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erectile dysfunction treatment

Specialized Consultation on Erectile Dysfunction

1 in 5 men suffers from erectile dysfunction or impotence in India. This pathology can cause physical, psychological, and emotional problems in many men and their partners. For this reason, at Dr. P K Gupta Sexologist Clinic in Delhi, we have created a specialized consultation in the diagnosis and erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

What does specialized consultation include?

What is Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence?

The term erectile dysfunction refers to a man’s inability to have or maintain an erection to complete a satisfactory sexual relationship. Better known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is one of the most frequent urological problems among men. It usually occurs in 1 in 5 men between the ages of 40 and 80.

This pathology can have various causes, among which cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, or obesity, as well as smoking or sedentary lifestyle, stand out. This is because an erection is an eminently vascular mechanism, although sometimes the origin of impotence may be of a different nature. Among the other causes that can cause it is hormonal, neurological, or even pharmacological factors.

How is it diagnosed?

Despite the fact that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence are quite evident, it is essential to go to a urologist when they appear. The objective of the sex specialist in Delhi will be mainly to find the cause that causes said pathology in order to administer the most appropriate treatment in each case. For this, the sexologist in Delhi must have a personal interview with the patient to learn about their life habits and medical history as well as their family history. In addition to this, the patient must fill in some questions with questions about his sexual activity and his general health.

Finally, the sexologist doctor in Delhi carries out a physical examination to rule out the existence of any underlying physiological problem. After this, additional tests such as the Penile Echo Doppler or night erection test may be required.

Treatment according to needs

In India, there are several drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi that meet the different needs of men. Some are taken immediately before intercourse. There are also those that allow you to take it within 36 hours of taking the medicine.

The basic medicines used for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi are so-called type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors, whose mechanism of action boils down to affecting the contractility of the member cavernous muscular tissue, which is associated with its filling with blood and the formation of the erection phenomenon. There are currently 3 drugs from this group on the market:

  • sildenafil
  • vardenafil
  • tadalafil

Drugs should be considered safe and well-tolerated. The most common side effects include headache (13-17%, depending on the drug) and facial flushing (13%; less often after tadalafil – 4.8%).

Drugs from this group are much less well absorbed with food (especially sildenafil and vardenafil), so they should not be taken with food or up to 2 hours afterward, recommends sexologist in Delhi.

penis burning

Penis burning – after and during intercourse. Symptoms and Causes

Penile burning may occur during sexual intercourse, but also after sex. Men sometimes feel a burning sensation also while urinating. What could this mean? How to deal with this situation and how to prevent it?

Causes of penis burning

Penis burning is a problem often reported by men. This ailment may be the result of various urological diseases or sexually transmitted diseases, but also factors such as an allergy to a component of the drug that has been taken for a long time says sexologist in Delhi.

Penile burning can be caused by inflammation:

  • bladder
  • urethra
  • acorns (not rarely seen in uncircumcised men),
  • prostate gland (prostate)

or other inflammation in the male genitourinary system. Penis burning may also be caused by a sexually transmitted disease, e.g. syphilis, gonorrhoea, herpes, etc. It may also turn out that the man is allergic to latex, or some cosmetic preparation or lubricant used for sexual intercourse. One of the allergic reactions may be burning a member.

Best sexologist in Delhi mentions other possible causes such as ringworm, lichen, and penis damage, e.g. due to some kind of injury. Penis burning may also be a side effect of taking some medications. In medicine, this mechanism is referred to as priapism.

Symptoms of burning penis

Just burning the penis can be felt by men in a variety of ways. Gentlemen can feel, among others burning inside the penis, just burning the acorn, or burning the foreskin.

In some men, there will be burning of the penis during intercourse, in others – after intercourse. Some feel it when urinating or after urinating.

This burning may be a separate symptom, but much more often it is one of many signs of disease. What else can men register beside the ailment of burning penis? Additional symptoms that co-occur with a burning penis include:

  •  swelling,
  • pain,
  • reddening,
  • itch.

Lumps and rash may also appear. Men can additionally notice hematuria or other secretions coming out of the penis. Urination may be difficult or more frequent or even painful.

It is very important to tell all your symptoms exactly to your sexologist doctor in Delhi. For a medic, this is valuable knowledge that will allow an accurate diagnosis to be made.

Penis burning during intercourse

Burning of the penis tip, burning sensation inside the penis, burning under the foreskin, or in another part of the penis observed by a man during sexual intercourse may indicate an allergy to latex, some ingredient of a lubricant, or any other cosmetic or chemical preparation used before or during sex.

Penis burning can also manifest itself as an inflammatory process that occurs in the genitourinary system. Such a symptom can be caused, among others, by urethritis, cystitis or prostatitis. Importantly, inflammation can occur in both sexual partners, so both should be eligible for treatment by sex specialist in Delhi.

In addition, a burning member may be the result of intense sexual experience, too long sexual intercourse, or too short a time between successive sexual intercourse. It is worth paying attention to preparing the right mood for making love. If the vagina of a man’s sexual partner is not moisturized properly, friction may occur during intercourse. These, in turn, can cause trauma to both women and men, as well as a burning sensation of the genitals, warns top sexologist in Delhi.

Penis burning after intercourse

Burning of the penis after sex can come, among others from various urinary or gynaecological diseases. One of them is mycosis, which if left untreated can even lead to male infertility. It is a disease caused by the yeast Candida albicans, which manifests itself among others. a feeling of burning skin on the penis, itching, white coating on the member with a characteristic smell, pimples, pain during intercourse and voids, frequent visits to the toilet. Ringworm should be treated with both sexual partners. Sexologist in West Delhi warns that man should not underestimate this disease, because they can infect their lovers, even those who have already undergone antifungal treatment. Treatment usually involves the administration of topical ointments and creams or appropriate oral treatment.

Penis burning after ejaculation can be caused by sexually transmitted infections. These include, for example:

  • syphilis,
  • gonorrhoea,
  • Chlamydia,
  • venereal ulcer inguinal granuloma, and others.

These are bacterial infections that a man can become infected with during sexual intercourse with an infected partner. Burning the foreskin after intercourse, whether the whole member is burning or other than the foreskin part is not the only sign of bacterial infection. There are also, for example, papules or ulcers says sexologist in Delhi.

Preventing the burning of the penis

In order not to struggle with diseases that cause, among others burning of the penis during and/or after sexual intercourse should, first of all, ensure proper hygiene of intimate places. The penis, especially under the foreskin, should be thoroughly and gently washed at least once a day. You should also be careful about the care and protection of intimate places while in the sauna, pool, beach, and other such facilities suggests sexologist in Delhi.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the type of underwear worn. Gentlemen should not wear too tight pants, because, in addition to obvious discomfort, it can cause irritation and, consequently, burning of the member. Underwear should be changed every day, says sexologist in Delhi.

It is worth emphasizing that antibiotics and steroids can lead to burning the penis and other unpleasant symptoms associated with the genitourinary system, so you should use these methods only if such medical condition occurs, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

Moreover, chronic stress lowers the immune system, which is why men should take care of their mental and emotional well-being.

health benefits of sex

SEX AND HEALTH – 10 health benefits of sex

Sex, especially successful, is not only health and a source of extraordinary sensations, but also a great medicine and cosmetic, as well as one of the most effective and pleasant ways to get rid of excess weight. Find out how sex affects health and well-being.

Sex, especially successful, is not only health and a source of extraordinary sensations, but also a great medicine and cosmetic, as well as one of the most effective and pleasant ways to get rid of excess weight. The beneficial properties of this activity have been unequivocally confirmed by many scientific authorities – cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, dermatologists, and other specialists. Sex relieves pain, firms the skin, prevents heart attacks and strokes, regulates pressure, strengthens the body … These are just some of the beneficial effects of sex. And there are many, many more, says sex specialist in Delhi!

Discover the 10 health benefits of sex.

1. Sex cures a cold

People who have sex increase their body’s immunity. All thanks to the fact that frequent sex increases the level of antibodies – immunoglobulin A (IgA) in the body.

Sexologist in Delhi explains that this is because sexually active people are exposed to sexually transmitted infections, which is why their body responds to the appearance of foreign antigens by increasing the production of IgA antibodies. These antibodies also help fight colds and flu.

2. Sex reduces stress and reduces pressure

In turn, scientists from the University of Paisley in Scotland examined 24 women and 22 men for the relationship between having sex and stress.

It turned out that sexually active people coped better with public speaking and solving difficult tasks than those who did not practice them in the preceding sex: they had lower blood pressure and better mood.

It is worth adding, however, that these studies concern only vaginal intercourse, people who had other sexual activity, e.g. masturbating, petting, did not respond better to stress than sexual abstainers.

3. Sex strengthens the heart

Sex also turns out to be a remedy for cardiological problems. Dr. P K Gupta, the best sexologist in Delhi, revealed that even slight but regular sexual activity has a protective effect on the circulatory system. Even better when sex ends in orgasm. If it happens three or more times a week, the risk of heart attack and stroke is halved. The risk of heart disease is also reduced.

4. Sex treats insomnia

Those who have trouble sleeping can try sex as a remedy for this condition. Why?

During orgasm, the secretion of prolactin, a hormone that makes you drowsy, increases. In addition, stress-reducing oxytocin is also produced during sex, which also helps you sleep peacefully. Moreover, said prolactin maintains a low level of dopamine responsible for sexual arousal for up to two weeks after orgasm, allowing it to maintain a moderate level of sexual satisfaction during this time, explains top sexologist in Delhi.

5. Sex increases the sense of closeness and security

Sex is also of great importance for the emotional bond between partners. Orgasm releases oxytocin called the love hormone, which causes lovers a greater need for intimacy and strengthens their mutual attachment. Oxytocin also triggers caring and a desire to defend a partner against danger. The combination of “sex + oxytocin” works on both women and men. The level of oxytocin in the body is higher, the greater the number of orgasmic sexual intercourses, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

6. Sex soothes the pain

Apparently one of the most common excuses used by people who do not feel like sex is the headache. Meanwhile, sexual activity is a natural cure for pain. Sexologist in West Delhi attributed this merit to endorphins, which have analgesic effects, produced during intercourse (and more specifically during orgasm).

7. Sex promotes weight loss

Sex is physical activity, so we burn calories during it. On average – from 70 to 100 calories, but the more we “work”, the more calories we burn. That is why it is worth experimenting and using both standing and sitting positions because they require more hip work.

During the position “from behind” the man burns 64 kcal, and the woman – 42 kcal. In the “rider” position, a man loses 40 kcal, and a woman – 67 kcal.

Since oxygenation of the body promotes fat burning, making love outdoors is not a bad idea. Like foreplay to the rhythm of music (e.g. striptease), frequent change of position, and tempo.

8. Sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer

This is good news for men – frequent sex reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer. There is a relationship between the chance of avoiding prostate cancer and the number of ejaculations in adulthood. This probability for men who declared at least 21 ejaculations per month (not only sex but also masturbation was taken into account) is 21 percent lower than among men declaring 4-7 ejaculations per month, says sexologist in East Delhi.

9. Sex has a beneficial effect on skin and hair

Regular sex has a positive effect on appearance. However, everything starts inside with better blood supply to the body. During intercourse, blood circulates faster and the blood vessels expand. This makes the skin get more oxygen and nutrients, and the hair gets shiny and smoother. Sex also causes the secretion of serotonin, which affects our better mood, and thus, the gray skin tone disappears and we look more cheerful and full of energy, explains sexologist in Delhi.

10. Sex is a guarantee of a woman’s health

Men and women benefit from the health benefits of sex, but there seems to be more for women.

One of them is to train the pelvic floor muscles – during sex, wanting, we train them, and they – well-trained – not only help with urinary incontinence problems or faster recovery of full fitness after delivery but also contribute to more orgasms. The better the pelvic floor muscles function, the easier it is to achieve full pleasure, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

Not only sex, but even hugging reduces blood pressure in women.

Another advantage of sex that women will appreciate is the soothing PMS – as sex increases the levels of oxytocin and endorphins in the body, has a relaxing and positive effect on mood, alleviating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. During sex, the smell of male pheromones reaches the hypothalamus in the brain of a woman more intensively than every day, which in turn causes the production of female sex hormones, estrogens and affects the regulation of the menstrual cycle. In addition, sex during menstruation, although not everyone is its enthusiast, helps in the treatment of menstrual pain, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

erectile dysfunction

Erection is, of course, but only during masturbation. And nothing during sex!

Some men have problems during sex. I’m talking about erectile dysfunction. One of the readers, however, had a problem only during intercourse with a woman. If he was alone – there were no problems. What to do in this situation?

Best sexologist in Delhi has been helping peoples deal with problems from intimate life for years. For over 15 years, the sexologist in Delhi collected them information of patients. What picture of a man emerged? Well, stressed and not at all successful sex life!

Unfortunately, peoples still have many problems related to sex. They are ashamed of them, so they get into complexes instead of going to the sexologist doctor in Delhi. And the solution is sometimes very simple and involves, for example, changing your diet! What problems are the most common? Erectile dysfunction prevails in men, while in women – no orgasm! Of course, this is a big simplification on our part – to see a cross-section of problems in sex life you just need to know the book that describes them all!

Masturbation works, but sex no longer

Is it possible to lose an erection after many years of masturbation? He doesn’t want to get up at all when I’m with a woman (I’m not talking about men because I’m completely straight and I’m definitely not going to try with a guy). But when I do it with my own hand, it stops! Almost every time. I tried so that she would stimulate me with my hand first, I even managed how to move it, but also without effect. My penis apparently recognizes only my hand. And what’s interesting, I’m really excited when I see a woman waiting for me with legs spread out, only the excitement passes quickly when I am to enter her. Maybe something has changed in my brain?

(33 years old man)

Erectile dysfunction is today the most common male sexual dysfunction. While a dozen or so years ago they mainly affected older men, after the age of sixty, today they occur in much younger people, and often in their 20s and 30s. And these are not occasional, temporary indispositions, but progressive, chronic disorders, says sexologist in Delhi.

This is the effect of our time and lifestyle. We are under increasing stress and we are not physically active, and this adversely affects health, including sexual health. Customs changes, and more specifically the role of women, are also of considerable importance. Confident and aware of their needs are not as submissive as they used to be and can demand in bed. Not every man can meet these requirements, says top sexologist in Delhi.

And this is where his failures in the bedroom come from. The cause of ED (erectile dysfunction) can also be some systemic diseases (organic causes), especially cardiovascular, but also hormonal disorders, some mental diseases, MS (multiple sclerosis), spinal cord injuries, prostate hypertrophy. On the other hand, ED may be the first symptom that indicates that something disturbing is happening in the man’s body, explains sex specialist in Delhi.

It is not difficult to explain: the vessels supplying blood to the penis are very thin, so if they begin to overgrow with atherosclerotic plaque, this is a signal that soon there may be a beginning of overgrowth of wider vessels, supplying blood to much larger organs than the penis. So erectile dysfunction can signal that you have a risk of having a heart attack or stroke, explains sexologist in Delhi.

Long-term masturbation behavior, sexual inhibition (especially anxiety about discovering your sexuality), and previous failures in this area of ​​life have an impact on the appearance of erectile dysfunction, says sexologist in Delhi.

The Secrets To Having A Good Erection

The Secrets To Having A Good Erection

A delicate subject to tackle, erection is a sensitive subject for men. Dr. P K Gupta, sexologist in Delhi, answers all our questions on the subject and takes the opportunity to deliver his advice in order to be able to better master the subject.


True: the only erection that does not need to be stimulated is the one that occurs in the morning. It actually occurs during REM sleep phases. During these periods, the “sympathetic” system which most of the time keeps the penis at rest by small muscles no longer controls the situation. The muscles relax. “The nocturnal erection, involuntary movements and gestures have nothing to do with an erotic dream “, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

In adolescence, the mere sight of an attractive girl can cause an erection, but this reactivity loses its splendour over time and emotional control.


True and false. It depends on the amount of alcohol absorbed. The consumption of alcohol in small doses promotes letting go and can help some individuals to liberate themselves sexually. But beware, too much alcohol really harms erection. Longer to come, more complicated to hold, the erection does not like alcohol abuse, and neither does ejaculation.

The alcohol problem? Manage the right amount. Because too much alcohol prevents a hard and long erection. In fact, under its influence, the blood circulation is modified, like the secretion of testosterone”, explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.


True: the more a man makes love, the more interest he has in the sexual act, the better he is armed to control his erections.


False: an erection is a very sensitive mechanism. Generally speaking, a stressed or anxious man can have erection problems. “When your partner does not have an erection, it is often because he is afraid of disappointing or that he is stressed, ” explains top sexologist in Delhi. Erectile dysfunction is a beautiful metaphor. Men are often in the performance and they are afraid of not being up to par. To avoid showing their weakness, some of them, stressed, take shelter from sexual intercourse and undergo erectile dysfunction. Even when desire is present, erection can be lacking.


True: to limit the tension related to the erection, it is important for the partner to show that he/she likes his sex in erection or by caresses, kisses, looks or why not even words! It is important to show that your pleasure is not necessarily linked to penetration or orgasm, but also to the simple physical sensual proximity of your body against hers. Learn to massage, cuddle without systematically seeking to have sex. And, remember, a simple kiss can trigger an erection.


True: Your partner has a slight weakness for cotton underwear? Food sex games? He is extremely sensitive to the caresses of the shoulders? To stimulate your partner, use your strengths and “small weaknesses”. “Without becoming a sexual object, it is good to know how to develop your sexual and sensual sensitivity. Men are mainly stimulated by sight, learn to know the codes of sexual attraction of your partner and to play with it,” recalls sex specialist in Delhi.


False: it is essential never to make reflections that are neither murderous nor compassionate (do not become your mother). We must remain in the register of tenderness. “Above all, do not interpret the erectile dysfunction at all. Do not take offense at a reduction in stiffness. It can come back, if you continue your caresses, if not, just understand that your partner is not a machine, move on to other things, more tender caresses, cuddles in love so as not to overhang it and let the erection come back later ”explains sexologist in Delhi. One should not attach importance to a temporary erectile dysfunction, and especially not to associate “Not to bandage is equivalent to not being a man and not having desire”.


True: this time is called the refractory period. This period after ejaculation is the time during which a new orgasm is impossible. It is a natural phenomenon against which we cannot fight. This period evolves with age. Extremely short at 17 or 18, it can reach a day or two at 80. It lasts on average 2 to 3 hours.

However, you can note that the higher your excitement, the shorter the refractory period,” explains sexologist in Delhi. Over the ages, Viagra can be prescribed, because one of the beneficial effects of this drug is to shorten this refractory period from 1 hour to 10 minutes,” concluded sexologist in Delhi.

Sexual Disorders: When To Consult?

Sexual Disorders: When To Consult?

Taboo, sexual difficulties are more frequent than one might imagine. According to sexologist in Delhi, one in two people would suffer from sexual difficulties, one in three from a real sexual disorder. They affect men as well as women, the young, and the elderly.

When encountering sexual difficulties, when should you consult?

When sexual difficulties cause significant distress, either individually or as a couple, it is best to consult a sex specialist in Delhi. These problems should not be underestimated because they can be accompanied by great personal or marital suffering and seriously affect the quality of life. Also, if the disorder recurs, if it is persistent and lasting, the help of a specialist will improve well-being.

Who to contact in case of sexual difficulty?

When suffering from sexual difficulties, you must contact the primary care physicians, either your family doctor, your urologist or your gynecologist. But, as much to specify, not all the doctors, nor the psychologists are trained in the field or are comfortable to speak about it. If you do not find the result expected, do not give up, but consult a recognized sexologist doctor in Delhi. Your attending physician can give you the address of a specialist.

However, it is important to first contact a sex doctor in Delhi. Because sexual disorder can, in certain cases, be the symptom of an organic disease. It is therefore essential to rule out any somatic health problem before treating the sexual disorder itself, to avoid any health risk and to be able to cure the patient.

What is a “sexual disorder”?

There are three main categories of sexual disorders, which can be at the origin of a sexological consultation:

Sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunctions are the most common causes of consultation with the best sexologist in Delhi. Among them, we must mention: the drop in desire in men or women, the absence of orgasm, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, and pain during intercourse called “dyspareunia”, etc.

Gender identity disorders

Gender identity disorders relate to issues related to trans-sexuality or the difficulty of experiencing one’s sexual orientation, whatever it may be.


The term “paraphilia” refers to all atypical sexual behavior (prohibited or not by law). Among the two hundred paraphiliae (approximately) described to date, we can cite voyeurism, exhibitionism, sadomasochism, pedophilia, fetishism, sexual addictions, etc.

More generally, one can also turn to a top sexologist in Delhi in the event of discomfort on one of the aspects of his sexual life or general questions on sexuality, which represents a reason for consultation quite frequently. On the fringes of sexual disorders, strictly speaking, it must be emphasized that false beliefs themselves can have a heavy impact on sexuality. Information sessions of the “counseling” or “coaching” type are an opportunity to undermine misconceptions that are fatal to sexuality and to regain personal fulfillment. 

Should you go alone or as a couple?

There are no rules on this, everyone does as they can and as they wish. However, if it is a question of marital sexual difficulties, the sexologist in Delhi may ask to see the couple at least once during the therapy. 

Why consult a specialist in sexology?

Sexual health is a right recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), which defines it in these terms: “Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality, and not just the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity. It is an integral part of overall health, well-being and quality of life. ”

Also, sexual difficulties can generate great suffering, the consequences of which should not be underestimated. They can lead to a loss of quality of life, and even a feeling of deep distress within the couple or the family.

In addition, certain sexual problems can be the expression of a somatic disease that should be diagnosed and treated by sexologist in Delhi.

Take care of your sexuality on a daily basis

Sexual well-being depends in part on good physical and mental health. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, the practice of regular physical activity contribute to feeling good in your body, in your emotions, and in the relationship with the other.

Respectfully, respecting your partner, listening, and spending time together can contribute to a better sexual understanding. According to sexologist in Delhi, couples who share intense and stimulating activities strengthen their sexual harmony.

Many myths and received ideas circulate on sexuality and can compromise sexual fulfillment, as well as a lack of knowledge on the issue. Getting information can be useful as long as you turn to reliable sources.

Fertility Test In Men And Women

Whether it is to know when you are most fertile or to prepare for having a child, fertility tests for women allow you to know the period of the reproductive cycle in which you are. In men, they are used to measure the level of sperm. How to properly use male and female fertility tests?

What is a fertility test?

A fertility test makes it possible to know the fertility rate of a person, that is to say, his capacity or not to be able to procreate naturally. Male and female fertility tests are different. They can be done in the hospital, by taking a blood test, after consulting a sexologist in Delhi. But there are also self-tests, sold in pharmacies, to be carried out directly at home. In men, they measure the level of sperm in the sperm, while in women, they provide information on the period of ovulation.

Fertilization, ovulation, menstrual cycle: some reminders of biology

In order to understand the functioning of a woman’s menstrual cycle, that is to say, her menstrual cycle, it is first necessary to define the phenomenon of ovulation and that of fertilization. As best sexologist in Delhi explains each month, during a period of about a day, the ovulation phase takes place. During this, the ovum (or oocyte) is expelled by the ovary. The latter lives approximately 24 hours in the body. In order to maximize the chances of getting pregnant, you must have sex on this day, so that sperm comes to fertilize the woman’s egg (note that the sperm expelled during ejaculation survive between 3 and 5 days in the cervix).

Fertilization of the ovum by the sperm, which corresponds to the fusion of the male and female gametes, if it takes place, is then done in stride, within the uterus. If it does not happen, the rules will reappear the following month to start a new cycle, suggests top sexologist in Delhi.

Why and when to take a fertility test?

Fertility tests can be done for several reasons. For example, if you want to have a child but are having difficulties, a test can tell you about your situation regarding procreation, and whether these difficulties have a cause. If you are looking to have a baby, the test can also tell you which is the best time to have a sex to maximize the chances, that is, if the period is right for fertilization.

In this case, your sexologist doctor in Delhi may order a daily test, which will allow you to have sex on specific dates, which correspond to female ovulation. Finally, a test can, conversely, allow you to know the period when you are least fertile, and when intercourse is less conducive to fertilization (but also does not guarantee 100% not to fall pregnant).

How to do a fertility test in the hospital?

When a couple is having difficulty having a child, it is possible to be prescribed fertility tests, female and male, to check whether one of the two partners is not infertile, or has a low rate of fertility. If you want to obtain reliable results, it is advisable to turn to fertility tests by a blood test, prescribed by a sex specialist in Delhi, which will be carried out in the hospital.

In certain cases, in the event of an anomaly detected, additional analyzes may be prescribed. In men, this test, called a spermogram, is used to assess the quality and quantity of sperm in the semen, and to check for infection. It is carried out with a sperm sample taken after masturbation, in a specialized laboratory, says sexologist in Delhi.

The male and female self-test, to know your fertility rate at home

For women, fertility self-tests are actually ovulation tests. They are used in the same way as pregnancy tests, on the toilet. Thanks to a hormone detected in the urine, which is present in greater quantity during the ovulation phases, the test indicates or not if one is in a period of high fertility. In this case, this is the best time to get pregnant. For men, the self-test makes it possible, as in laboratories, to calculate the quantity of mobile sperm present in the sperm. Be careful though, this system, although quite reliable, provides information only on the quantity and therefore does not allow other important elements to be taken into account, such as the shape of the sperm. The result of the self-test must, therefore, be put into perspective, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

What to do in case of infertility?

The first step is to target the cause of infertility: does it come from a man, a woman, or both? Be aware that below 15 million sperm per milliliter, a man is considered infertile. Then, medical follow-up must be done with a sexologist in Delhi. Indeed, these days, it is quite possible to get pregnant despite an infertility problem: it is possible to consider solutions to help procreation, either by helping natural fertilization or in vitro.

Sexual breakdown: the do’s and don’ts

Sexual breakdown happens. But how do you manage this delicate situation? The impossibility of obtaining a valid or lasting erection can indeed cause discomfort in the woman partner, who often does not know how to react. So, what to do and what not to do: advice from men!

Often in case of erection problems, lovers, who however desire, turn, which causes a cold and freezing of the sexual relationship. Sexologist in Delhi tells you everything so that this punctual impotence does not permanently affect the couple.

Don’t be offended. When a man has erection problems, women often think that he is not arousing or that he does not like him. Witness the reaction of Miss B. who said to her lover: “You must not want me actually. Now, all men say it: you absolutely must not think that there are a cause and effect link between you and this wobbly erection. “Otherwise this man would no longer see you,” notes the best sexologist in Delhi. Eh yes! If he sees you, it’s good that he wants you. But you? Do you hold it against him?

Above all, don’t get angry. Sometimes, to deal with what the woman feels as a vexation, she gets angry … “Clearly it was too much, I told her that we were not compatible, that it was mechanical! “(Miss B.). Once this final sentence has been pronounced, there is no longer any chance that the man will try again because he is too afraid to miss. Just imagine the opposite situation for two seconds: you have no lubrication and your partner drops you for that … Not cool. So, do not add to it … at least for a while, the time to get an idea of ​​the extent and the frequency of this problem, says top sexologist in Delhi.

Don’t try to be more desirable. As it does not come from you, no need to try pseudo-exciting things like baby dolls or sexy striptease, it could make things worse for your lover and make you all the more bogged down in the feeling of humiliation. So, we stay calm!

Do not loosen. Do not start to get into big debates like: “You know, sex is 50% of a couple, and the average reports of the Indian being three per week, I have the right to wonder if you n ‘m not below the average in terms of conjugal obligations, moreover… ” suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

Do not neglect the “ mitigating circumstances … or not!” Problems at work, stress, winter depression, etc., there are several elements that can explain a libido at half-mast! But not only … Drug use, alcohol, porn addiction, etc. Maybe the problem isn’t with sex, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Relax the atmosphere. Imagine that it is not easy for your partner to bounce back, he too hesitates between laughing and crying, so relax him! Put yourself in his arms, be cuddly, offer a massage, a bath, a film, sushi … In short, show him that you are not there only for sex. He must have the feeling that having a good time with you does not only depend on the quality of his erection. You have to put yourself in his place: it must be very stressful to tell yourself that the person with whom you are at risk of leaving if you are not at the same level. So, breath to allow him to do the same suggests sex doctor in Delhi.

Bet preliminary. The worst thing in these moments is that we don’t dare to do anything anymore: “I couldn’t touch him anymore for fear of another failure, confides Miss B, so it remained platonic on remaining from the night. On the contrary, you have to have a diversion, it is, for example, a good opportunity to work on the preliminaries and all the pleasures without penetration. Kisses, caresses, fellatio, masturbation … There is enough to do! And then a body is big, right? So, explore gently and sensually this immense universe that is the other, suggests the best sex doctor in Delhi.

Discuss (but don’t epilogue). Very often men appreciate the conversation with women, it allows them to express their sensitivity. Chat with your companion in peace, reassuring him, listening to him. He may have existential problems or stress: try to understand him as you would for a friend, without waiting for immediate results, just to support him, says sexologist in Delhi.

Be patient and optimistic. Good things come to those who wait for. A man can be in a difficult period (which he cannot or will not necessarily want to talk about right away), without necessarily ending your relationship in absolute terms. Know that everything changes and that over time things can change in the right direction. How many couples make love better after some time together than at the beginning?

We’re going to see a doctor. Most men think that the causes of impotence cannot be treated when it is not. There are centers specializing in erectile dysfunction. The sexologist in Delhi will check that everything is in good working order, he will define whether the problem is psychological or physical and, once the diagnosis has been established, he will propose the most adequate sex treatment in Delhi. Simple, effective! But you can’t go in the place of the other, so you can only suggest.

You know everything! Now, if it lasts too long, you don’t feel any possible evolution and/or the other doesn’t communicate with you, you have the right to go. Even if we repeat to whoever wants to hear that couple relationships involve permanent concessions, there is no question of being perpetually frustrated either, explains sexologist in Delhi.

Decreased Libido In Men: How To Boost Your Libido?

Lack of libido does not only affect women. Erectile dysfunction or simply lack of desire, a man’s libido fluctuates according to mood, time, and loss of libido can also have hormonal causes. For a fulfilled sexuality, simple solutions exist to regain your male libido, says sexologist in Delhi.

Male libido: the factors behind a loss of sexual appetite

The loss of libido materializes in men by a sexual desire at half-mast, and sometimes breakdowns of erection. These disorders are partly of medical origin, partly of psychological origin, explains best sexologist in Delhi.

The medical causes of loss of libido

A low testosterone level can cause a decrease in libido in men. With age, in particular, hormone production decreases and the intensity of male sexual desire suffers. But other factors of a medical nature can influence the lack of libido: drug treatments, illness, unhealthy lifestyle – regular intake of psychotropic substances or alcoholism, for example – are often singled out, point out sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Psychological factors of lack of libido

Under too much professional or family pressure, the man who feels stress or fatigue is less inclined to have sex. Similarly, the wear and tear of the couple over time or the arrival of a child can jeopardize their libido.

How to regain your male libido?

Personally, men have at their disposal several solutions to test to boost their libido.

Lack of libido of medical origin: the means to remedy it

When the loss of sexual desire is induced by taking medication, there is no question of stopping treatment on a personal initiative. Man has every interest in this scenario to consult his doctor to find with him a therapeutic alternative with less harmful side effects on his libido. If the disorders are of hormonal origin, it may be beneficial to have blood tests and then set up a suitable testosterone therapy. Finally, adopting a better lifestyle can help regain your male libido, suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

Take care of yourself to fight a loss of libido

Like a woman, a man who feels bad about himself does not feel desirable. It’s time to highlight its seductive assets: new wardrobe, hardsports sessions, facials … so many ideas to regain your self-esteem and have the feeling of pleasing again. In the same vein, regaining your libido can go through rest and a cure of vitamins: an optimal physical form allows to overcome fragile psychological states, directly influencing the libido of man, explains sex doctor in Delhi.

Loss of male libido: the couple in question

Often, the lack of libido in men has its origin in the couple. In this hypothesis, the partners must become aware of it to find together effective means to re-boost sexual desire.

Reserve moments for two

The arrival of a child at home, an intense professional rhythm, or a busy social life can keep lovers away. For fulfilling sexuality, lovers can plan special moments for their couple. An evening, a weekend, or a vacation for two allows you to find yourself as in the first days of the relationship, during which the libido of the man is generally at the top. By reconnecting in this way, the couple can also revive love, essential for some to sexual desire says sexologist in Delhi.

Renewal and the unusual to regain your libido

Time has a detrimental effect on the sexuality of most couples. When the routine replaces the surprise, sexual arousal suffers immediately and the man can find himself subject to erectile dysfunction or a breakdown of desire for his partner. The lovers, to face it, must show imagination and spice up their sexual relations: by renewing their positions, by trying libertine practices, by adding accessories and sex toys, by realizing fantasies or by surprising the other with sexting … there are many ways to fight against a loss of libido, says sexologist in Delhi.

When a man’s libido depends on a woman

It can happen that the lack of male libido is caused by the neglect of the partner. In this context, the man can suggest to his companion to leave him the big game. Naughty underwear, taking initiative or erotic games: when the woman surprises her lover, the libido of the man is likely to go up sharply, explains sexologist in Delhi.

Low Libido- Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Libido: what is it?

The libido or sexual desire is the desire to engage in sexual activity. Sexual desire can arise spontaneously or in response to a partner, images or thoughts.

The intensity of the desire depends on various factors such as the quality of the couple relationship, physical health, psychological state or events that mark life (pregnancy, mourning, stress at work, etc.). The drop in sexual desire is one of the different sexual dysfunctions that men and women can experience at any time in their lives, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

Low libido becomes problematic when it worries the person or his partner and affects the romantic relationship. However, this condition does not always affect the ability to have sex, says sexologist in Delhi.

Causes of low libido

Sexual desire is a complex interaction of several factors, including physical and emotional well-being, life experiences, rhythm of life and intimate relationships.

A drop in sexual desire can have a physical cause such as:

  • A sexual problem, such as pain during sex or an inability to reach orgasm.
  • A sickness. Several diseases can affect sexual desire, for example arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), depression, or neurological diseases.
  • The effects of a drug. Several drugs, such as certain antidepressants often decrease sexual desire. Other drugs to treat prostate problems or hair loss, or to regulate blood pressure can affect your libido, explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.
  • Surgery. Surgeries related to the breasts or genitals can affect self-image, sexual function and sexual desire.
  • Alcohol or drugs. Abuse of alcohol or certain drugs can affect libido.
  • Tiredness. Excess fatigue caused for example by caring for elderly parents or young children can affect sexual desire.

Hormonal changes:

  • Menopause. During the transition to menopause, women’s estrogen levels drop. This can cause vaginal dryness, so painful or uncomfortable sex can be the cause of avoiding sex. On the other hand, if after menopause, the ovaries secrete very few estrogens, they continue to secrete relatively large amounts of androgens (testosterone …). However, this androgen level becomes lower than before menopause, which can be taken into account in a decrease in sexual desire, says sex specialist in Delhi.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, as well as after childbirth and breastfeeding can affect sexual desire. Not only hormones, but fatigue, body changes, and the stress of having a new baby can affect sexual desire.
  • Prolactin. An abnormal increase in prolactin (a hormone responsible, among other things, for triggering and maintaining lactation) blocks sexual desire, in men, as in women, explains top sexologist in Delhi.
  • Low testosterone. In men, testosterone is produced in the testes. This hormone is essential for maintaining bone density, fat distribution, muscle mass, production of red blood cells, production of sperm and sexual desire. With age, testosterone gradually decreases (by around 1% per year after the age of 30). Sometimes testosterone can decrease very significantly with age. A drop in testosterone can also be due to a disease.
  • The contraceptive pill. Taking the contraceptive pill tends to decrease libido in 20 to 40% of women, because it decreases the amount of testosterone circulating in the blood in women, says sexologist in South Delhi.

A drop in sexual desire can have a psychological cause, such as:

  • Childhood sexual abuse.
  • Depression.
  • Intense stress related to a financial situation or a job.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • A conflictual love relationship (lack of communication, unresolved conflicts, infidelity, lack of trust in your partner).

Symptoms of decreased libido, risks and prevention

Symptoms of decreased desire

  • An unexplained and prolonged disappearance of sexual desire.
  • Sometimes a systematic repulsion with regard to sexual activities. This symptom manifests itself especially in case of psychological blockage.

People at risk of low libido

  • Age. Decreased sexual desire can happen at any age, but it manifests more frequently as a man or a woman ages.

Risk factors for lack of desire

  • Couples living in marital conflicts.
  • People who do not feel respected by their partner.
  • People with chronic illness.
  • People with significant concerns (unemployment, accident in life, serious illness of a loved one, death in the entourage …)
  • People abusing pornographic images.

Prevention of decreased desire

Basic preventive measures

In order to maintain sexual desire and increase pleasure during sex:

  • Make sure you maintain good communication with your spouse.
  • Discuss with your partner what gives you pleasure during intimate relationships.
  • Show imagination and fantasy.
  • After menopause, have an open and positive attitude towards your sexuality. Despite the decline of hormones, it is quite possible to maintain a beautiful sexual vitality, suggests sexologist in East Delhi.

Medical treatments for low libido

Hormonal therapies

Hormonal therapies are used when the drop in libido is caused by a hormonal problem.

In men, a drop in libido caused by low testosterone can be treated with testosterone replacement therapy. A blood sample is used to check the testosterone level.

Testosterone is available in patches affixed once a day in the back, on the abdomen, on the arm, or on the thighs, in gel (that is applied to the skin once a day), in injection (administered by sexologist in Delhi at 3 or 4 week intervals) or capsules.

Some women may be given estrogen. This low sex desire treatment in Delhi can have a positive effect on brain functions and mood that affect sexual response. However, this type of therapy can increase the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

Lower doses of estrogen can be given in the form of vaginal creams, slow-release suppositories or a ring in the vagina. These drugs manage to increase the blood flow in the vagina and help increase desire without the risks associated with estrogen absorption.

When the desire disorder is due to a very high prolactin level, a check-up is necessary, with appropriate treatment.

Change of medication

When the drop in libido is caused by a medication, your sexologist in Delhi can usually prescribe another one.

Lifestyle changes and therapies

When the drop in libido has a psychological cause, it can be treated by lifestyle changes and techniques that help develop sexuality.

  • Exercises. Regular aerobic and power exercises can improve stamina, self-image, and mood and boost libido.
  • Reduce stress. Finding solutions to deal with financial stress, work-related stress or daily hassles can stimulate sexual desire.
  • Communicate with your partner. Couples who learn to communicate in an honest and open relationship usually maintain stronger bonds that lead to healthier sex. Talking about your sexual preferences can also improve intimate relationships.
  • Plan some privacy. Although planning sex on the calendar may seem artificial and boring, making intimate periods a priority can help regain sexual desire.
  • Add spice to her sex life. Try different sexual positions, variable places or times of the day, if you and your partner agree.
  • Advice from a sexologist in Delhi can help to understand the cause of the decline in sexual desire. These therapies usually include teachings on sexual response, techniques and recommendations for reading, as well as exercises to do in a couple.
  • Very often, the drop in libido is due to deep disorders. A depression, a difficult experience in childhood, a traumatic death, sexual assault, rape … In this case, a work of therapy will be essential to revive the vital momentum, because the libido is linked to this momentum.