Men’s worries. How long can we last?

premature ejaculation

Men’s worries. How long can we last?


We would think the answers to the above questions are simple, though they are not. Research shows that among men affected by premature ejaculation, those who did not consult a sexologist in Delhi, India about their problem, 52.2% said they did not have the possibility of premature ejaculation. Many people don’t even know what premature ejaculation is.

That is why the best sexologist in Delhi, India considered it important for Yours to help men who cannot decide whether men are most under-diagnosed and most under-treated by counselling.

How long it takes for a man to reach the climax during a sexual intercourse is individual, situation-dependent, and by no means an exact, measurable time, measured in minutes. Premature ejaculation can be defined in a myriad of ways, which is why sexologists in Delhi refrain from determining exactly in minutes whether a man’s satisfaction within a given time already falls into this category.

Men, often under the influence of porn movies, are unaware of how many minutes an average man takes the act from the first penetration before they are satisfied.

The top sexologist in Delhi, India, defines premature ejaculation when ejaculation occurs continuously or recurrently, with minimal sexual stimulation, before, during, or shortly after penetration, even before it is intended by the man. So the key is not to be found in time. It’s not just about how many minutes a man can last. The focus is more on control, with 95% of men with premature ejaculation reporting “very poor” or “poor” control of ejaculation.

Men are often reluctant to discuss their symptoms with their sexologist doctor in Delhi, India after believing that there is no promising treatment for their condition.

What might be the questions that if a man honestly answers, you can get a quick answer to whether you need to see a sex specialist in Delhi, India with your problem? How difficult it is to delay ejaculation, or how many times a man has ejaculation sooner than he or she wants, all tell if the man is concerned about the topic.

If you experience ejaculation with very little stimulation, if you feel frustrated, if you have ejaculation sooner than you want, or if you are worried that you may not be sure that your partner has been satisfied in the time until ejaculation, you may suspect and indeed to seek the help of an expert top sexologist in Delhi. The consultation with sex specialist in Delhi also helps to guide those who have not dealt with their problems so far out of shame or due to the possible lack of necessary information.

“Patients affected by premature ejaculation often do not seek professional help because of the expected social stigma or because the patient is extremely embarrassed about their condition, or may have a lack of knowledge about treatment options. Many men are unaware that premature ejaculation is a health problem. Unfortunately, many sexologist in Delhi still see premature ejaculation as a lifestyle issue rather than a health problem that greatly affects a man’s self-esteem and relationships.”