man’s worth, reduced to primitive drives, as a rule each man has “only one in mind”. Such a myth often triggers a feeling of uncertainty, fear, lowered self-esteem in men, thoughts like “What will happen if I can’t do it?”, “Am I 100% male?”, “Will she reject me if I fail to cope with the task?”

Male sexuality

The sexuality of men and women is different. This is mainly due to differences in the hormonal economy, the entire body and the mechanisms that govern it. Male sexuality has two causes. The first is typically biological, i.e. sperm production. It lasts from puberty and as their number increases, it increases the need to relieve sexual tension. The second is external, sensory and emotional stimuli. Touch, smell, sight, and love for a woman can arouse enormous desire.

Male sexual problems

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that sex problems begin. Where do they come from? There can be many reasons for this. Unfortunately, many men hide the fact that they are unable to function “normally” in the sexual areas. They start to fight it, look for ad hoc ways to deal with such a situation, such as pharmacology, ointments, risky sexual behaviour. The stress of “not doing a task” starts to cause fear of sex. And here the circle closes. The greater the anxiety, the greater the stress and thus the greater the likelihood of failure during intercourse, warns the best sexologist in Delhi.

Causes of male sexual dysfunction

As described by sex specialist in Delhi, there can be many causes of sexual dysfunction. The most frequently mentioned problems among men are: lack of desire, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, and lack of orgasm, hyper sexuality, and sex addiction.

The causes of male sexual dysfunction may be:

1. Organic dimension:

  • hormonal disorders (low testosterone levels, increased prolactin levels, thyroid dysfunction )
  • diseases ( cancer, diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys, infectious, mental, hypertension),
  • medications (antidepressants, antipsychotics),
  • radiation therapy, surgical treatment
  • stimulants,
  • Overweight.

2. Mental (psychological) dimension:

  • chronic fatigue,
  • lack of sleep,
  • stresses
  • sexual injuries and trauma,
  • partner relationship disorders – Don Juan complex, Madonna complex – harlots, marriage of convenience,
  • body image disturbance,
  • gender identity disorders,
  • parish tendencies,
  • monotony and boredom,
  • unattractive partner,
  • Porn addiction.

3. Socio-cultural dimension:

  • religious and educational rigorous,
  • satiation with sex,
  • Erroneous sexual education.

Male sexual dysfunction and their characteristics

Lack of desire is characterized by a lack of sexual fantasies and the pursuit of sexual activity. Often times you will notice a depressed mood. It can be generalized (lack of sexual desire occurs in all situations, to all potential partners, weakening of masturbation behaviour) or situational (current sexual desire manifesting itself in various situations, with no sexual desire towards the current partner). Desire disorders may be acquired (the appearance of the disorder after a period of normal sexual functioning) or primary (the person has always had a low sex drive).

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men. They are associated with the highest levels of stress and a threat to mental health and partnerships. They are often defined as the inability to obtain or maintain an erection sufficiently for satisfactory sexual intercourse. In the case of a complete lack of erection, there are also no erections at night. According to estimated data, the problem of erectile dysfunction affects about 30 million men in Indian population.

Ejaculation disorders, lack of orgasm are defined as the persistent or recurrent inability of a man to stop ejaculation during sexual intercourse, causing both partners to feel uncomfortable. The main ejaculation disorders are premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, non-ejaculation, painful ejaculation, ejaculation without orgasm, and semenorrhea.

We talk about hyper sexuality and sex addiction most often when sexual activity begins to dominate other spheres of our lives. This applies, among others, to excessively frequent, beyond the control of sexual fantasies and the regulation of the emotional state by means of instrumental activities and sexual activities. It manifests itself in the need for a significant frequency and variety of sexual activity, which may take the form of autoerotic activity (masturbation), direct sexual interactions and promiscuity, and sometimes sexual behaviour using the Internet. Drawing a line between “healthy” increased libido and hyper sexuality is very difficult. Nevertheless, for sex treatment in Delhi, it is worth deciding on excessive sex drive when it is not only large, but at the same time pushes the patient to risky sexual behaviour and becomes debilitating for his relatives and himself.

Treatment of male sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be treated by finding and addressing the problems that affect the disorder. You can use the many options available:

A sexologist in Delhi is a specialist who will examine the causes, look for solutions to given disorders together with the patient. They will provide valuable tips on how to deal with the given problems.

Psychotherapy with an experienced psychotherapist can help people who experience anxiety, guilt and low self-esteem, as well as sexual trauma. Psychotherapy can significantly affect sexual life and help the patient overcome barriers and limitations by introducing new and correct habits.

Education and communication help individuals overcome their internal fears about the sexual sphere. Open dialogue with another person about their needs and expectations has a healing effect and can help overcome barriers in sexual life, understand the mechanisms governing our needs and how to regulate them.

Sex therapy by a top sexologist in Delhi or couples psychologist (couples psychotherapist). Often the best sexologist in Delhi is also an experienced couple therapist. Thanks to this, it will help to repair the relationship between partners, which can directly translate into better sexual life and the elimination of disorders.

Pharmacology is essential when hormonal changes are the cause of the disorder. They can be cured with the right dose of hormones.

Sex problems in men – summary

Many men try to deal with any problems in the sexual sphere on their own. Shame prevents people from reaching out to outside help often. Only critical situations, such as the inability to build a satisfactory relationship or the breakdown of the existing relationship, make men start looking for help.

Sex doctor in Delhi often meet in his sex clinic in Delhi with people who talk about their difficulties in sex for the first time, and thus in partner relations. Here, too, as in any other area of ​​our life, conversation, support and understanding are needed. Often, sexual dysfunction in men is the cause of their self-destructive behaviour, so it is worth and even necessary to seek help from specialists such as a sexologist in Delhi. Many men regain the joy of life after completing the therapy and begin to enjoy a satisfying sex life.