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how to delay ejaculation

How To Delay Ejaculation – Methods, Tablets

Premature ejaculation can spoil the atmosphere in the bedroom. This is the source of many men’s complexes. The question “how to delay ejaculation” is asked not only by men but also by their women, who want to support their lovers. Premature ejaculation can cause many problems. At the very beginning, it leads to a decrease in libido, and then to deliberate avoidance of intercourse. Fortunately, there are safe ways to delay ejaculation.

How to delay ejaculation – ways

There are many ways to delay ejaculation. This dysfunction is very common, but men are reluctant to seek help themselves. It is still a taboo subject that they do not want to talk about. To find out how to delay ejaculation, we should first answer the question of why we ejaculate prematurely. The most common cause is stress or tension. Sometimes premature ejaculation occurs when a man is very aroused. Unfortunately, there are also more serious reasons for this. Most often they are some kind of hormonal disorders or cardiovascular diseases.

Few people are aware that premature ejaculation can also be caused by urological problems or neurological disorders. Therefore, it is so important to talk to your sexologist doctor in Delhi if you notice any abnormalities. Sometimes premature ejaculation is the first symptom of a more serious disease that men notice.

In fact, there are different ways to delay ejaculation, depending on the cause of the problem. Due to the fact that this is an embarrassing problem not only for men but also for their women, it is worth trying to solve it at home. A good way is to masturbate about an hour before intercourse or start all intercourse with the man ejaculating. Thanks to this, both parties will be satisfied.

Sometimes measures that reduce penis sensation can help. However, if our partner’s lifestyle and stress are to blame, the use of relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga may prove to be the main factor. It happens that the problem is also solved by changing positions frequently. Thanks to this, the stimuli change, and the man experiences pleasure a bit differently.

If we do not know exactly what may be the cause of our embarrassing problem, it is worth visiting a sexologist in Delhi. You can go there alone or with your partner. Special exercises can also bring good results, as long as you do them regularly. It is said that training for half an hour can bring positive results.

How to delay ejaculation – pills, and exercises

Ejaculation delay pills should be the last resort. Before we reach for them, we should try other solutions.

The so-called three-finger technique. It is a technique for compressing the perineum. If we want to delay the upcoming ejaculation, just press three fingers on the point located in the central part of the perineum. This point is between the testicles and the anus. Then wait until the excitement subsides a little.

An important exercise is the Kegel exercises that men should also do. It should be a series of 30 quick contractions and relaxation of the pelvic floor, as well as several series of long contractions lasting about 10 seconds. Such exercises should be repeated in the morning and evening, and with each week you should increase the duration of the muscle tone.

Another technique is the withdrawal technique, which involves withdrawing the penis from the vagina and leaving only the tip of the penis when the man feels the impending ejaculation.

On the other hand, the best sexologist in Delhi suggests that the tablets should be used when the problem is caused by the hypersensitivity of the penis glans or labia nerve hyperactivity. Better results than tablets give the so-called combined therapy. It is a combination of training with electrotherapy or physio kinesiotherapy.

It is worth mentioning that ejaculation is controlled by the central nervous system. Premature ejaculation is said to occur in men who have low serotonin levels and high dopamine levels in the areas responsible for ejaculation control. The only medication that can give you relief is dapoxetine. It is very effective after the first application. In addition, it is quickly absorbed and is easily excreted from the body. That is why it is considered an effective and safe drug.

Some men, instead of dapoxetine, use special sprays that contain anesthetics – lidocaine and prilocaine. Unfortunately, these remedies have little effect and can also make the penis numb. In addition, overdosing them can lead to erection loss and ejaculation. Few people are aware of the fact that anesthetics introduced into the partner’s vagina can reduce her sensations, and additionally lead to disturbances in her orgasm, says sex specialist in Delhi.

sexual problems

Male Sexual Dysfunctions. How To Deal With Them?

Statistics dispassionately report: in every other bedroom there are various kinds of sexual problems. Sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other. The difference, however, is that if the woman “didn’t work out” she doesn’t make it a problem. On the other hand, when a “mishap” happens to him – it almost means the end of the world. And no wonder, because men identify very strongly with their sexuality and erotic performance and any failure in this regard is a cause for great concern for them. However, it would be much better if the gentlemen, instead of worrying, took the bull by the horns and looked for the source of the problem or professional help.

Unfortunately, only a few percent of men with bedroom problems see a sexologist doctor in Delhi, India. We can say about them “lucky” – because thanks to the quick treatment they return to full fitness. It turns out that most male problems are temporary problems that can be dealt with. And win!

Erectile dysfunction – when to seek help?

The first enemy of true masculinity is erectile dysfunction. There are several different phenomena under this name. Sometimes it is a condition in which an erection does not appear at all. Sometimes the penis stiffens, but not enough to have a satisfactory intercourse. And sometimes, although it achieves the desired hardness, it loses it at some point. If such a situation happens once – it is already difficult for a lover, but you can still say “it’s temporary, it will pass, the next time it will be better”. The male ego suffers, but hope does not die. But if erection problems occur several times, the man becomes afraid. What I feel? He is desperate, the world is slipping from under his feet. The threat of the label of impotent peeks into the eyes – because what is a guy who “can’t” worth?

There is a vicious cycle: the more a man is afraid of problems with potency, the more likely that they will occur. And that – in the opinion of men – ashamed to admit such a powerlessness, instead of seeking help, they begin to avoid intercourse – this is the easiest way not to confront the problem. Is this method good? Definitely not. Because not only does the problem persist, but there are also misunderstandings with the partner who feels unwanted, unattractive, and rejected by her lover. And when the atmosphere between the partners breaks down, the desire drops even more and sex stops “pretending”.

How do I get out of this vicious circle? First of all, approach the problem with calmness. You must remember that temporary erectile dysfunction happens to most men, especially if they are exhausted or very stressed. Only when the problems persist for some time are, they treated as a problem requiring consultation with the best sexologist in Delhi, India. But beware: even if the problems drag on, no doctor will call you impotent. This must not be done. He will sooner hear about sexual dysfunction or problems with potency. Impotence is a negative concept that can only aggravate the problem, and that’s not the point …

The causes of erectile dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction are complex. They can be emotional or psychogenic – it will be, for example, depression or a subconscious aversion to a partner, and sometimes to sex in general. The reason may be hormonal disorders, when low levels of male sex hormones do not “feed” the libido, the man is not aroused enough, so he cannot have an erection. The causes are also neurological (e.g., multiple sclerosis), anatomical or iatrogenic (caused by damage e.g., after accidents or surgeries).

It also happens that erectile dysfunction is the first sign of other, completely unrelated to erotic diseases, for example problems with the prostate or kidney failure, as well as diabetes or atherosclerosis. The last two diseases quite quickly have a negative impact on such a delicate sphere as the erectile mechanism: diabetic neuropathy involves damaged nerves, and angiopathy – blood vessels. Meanwhile, for an erection to occur, both circulation and innervation must function perfectly.

All these problems have one thing in common: each requires consultation with a sex specialist in Delhi. And it is worth considering medical help, the more so that after the cause has been cured, sexual performance returns one hundred percent.

The blue pill – Viagra

What do men with erectile dysfunction most often ask doctors? For the magic blue pill – Viagra (or any other drug containing sildenafil, vardenafil or tadanafil). Although you need to know a bit about Viagra to be able to actually use it.

The main active ingredient in Viagra is nitric oxide, which acts on the blood vessels to increase their flexibility and efficiency. In addition, it stimulates a whole cascade of various biochemical changes that lead to an erection. The composition of the pill has also been enriched with substances that inhibit the process of penile relaxation, maintain, and prolong the erection. Therefore, if the problem lies in circulatory disorders, Viagra will actually deal with it immediately. However, for the blue pill to help, the man must want sex and must be aroused (that is, his partner must “turn him on”). If there is no excitement, you will not get an erection, even after taking Viagra.

Premature ejaculation – causes

This is the second most common male nightmare. This is a state where ejaculation occurs so quickly that intercourse is not satisfactory for both parties. Because although a man experiences physical discharge because of ejaculation, a woman has no chance of orgasm – statistically speaking, she needs at least 10 minutes of stimulation and intercourse to feel satisfied. A man, although he often needs less than three minutes, seeing and feeling his partner’s dissatisfaction, is also not able to derive satisfaction from being close. Although there is no rule here: there are couples where a woman is satisfied with a short intercourse – this is most often the case when she is not a big fan of sex herself and treats it as a marriage, onerous duty. In this case, rapid ejaculation in your partner is not so much a problem as a solution.

Nevertheless, most men dream to be able to make love like a real macho for many hours, and preferably all night (although few women dream about such long-distance close-ups). And ejaculation after two or three minutes is a reason for them to complex. It also happens that a man “shoots so quickly” that he ejaculates before the penis is inserted into the vagina. However, this is quite typical of very young men who are very excited to have access to a female body at all.

However, if we visit a sexologist clinic in Delhi, we will find out that, regardless of our own expectations as to the length of intercourse, premature ejaculation is a condition in which intercourse lasts less than three minutes. If this time exceeds even a few seconds, it is not considered an anomaly by sexology, but a normal condition.

Where do these problems come from? Apart from being young, you can blame them for the emotional tension, the man’s insecurity, his fear of failing to test in bed, and sometimes… infections in the genitourinary tract.

Ways of premature ejaculation

There are several ways to do this. The first is to reduce sexual tension before intercourse – or masturbation for short. If the first ejaculation happens this way, the second “try” will be longer. It is best if the first ejaculation is the “joint work” of the lovers. Then it brings the partners closer to each other, and the woman can even help the man reach the first climax.

The second way is to use special condoms filled with a special anesthetic. It reduces the penis sensitivity to stimuli, and thus slows the build-up of excitement under the influence of frictional movements.

Another method is a strong grip on the base of the penis when a man feels that the ejaculation is approaching (another school says that it is on his head) and quite firmly pressing it. This is to impair circulation. The excitement decreases, you may even experience a partial loss of erection – but this is nothing to worry about, two moves and the erection comes back. In this way, you can press the member several times during intercourse, prolonging it.

But these are all half measures. The most reasonable solution is to visit a sexologist in Delhi, India who will teach a man to properly “handle” his penis during intercourse. He will tell you how to stop ejaculation when it is already approaching. The man may then practice slowing down during intercourse or while masturbating.

Priapism – penile dysfunction

Priapism is another penile dysfunction, fortunately it is extremely rare. The disorder is when the penis fills with blood to get an erection – but after ejaculation, blood doesn’t drain from the cavernous bodies of the penis – as it should. It stays in the cavernous bodies of the penis, causing a long-lasting, prolonged, painful erection. It is a health-hazardous condition! In this case, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible, where the sexologists in Delhi will clear the blood outflow and make the erection pass.

early or premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation – 30% of men?


Akshay, divorced 2 years ago, has been in a new relationship for a few months. The new couple already has enough intimacy. Meera looks like she wants to take the relationship a step further. After all she likes Akshay. She finds it interesting, beautiful and, like many women, sees sex in different ways: it amuses, relaxes and, why not, deepens the bonds of the couple. However, Akshay avoids situations where sex could happen.


Rohit, an attractive young man of 19, has everything to enjoy what life has to offer him: sports, a busy nightlife, travel, a good education at the university, friends, and of course, relating to other people, from any way you see fit. But it also has a barrier.


Sama has been married for 4 years to Aftab, but she never felt sexually fulfilled in the marriage. You don’t feel comfortable talking about it to anyone: family, friends or your own husband.

Premature Ejaculation

What is common in these situations can occur with up to 30% of men. That is, close to 1 in 3! I talk about quick ejaculation. According to the best sexologist in Delhi, premature ejaculation is male sexual dysfunction characterized by ejaculation that occurs always, or almost always, when the time from vaginal penetration to ejaculation becomes unsatisfactory for the man or the couple.

Women, like Sama, therefore, may not have a sex life as they would like. Therefore, the couple must think and make a decision about seeking a sexologist in Delhi for treatment.

As a consequence of rapid ejaculation, there may be a desire to avoid sexual intimacy and relationship problems.

How to treat premature ejaculation?

The premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi consists of behavioral measures, aided by sexual therapy and medications. Often the patient with rapid ejaculation has a psychological profile of anxiety. In this sense, practicing activities that relieve stress and talking to your partner about the problem help. Concomitantly, it is advisable to have sex therapy with a sex specialist in Delhi. Medications are also used most of the time.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But perhaps beating yourself or yourself and looking for a sexologist doctor in Delhi for you or your partner, can be the most difficult step. Thinking that you might arrive at a clinic and talk to someone you are not close to may not be encouraging. If he simply passes you a medicine it can be discouraging. So at Dr. P K Gupta’s sexologist clinic in Delhi, we think we need to have a frank conversation and understand what are the causes that can lead to this sexual problem. A good sex doctor in Delhi, with the help of experienced psychologists, forms a team that can really change this scenario.

In summary, we hope that Akshay, Meera, Rohit and Sama can enjoy a better quality of life, can have real relationships, or simply, have fun with one less concern. Top sexologist in Delhi expects more people to overcome the barriers that prevent them from having a full sex life. We are here to help.

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Questions and Answers About Ejaculation Control

One of the most discussed topics in this men’s health blog is premature ejaculation, and in fact most of the questions from our readers have to do with this topic.

That is why we decided to summarize the information of the different articles that we publish on premature ejaculation and present the most frequently asked questions about it with their corresponding answers.

How could you define premature ejaculation? Is there a normal time of sexual intercourse or intercourse?

The best sexologist in Delhi, Dr. P K Gupta explains that it is necessary to consider the time elapsed from vaginal penetration to ejaculation, the inability to delay ejaculation and the resulting negative personal consequences of the problem. Consequently, sex doctor in Delhi defined lifelong or primary premature ejaculation as a male sexual dysfunction characterized by:

-Ejaculation that always or almost always occurs before or within approximately one minute of vaginal penetration.

-The inability to delay ejaculation in all or almost all vaginal penetrations.

-The negative personal consequences such as anguish, annoyance, frustration and / or the avoidance of sexual intimacy.

Is premature ejaculation frequent?

It is definitely much more prevalent than most people realize. However, we do not have unified figures, and in fact they vary considerably. The highest prevalence rate that has been documented to date is 31% (in men between 18 and 59 years old) and was found in the National Survey of Health and Social Life of the United States of America. However, the prevalence is unlikely to be that high considering the relatively low number of men presenting for consultation with sexologist in Delhi for this symptom.

Are there different degrees of premature ejaculation?

According to the sex specialist doctor in Delhi, three degrees are established:

Grade I or Mild . After penetration and a few coital movements.

Grade II or Moderate . Immediately after penetration, it is also called ante portas .

Grade III or Severe . Before penetration, also recognized as ultra early .

What are the causes of premature ejaculation?

Several causes of premature ejaculation have been established, both from a biological and psychological point of view: generalized anxiety, penile hypersensitivity, performance anxiety, genetic predisposition, poor general health and obesity, inflammation of the prostate, hormone disorders thyroid, diabetes, emotional problems and stress, bad masturbatory habits, traumatic sexual experiences, chronic prostatitis, among others.

Sex specialist in Delhi highlights the particular negative influence of rapid self-stimulation habits, when the man seeks a sexual discharge instead of trying to prolong the pleasure of arousal prior to orgasm. On the other hand, anxiety about sexual performance, understood as the marked (almost obsessive) concern about not ejaculating quickly, generates a physiological acceleration and the lack of awareness of the levels of arousal, perpetuating the problem.

Are there sexual positions that favor or complicate ejaculatory control?

In general, the posture that allows better control is the one in which the couple sits on top of the man, who is lying on his back. In this case, he is physically relaxed and can better perceive the signals of sexual arousal, a fundamental condition for ejaculatory control.

Lateral postures also make it easier to control ejaculation. This is possible because the penetration is not very deep, and the movements in general are not as fast as in other cases.

In general, the missionary position, that is, the man on top, is not favorable for the control of ejaculation since the body is tense, the penis enters the vagina more precisely and in general the position leads to an unstoppable race towards orgasm. In a few cases, men state that it is the best position for them because they better manage the speed and depth of coital movements.

What are the main compensation mechanisms used by men with problems to control ejaculation?

The folkloric methods are many, some really unusual and even counterintuitive. In the consultation during the sex treatment in Delhi we frequently hear the following: mental distraction –thinking of non-sexual or anti-erotic images, drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, prior masturbation, causing pain by biting or pinching the skin, among others.

How are the treatments for premature ejaculation?

The recommendation of the current protocols is to coordinate medical and psychological treatment (focused on sexual symptoms). According to current scientific evidence, drug therapy is superior in reducing premature ejaculation symptoms compared to psychological treatment alone. However, the pertinent psychological problems and mechanisms should not be overlooked, and it is important to treat, for example, levels of performance anxiety and modify dysfunctional sexual habits for a definitive solution to the problem.

Behavior therapy methods include the stop-start technique and the squeeze technique. Another possible therapy, increasingly recommended by sexologist doctor in Delhi, is pelvic floor rehabilitation exercises. All of these behavioral therapy approaches have the potential to be beneficial when combined with drug treatment.

The topical methods are a simple local treatment modality, wherein the lidocaine-prilocaine cream studied most. The results of research on these types of therapies indicated that the duration of vaginal penetration increased 6.3 times.

We definitely have a lot of evidence and therapeutic tools to help our patients with a premature ejaculation diagnosis. Timely consultation is key to short and effective premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi.

ejaculation disorder

Ejaculation Disorders: Types, Diagnosis and Treatment

According to the best sexologist in Delhi, India, 43% of Indian men have premature ejaculation at some point in their life. Furthermore, it is an underdiagnosed problem and, as a consequence, not treated.

What are ejaculation disorders?

The male ejaculation is the expulsion of sperm through the urethra of the male when it is exposed to sexual stimuli. When there is an alteration in this ejaculation process, it is called ejaculation disorder. This type of sexual dysfunction is the most common among men and, in fact, occurs frequently among men of different ages.

The ejaculation process is usually characterized by the expulsion of sperm in a duration of between 15 and 20 seconds and after a certain period of time, although the latter is relative. Another of the main characteristics of these disorders is the influence they exert on the quality of life of patients since it usually causes psychological and emotional problems.

Although there are various ejaculation disorders, the most frequent and common are mainly three: premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation. Sometimes anejaculation can also occur, that is, the absence of ejaculation.

What types of ejaculation disorders are there?

There are mainly three types of male ejaculation disorders:

  • Premature ejaculation: This type of ejaculation disorder is the most common. It consists of a lack of control over the ejaculation process, causing it to occur earlier than desired. Normally the time scale used to define this condition is ejaculate between 30 seconds and three minutes from the start of the sexual encounter. In most cases, this problem tends to have a psychological origin although it can also occur due to physiological causes such as infections, hormonal imbalances, or neurological problems.
  • Delayed ejaculation: Unlike the previous one, this condition is characterized by obtaining ejaculation much later than expected or desired. Sometimes it can even lead to anejaculation or lack of ejaculation. This type of condition does not normally occur during masturbation, so it is most common for it to come from psychological causes. However, it can also be due to medical causes such as neurological disorders or the consumption of certain substances.
  • Retrograde ejaculation: This disorder is characterized by a reverse sperm expulsion, that is, instead of being expelled through the urethra, the sperm is expelled into the bladder. Retrograde ejaculation is usually due to a defect in the bladder neck that sometimes contracts and can cause semen to go to the area of least pressure. This type of condition is usually caused by neurological alterations, previous prostate surgeries, and even on very rare occasions the consumption of drugs.

How is this pathology diagnosed?

The diagnosis of ejaculation disorders is based primarily on the sexologist’s interview with the patient. In this consultation, the patient must provide the sexologist in Delhi, India with his complete medical history. Through it and in conjunction with the interview, the sex specialist in Delhi, India will be able to determine if the patient suffers from said ejaculation disorder always or only on certain occasions. This especially becomes important when there is a difference between the appearance of the disorder when sexual intercourse occurs or when masturbation occurs.

If the alteration in the ejaculatory process occurs only when having sexual intercourse and does not occur during masturbation, then it is very likely that the cause is psychological and not physiological. On the other hand, in case the disorder always occurs both in the case of having sex and masturbating, the top sexologist in Delhi, India will carry out a physical examination of the patient in search of a physiological and clinical cause that produces it.

After the physical examination, the sexologist doctor in Delhi, India may consider it appropriate to perform certain diagnostic tests to determine the existence of said pathology. These can be varied from analysis to a urinalysis or a sperm analysis, among others.

What is the treatment for ejaculation disorders?

The treatment of ejaculation disorders varies greatly depending on the type of condition and, above all, its cause. If it is determined that the cause is emotional or psychological, the patient is referred to a sex doctor in Delhi, India who will help him to solve his problem through his consultations.

However, if the cause is physiological, its treatment will depend on the disorder suffered and on said physiological cause. Thus, for premature ejaculation, the use of anesthetic lubricants to delay ejaculation is usually indicated. In addition, the consumption of medications such as some antidepressants that have been shown to prolong ejaculation time such as paroxetine, fluoxetine or sertraline is also usually indicated.

In the case of delayed ejaculation, as most of the time, it is psychological causes, psychological therapy is usually indicated to solve it. Finally, in terms of retrograde ejaculation, although it has been seen that improvements occur with the consumption of medications such as pseudoephedrine or imipramine, there is currently no definitive treatment to treat this condition.

premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation: 5 Myths And Truths On The Topic

Premature ejaculation usually occurs moments after penetration. In some cases, there is not even time for the penis to penetrate the partner’s sexual organ. In other words, in simple contact with these regions, a man already loses control, explains sexologist in Delhi.

For some men, this sounds funny, but the conversation here is very serious. It is a disorder that affects about 45% of Indians. This disorder even impairs the sex life of many couples and leads many men to depression. Therefore, we are facing a public health problem. As if the jokes weren’t enough, there are still many rumors about premature ejaculation. For example, have you heard that masturbation is one of the causes of this dysfunction? Or has someone close to you already said that circumcised men are more prone to the disorder? Yeah, not everything they say out there is true. So, in order to resolve some doubts, In this article, best sexologist in Delhi reveals some myths and truths on the subject. Follow everything until the end!

What you need to know about premature ejaculation

Condom slows ejaculation

Unfortunately, some men believe that using two condoms can control the rash. However, this only increases the risk of them bursting due to friction. That is, even if they use condoms with anesthetic substances, for sure, this technique will not work. So it’s a myth.

Masturbation helps to train the body

Certainly, onanism brings countless benefits to the man who practices it, as it is also a way for the individual to know his own limits. As a curiosity, start-stop masturbation is an exercise used to control sperm output. In fact, the technique is excellent for those who suffer from stress and anxiety, as it helps them to get out of the routine, improves their mood, and, consequently, helps them to better control the release of semen. Therefore, masturbation is a way of training the body and improving sexual performance, suggests sexologist in Noida.

Stress makes you come faster

Yes, it’s true. It is worth noting that sexual practice requires psychological participation. Often, we need imagination to develop desire and stimuli. So, when the body is present and the mind is wandering around in problems, the result tends to be frustrating. Thus, before becoming intimately involved with someone, a man must get rid of thoughts that can harm him. And, if mental confusion remains, the advice is to seek help from a sexologist in Ghaziabad.

Alcohol and drugs delay ejaculation

The effects of alcohol and drugs on the bed can be disastrous because these substances damage your erection, says sexologist in Faridabad. This is because their excessive consumption leaves the body dehydrated, which increases the amount of the hormone angiotensin, commonly associated with erectile dysfunction. Thus, this is also a myth.

Premature ejaculation has no treatment

Myth. There are several procedures aimed at this type of disorder. For example, the patient can combine the use of drugs with therapies. That way, he will have the opportunity to treat the mind and body. That is, for those who want help, yes, there are several alternatives. Premature ejaculation is a very common problem in adolescence when boys are still discovering sex. However, in adulthood, this becomes a serious disorder, mainly because it affects different areas of man’s life, warns sexologist in Gurgaon. So don’t keep that information, share it with anyone who needs help! Want to know more? I am available to answer any questions you may have and I will be very happy to answer your comments on this matter.

premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation, because it is not a disease

” Premature ejaculation during vaginal intercourse is not a disease “: this is what says sexologist in Delhi. Ejaculation is premature, for sexologists in Delhi, if vaginal intercourse lasts less than a minute (less than three minutes, in other definitions), with the related psychological consequences for the man: frustration, stress, tendency to avoid sexual intercourse, performance anxiety. Sexologist doctor in Delhi does not know the causes of this sexual dysfunction, although they say that it is very frequent and they have been studying it for decades, but men with this “disease” always show ejaculation and orgasm during intercourse. In fact, from a physiological point of view, everything is normal, there are no pathologies, as explained by sex specialist in Delhi.

Until a few decades ago, premature ejaculation did not cause man anxieties because female orgasm was not essential in making love. For women, there was also talk of ” conjugal duty “. Today, however, the man feels almost obliged to make his partner have orgasms during full intercourse, the penis-vaginal intercourse, only with the rubbing of the penis on the vaginal walls. This is why many believe that the relationship should last several minutes. But if top sexologist in Delhi knows that the vagina cannot trigger an orgasm, why don’t they disclose it? Vaginal orgasm does not exist, so the duration of intercourse is not important, but men do not know it and a lot of anxieties are caused by this ignorance.

The female orgasm is always triggered by the female erectile organs.  All women can have an orgasm even during vaginal intercourse, thanks to the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris with the fingers.

Premature ejaculation is not a disease (in fact the causes and pathogenesis are not known, and for some sexologists, it can be a symptom), but it is big business, many sexologists in their articles, conferences, and interviews on this topic speak almost always drugs, so they should always declare if they have a conflict of interest and if they collaborate with pharmaceutical companies. Knowing that premature ejaculation is not a disease will immediately free all boys and men from anxieties: they will no longer feel abnormal or pathological if intercourse is short-lived. Clearly, women also need to know that the quality of their sexual intercourse and the ability to have orgasms does not depend on the partner’s commitment to delay ejaculation. Many will also be happy with this because prolonged vaginal intercourse can also be annoying for women, especially after menopause, explains sex doctor in Delhi.

All boys and men need to know that ejaculation does not end the relationship. After the male orgasm, you can continue to make love: kisses and caresses after ejaculation can be used to produce orgasms in women. Full sexual intercourse must mean orgasm for both partners, always, with or without vaginal intercourse. Teens should also know that during their first sexual encounters it is normal for vaginal ejaculation to be “premature”, because ejaculation control is acquired, and teens and adults can learn this by masturbating, without using drugs, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation: Know The Types And Causes

Premature ejaculation is a disorder that affects one in three men in India. This is the situation in which the individual has an orgasm earlier than expected during sex. In general, it is considered early, as it occurs right after penetration or even before, without the person being able to control it, explains sexologist in Delhi.

In most cases, the cause is emotional and is related to anxiety. It is also worth remembering that, in order to be characterized as a disease, it is necessary that episodes occur in most relationships, harming the patient’s well-being and preventing him from prolonging the sexual act, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

In this post, we’ll learn more about the condition. Follow!

Types of premature ejaculation

For classification purposes and in order to guide premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi, it is common to divide erectile dysfunction into some types:

  • primary: when the man lives with the issue since the beginning of his sexual life;
  • secondary: when it appears in the life of the individual who, until then, managed to control the moment of orgasm for longer. The change in frequency must occur in more than half of the relationships to indicate the disorder;
  • situational: when it occurs only in a certain situation, for example, with a specific partner;
  • variable: it is not a problem, but an oscillation of the man’s ejaculation time, that is, when he occasionally has a faster orgasm;
  • subjective: in this case, the patient can maintain the erection for a longer time without reaching orgasm. However, he feels dissatisfied during sex.

Causes for the condition

There is no conclusive research on organic causes, and, as stated earlier, the main one is anxiety. It becomes a vicious circle in which, when trying to prevent it from happening, the individual becomes even more anxious and quicker to ejaculate, warns sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Some biological issues, however, can be harmful in this regard, such as higher than normal hormone levels, thyroid disorders, inflammation or infections in the prostate and urethra, in addition to the level of neurotransmitters, for example, above normal adrenaline in the body.

Treatment option

Because it is a primarily emotional disorder, premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi will depend on detecting the type and factors that cause the individual to ejaculate quickly.

Therefore, therapy is the main ally for men to be able to restore a satisfactory sexual life. In addition, the use of antidepressants is indicated. The drugs aim to raise the level of some substances in the brain that help control anxiety.

It is essential that the patient is open and receptive to what is proposed by the specialist. Many men are embarrassed to talk about the problem and are slow to seek medical help from sex specialist in Delhi. In addition to reporting what happened, it is important to have a frank dialogue with the partner on the issue.

The couple can, for example, follow some homemade guidelines that usually help in the process. Together, they can achieve better results to overcome premature ejaculation and live pleasurable moments for both of them.

Want to know more? I am available to answer any questions you may have and I will be very happy to answer your comments on this matter.

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Men’s Health: Treatments That Help You Have A Healthy Life

Much is said about women’s health, but little is said about men’s health. However, we need to talk about the topic. It is very important that man be careful with his health, as it directly interferes with well-being and quality of life. The male sexual health specifically involves several bodily and mental systems, resulting in a complex interaction that can still be influenced by external factors such as stress, illness and medications.

We at Sexologist Clinic in Delhi have a team specialized in male sexual and reproductive health care, offering different sex treatment in Delhi that deals with medical and psychological issues, enabling an active and happy sex life.

These are the segments in which sexologist in Delhi specializes, bringing the best and most modern treatments in men’s health to you.

Preservation of Fertility

The preservation of male fertility involves lifestyle habits such as food, drug use, and exposure to certain toxins and/or some environmental factors.

Semen Freezing

In some specific cases, clinical intervention may be necessary to maintain fertility, through cryopreservation or semen freezing, which is basically the freezing in liquid nitrogen of sperm obtained by masturbation or by an alternative method of collection.

The samples obtained are kept in a semen bank for future use associated with the use of assisted reproduction techniques. An evaluation of the correct indication is essential.

Ejaculation difficulty

Ejaculation difficulty is a sexual dysfunction that brings together different problems, which can be: Anejaculation (absence of ejaculation), Retrograde Ejaculation (an organic problem that prevents normal ejaculation during intercourse), or Delayed Ejaculation (delay to ejaculate during the act) sexual).

The investigation begins with a sexologist doctor in Delhi, and the treatment can be psychotherapeutic or clinical, depending on the case.

Fertility Treatments

Treatments for fertility evolved with advances in reproductive medicine and today, infertility no longer means the ultimate impossibility of having children for all patients.

Treatments against male infertility are focused on the cause and are based on history, physical examination, spermogram and complementary examinations, if necessary.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is related to the difficulty experienced by men, women or couples during any stage of sexual activity. It can have different origins or be a sign of other diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and coronary heart disease, and often involves different systems. Because of this, the treatment is multi-professional, in order to treat the patient, combined with modern and effective knowledge and techniques.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, or sexual impotence, is the best known by men and the second most common of male sexual dysfunctions, understood as the inability to obtain or maintain an adequate penile erection for vaginal penetration. Erection depends on the proper functioning of several systems, such as central and peripheral nervous system, arterial flow and maintenance of the penile structure, and changes in any of these systems can lead to dysfunction, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi is also based on its causes, which can be psychological and/or organic. Drug use can also significantly influence the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation, or rapid ejaculation, occurs when a man has an orgasm earlier than expected during intercourse, not providing satisfactory intercourse.

Almost all cases of premature ejaculation have psychological causes, related to sexual performance anxiety, and premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is based on controlling the causes.

Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease is characterized by painful erections, the presence of nodules of calcification in the penis that evolves causing significant curvature of the penis during an erection.

The disease can worsen over time, so the faster the diagnosis and treatment, the better for the patient, says sex specialist in Delhi.

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Strategies To Delay Ejaculation

“Ejaculating is the body’s response in which semen is expelled from the testicles. This happens when the organism receives excitatory stimuli. Most of the time it is accompanied by pleasure. Others, no,” explains Dr. P K Gupta, a sexologist in Delhi, India, distinguishing three different ways in which this action can occur:

  1. Healthy ejaculation: occurs during sexual encounters -with or without intercourse- in an estimated quality time and accompanied by emotional well-being.
  2. Premature ejaculation: occurs in a short time of poor quality. Before or during a sexual encounter with any sexual practice and with little stimulation. After the encounter there is emotional distress.
  3. Delayed ejaculation: it happens during sexual encounters with any long-lasting sexual practice where ejaculation is not always achieved. After the encounter there is also emotional distress.

The factors that influence ejaculation are varied, but here are the main ones:

  • Excitation management.
  • Emotional management.
  • Sexual and erotic knowledge and love skills.
  • The emotional and mental state of mind.

When is premature ejaculation and how does it affect sexual relationships? 

“It is considered that a man suffers premature ejaculation when he is unable to manage his excitement, there is no emotional management, there is anxiety and ejaculation produces discomfort, with ejaculation being less than 5 minutes both in self-stimulation and in accompanied sexual encounters,” says best sexologist in Delhi, India.

The above mentioned happens in every sexual encounter at least in the last six months of his sexual and erotic life. If it occurs occasionally, it may be due to other factors such as tiredness, lack of concentration, stress, or anxiety.

According to the sexologist doctor in Delhi, India “premature ejaculation or ejaculating too quickly mostly affects negatively because it is a taboo subject inside and outside of sexual-affective relationships. Even if they have many years of relationship. Therefore, this problem can alienate and distance people, deteriorate sexual life and, in turn, can cause a breakdown. Many times, the couple who suffers from this dysfunction believes that it is their fault, thus personalizing the problem when it is not.”

Confidence, security, and comfort are essential aspects to create a good sexual climate in the couple.

Are there keys to slow ejaculation?

Recognizing that in his Sexology consultation questions about delaying ejaculation are frequent, top sexologist in Delhi, India points out that there is no universal key to delaying ejaculation. “Each person is a world and in the end each one creates his own taking into account certain resources. It is essential to learn to be present – calmly, without haste – in the body with the respective sensations and emotions in order to manage arousal, added to sexual and erotic knowledge. Without forgetting that penetration and intercourse is not the main thing in sexual relations. It is important to work erotics throughout the body, not just the genital area. Thus, there will be less anxiety when it comes to expressing sexuality. We live in a coitocentrist and genitalist society, which complicates healing sexual problems or dysfunctions”, the sex specialist in Delhi lists.

The rush is never good

“The slower and calmer the person is, the easier it is to control arousal. This in turn will take control of when to ejaculate. When there is a rush, the autopilot turns on so that any problem or dysfunction takes over the person. That is why it is important to work from the presence of calm and not be anxious, “says sex doctor in Delhi.

Specifically, in addition to the rush, there may be other “inappropriate” sexual habits that may be influencing the man to ejaculate too quickly: being anxious, going straight to penetration, and not having good sexual and erotic skills and knowledge beyond coitocentrism, heteronormative. The lack of sexual experience is a factor to consider, but it does not mean that it is decisive for all people.

Are there postures in sexual intercourse that delay ejaculation?

For best sex doctor in Delhi, “postures are a complementary resource. For example, if the person with the problem knows that it takes much less time to ejaculate in ‘X’ posture, the ideal thing is not to perform that posture until you can manage your arousal. Each person knows which is theirs”.

The best sexologist in South Delhi recommends making a list of the positions and practices of those that excite the least, and so when the problem is being addressed, know which ones are and which are not.

Therapeutic approaches to delay ejaculation

Each person is different, and each treatment will be personalized. The best sexologist in East Delhi summarizes how she approaches it in consultation:

  • Exploration of sexual and erotic history, beliefs about sexuality and sexual-affective relationships.
  • Emotional management through psychoeducation in emotional intelligence, meditation, and visualizations.
  • Arousal Management: Conscious Breathing, Non-Coital or Genital Erotic Practices Alone and Point of No Return Techniques.
  • Sexual and erotic routines as a couple: during the first month do not have intercourse or penetration. Depending on the evolution, this pattern is lengthened or not; working the erotic of the body through massages, caresses, and petting.
  • Pelvic floor: exercises focused on becoming aware of the pelvic floor and toning it up.
  • Work on the internal parts involved in the problem. For example, the suspicious, nervous, or anxious party. They are the “characters” protagonists of the problem.

When there is no physiological reason for premature ejaculation, such as diabetes, is the approach to premature ejaculation easier? “It depends on the commitment, the type of approach, the history itself and the therapeutic relationship. These four factors are important. However, from my professional point of view, the type or perspective of approach for this type of dysfunction is essential since it goes beyond a physical symptom in many cases,” says sexologist in Rohini.

And he goes on to say that if the nervous system is in “emotional survival mode”, depending on the intensity of the blockage, the approach may be more or less complex or easy. “For example, when in the person’s history there is trauma such as sexual abuse in childhood, the healing will be much more complex than if it is a person who, as a result of the infidelity of his partner, began to have the problem of premature ejaculation ”, says sexologist in Delhi.