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Early Detection of Erectile Dysfunction Can Save Lives.

Early Detection of Erectile Dysfunction Can Save Lives.

The development of erectile dysfunction is attributable to neuronal, vascular, hormonal, metabolic, and psychological factors. As explained by the best sexologist in Delhi that erectile dysfunction is found more frequently in men with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, acute coronary syndrome, diabetes mellitus, and metabolic syndrome, supports the hypothesis that this disease is an important marker of future cardiovascular risk. This point has been deepened in a study published in 2016 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine entitled Coronary heart disease, diabetes and sexuality in men. This work surveys different studies in this regard, and summarizes the recommendations for sexologists in Delhi who receive patients with erectile dysfunction in consultation.

In long-term research conducted in Western Australia, it was found that men with erectile dysfunction have a cardiovascular risk seven times higher compared to men without the disease. It is therefore not surprising that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction is higher in patients with heart disease, and it has been found to range from 42% to 75%.

Analyzing the different risk factors, hyperlipidemia contributes to erectile dysfunction through endothelial dysfunction, affecting the relaxation of the cavernous smooth muscle. In fact, population studies have shown that dyslipidemia and obesity are the main risk factors for erectile dysfunction. According to different studies, approximately between 26% and 70% of men with erectile dysfunction had an increase in serum cholesterol.

On the other hand, researchers Curkendall and Glasser found that 18% of the population studied with erectile dysfunction had undiagnosed hypertension. In general, erectile dysfunction is twice as common in hypertensive patients as in men with normal blood pressure, and it is also more serious.

Early Detection of Erectile Dysfunction Can Save Lives.

Let’s now look at some recommendations for doctors based on the International Consultation on Sexual Medicine Reports:

-The detection of erectile dysfunction provides the opportunity to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

-Erectile dysfunction is a marker for a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, stroke, and all-cause mortality.

-The risk of coronary events associated with erectile dysfunction is higher in younger men (30 to 60 years of age).

-Erectile dysfunction has a similar or even higher risk of predictive value for cardiac events than traditional risk factors such as family history, myocardial infarction, smoking and hyperlipidemia.

-Erectile dysfunction often occurs in the presence of silent coronary artery disease, with a time window from the onset of dysfunction to a coronary artery event of two to five years.

-The more severe the erectile dysfunction, the greater the degree of risk of coronary artery disease, its possible severity and the risk of peripheral artery disease.

-Lifestyle modification is generally recommended as the part of first-line treatment to correct erectile dysfunction and decrease cardiovascular risk, but evidence suggests that this could be effective only in men without established cardiovascular comorbidities.

-Recent studies have suggested that phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, the first-line drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, could decrease cardiovascular mortality through multiple mechanisms, predominantly related to improved endothelial function.

The final recommendation to sexologist doctors in Delhi is not to fall into the prejudice that erectile dysfunction is always of psychological cause. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out different studies to understand its nature and the risk factors involved in its development. In this way, erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi will be more effective, and in some cases it will reduce the risk of future cardiovascular events and prevent the progression of the severity of erectile dysfunction. Sexologist in Delhi suggests that there is a three to five year window from the onset of dysfunction to subsequent cardiovascular events, therefore we cannot ignore the opportunity to detect them.

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Erectile Dysfunction Men’s Diseases

Erectile dysfunction, the same as impotence, is one of the most common sexual problems common in men of all ages.

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men is defined as the inability to achieve and maintain the erection needed to perform sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction for men often becomes a great ordeal, as it is not only a physiological but also a psychological problem. According to statistics, virtually all men, starting from the age of 20, have been affected by the problem of erectile dysfunction at least once. It should be noted that this problem is the most common sexual disorder in men. Hundreds of millions of men on earth suffer from erectile dysfunction. That is why the question of how to treat this sexual disorder does not lose its urgency.

What can cause erectile dysfunction?

Different forms of the disease are distinguished based on the underlying causes. If we divide the reasons into a main group, we can distinguish between them:


  • Depression, depressed state;
  • Chronic neurosis, psychosis;
  • Stressful situations, family conflicts;
  • Drug addiction, alcoholism;
  • Fear of failure and sexual impotence.


  • Diseases of the head and spinal cord, various types of trauma (including those caused by surgery);
  • Circulatory disorders of the brain;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • Peripheral innervation disorders (neuropathies – alcohol, drug, diabetes, etc.)


  • Injuries;
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Cavernous fibrosis.


  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Prolactinoma;
  • Adrenal and thyroid dysfunction.


  • Combined damage to the vascular system of the genitals;
  • Disorders of microcirculation in the genitals;
  • Hypertensive disease;
  • Abnormal venous drainage of cavernous bodies.


  • May occur on the background of taking psychotropic, hormonal and antidepressants.


  • It is possible to develop soft tissues between the genitals and between, as a result of various injuries in the area

What are the treatment methods?

Men find it difficult to admit their own sexual problems. Due to the shy nature and delicacy of the problem, the patient often locks himself in, does not want to discuss the issue and share the feelings of failure in personal life with others, therefore, does not turn to a sexologist in Delhi at all. Such an attitude towards the problem is medically wrong and often leads to a worsening problem.

Modern medicine possesses many methods to help a patient with erectile dysfunction. In some cases of erectile dysfunction (including organic forms) it is impossible to completely cure the patient. However, even in this case, sexologists in Delhi can conduct symptomatic treatment to maximize the elimination of this pathology.

Consider some modern methods of treating erectile dysfunction:

  • There are three potentially selective phosphodiesterase (PDE5) inhibitors (PDE5) on the market today whose efficacy and safety in the erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi have been demonstrated in practice. They are not the initiators of an erection, therefore, sexual stimulation is needed during treatment to achieve an erection. Their effectiveness is defined as sufficient strength of the penis for vaginal penetration. These drugs are: sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil. All of these drugs have a characteristic feature that may be important for this or that patient.
  • Herbal preparations – in most cases their effectiveness in the treatment of erectile dysfunction has not been proven, but their use may improve the overall condition of the patient.
  • In case of ineffective effect of the above drugs, taken in the form of pills, as an alternative, intravenous injection may be used as an alternative. It is essential to take these medications under the supervision of a sexologist doctor in Delhi as incorrect treatment will most likely lead to dangerous side effects.
  • There is also an alternative to the drug – urethral administration of alprostadil. Using a special system, a small capsule containing alprostadil is inserted into the urethra. Such treatment is quite effective and acceptable for many patients.
  • Vacuum device – used in relatively elderly patients. It traps venous blood in the genitals, after which a clamping ring is fixed at the base of the penis. This approach is a very effective and safe method of treatment in elderly patients.
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgical intervention – In case other methods of treatment do not bring the desired result, the most effective and efficient treatment approach is male prosthesis. There are two types of prostheses: soft (semi-rigid) and inflatable (two or three-chambered). Most patients prefer a three-chamber prosthesis because the erection is more ‘natural’ during such a prosthesis.

It is extremely important to follow these simple rules to prevent or slow down the progression of erectile dysfunction:

  1. Pay attention to nutrition. Fatty foods increase the risk of erectile dysfunction and vascular disease. Baked and sweet foods cause obesity and diabetes which also increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. Follow a well-balanced diet that includes fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the right proportions. In addition, the diet should contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body.
  2. Control blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high, be sure to seek medical help, your sex doctor in Delhi will prescribe medication to regulate your blood pressure. Chronic hypertension and atherosclerosis increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.
  3. Quit using tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. It should be noted that cigarette smoking leads to the development of systemic diseases, which leads to a decrease in potency. It is almost impossible to have a healthy sex life without giving up bad habits.
  4. Do not self-medicate or take medication without supervision of sex specialist in Delhi. Often the cause of erectile dysfunction is the incorrect or excessive use of medications, vitamins, biologically active supplements and similar remedies. Before taking any medication, it is necessary to consult an appropriate sexologist in Delhi.
  5. Try to move a lot. Lack of regular physical activity is a prerequisite for weight gain. At such times the body is less fed with oxygen, the elasticity of tissues and blood vessels decreases, and all this leads to a decrease in potency. Find time to go for a walk, jog, swim and walk to the fitness club.
  6. Learn to control the psychological load. Depression, stress and the presence of complexes can provoke sexual problems. For the most part, cases of erectile dysfunction are psychological in nature. Avoid acute conflict situations, try to fully relax.

Finally, despite the delicacy of the problem, consult the best sexologist in Delhi at the first signs of the problem. Treatment at an early stage will most likely yield better results than delayed intervention.

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Can Exercising Help With Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Yes. In addition to other health benefits, regular exercise can improve a man’s erections in several ways.

Exercise is good for the circulatory system. It keeps the blood flowing smoothly throughout the body.

According to the best sexologist in Delhi, sufficient blood flow to the penis is essential for a firm erection. When a man is sexually stimulated, his penis fills with blood. This blood gives him the rigidity he needs for sexual activity. Once he ejaculates, blood flows out of the penis and back into the rest of the body.

Without adequate blood flow, erectile dysfunction can occur. In some cases, the erection is weak. In others, the man is unable to have an erection.

Sometimes blood flow problems develop due to damage to the endothelium or the smooth muscle of the penis – tissues of the penis that are important for normal erections. This damage may be the result of high blood pressure or smoking. It can also happen if a man has high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, or blood sugar, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Once the endothelium or smooth muscle is damaged, the penis may not function normally, even with adequate blood flow. Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is also more likely to develop. Plaque builds up on the artery walls, which can slow or completely block blood flow.

Because the arteries in the penis are very small, Erectile dysfunction is often one of the first signs of damage resulting from other medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Exercise does more than improve penile blood flow, however. Keeping fit keeps a man’s weight in check, can increase your testosterone levels and boost your confidence. It can also reduce depression and anxiety, says sex specialist in Delhi.

In addition, sex requires some aerobic capacity and some joint flexibility (caressing and stimulating the partner or changing positions during sex). Regular exercise can facilitate these activities.

These factors can affect erections, as well as other aspects of sexual health.

How much exercise does a man need to improve erectile function? Scientists considered this issue in an April 2018 article in Sexual Medicine.

After reviewing 10 studies on the subject, sexologist in Delhi recommended 160 minutes of supervised intensity moderate aerobic activity per week (divided into 40-minute blocks 4 times a week) for men with erectile dysfunction caused by physical inactivity, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome or heart disease. Men can choose to alternate moderate and vigorous activities or add strength training to their regime.

In general, aerobic exercise increases a person’s heart rate. Some examples are:

  • Walking fast
  • Run
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Aerobics classes at a gym
  • Jump rope

Men should consult a sex doctor in Delhi before starting any exercise program. With the guidance of a top sexologist in Delhi, a man can choose the types of exercises that are best for him.

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What happens if you take too much medication for erectile dysfunction?

Oral medications provide a convenient way for men to manage their erectile dysfunction (ED). These drugs are called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. Some of the most prescribed ED drugs are as follows:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Vardenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Avanafil

These drugs work by relaxing the soft muscle tissue in the penis, allowing more blood to flow when a man is sexually stimulated. This blood is essential for a firm erection.

While PDE5 inhibitors are effective for many men with ED, some men wonder if they will see better results if they take more medications than the sexologist in Delhi has prescribed. But doing so can be dangerous.

Therefore, it is important to use these medications exactly as your sexologist doctor in Delhi prescribes and carefully read the accompanying information pack. The top sexologist in Delhi must also know what other medications or supplements a man is currently taking.

One of the risks of an oral overdose of ED drugs is priapism, an erection that lasts several hours. Priapism can happen if too much blood flows into the penis, causing it to swell. Some men with priapism experience discomfort or pain.

Men who have a long-lasting erection are urged to seek emergency medical care. When blood is in the penis for a long time, it is difficult for oxygen to reach the area. This situation can lead to tissue damage, permanent erectile dysfunction, or disfigurement of the penis.

Treatment for priapism may include draining excess blood from the penis, medication, or surgery.

Another risk associated with oral ED drugs is a drop in blood pressure. Men may start to feel weak, dizzy, and nauseous. They may start breathing more quickly, experience blurred vision, and have difficulty concentrating.

In severe cases, low blood pressure can substantially reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches important parts of the body, such as the heart and brain. Eventually, these organs can become damaged.

Men who believe they have taken too much of any drug are advised to see a sex specialist in Delhi as soon as possible. They should also seek immediate medical attention if they experience any of these symptoms after taking an antidepressant medication:

  • Rash
  • Urticaria
  • Swelling of lips, tongue, or throat
  • Breathing or swallowing problems
  • Vision problems
  • Hearing problems

Men who feel that their ED medication is not working should talk to the best sexologist in Delhi. The dose may need to be adjusted, but this should only be done under the care of a sex doctor in Delhi. Men should also remember that these drugs are prescription drugs and are not suitable for all men. For example, men who take drugs that contain nitrates should never take ED drugs.

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Erectile dysfunction is not a disease. All you need to know to live peacefully

Everyone must know that erectile dysfunction is also not a disease says sexologist in Delhi, India. They no longer have to use the terms impotence and helplessness in sex education, in articles and interviews in the mass media, on television. The penis is not the symbol of male potency: for the true sexual liberation of all men (and women), when doing sex education it must be explained that it is the capacity to love (and the knowledge of making love) what it really matters, not the penis and its erection.

Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of some neurological and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, prostate surgery, as well as an effect of some antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, etc. After the age of 50-60, erectile dysfunction is common, although there are no diseases, and sexologists in Delhi say it is for age. Instead, it is caused by incorrect sex education, in fact, it can be prevented by training the ischiocavernosus muscles (the muscles of rigid erection) with Kegel perineal exercises. Another frequent consequence of the absence of proper sex education is what the best sexologist in Delhi, India calls psychological erectile dysfunction which causes a failed erection with a partner, despite the anatomy and physiology of the erection being perfectly normal.

Everyone, especially teenagers, must know that an inexplicable erection failure, especially the first few times, can happen for many reasons, as well as for anxiety and ignorance about how to make love, even for fatigue, stress, overeating, drugs (therefore also alcohol and cigarettes), pornography abuse/addiction (which then inhibits mental arousal in real life), economic or family thoughts, doing it without desire or “fucking” just to prove that you are a man, while the real man is the one who has freed himself from sexual obsessions/slavery and also knows how to say no to a woman he doesn’t know or doesn’t love, says top sexologist in Delhi, India.

When an occasional dysfunction occurs in order not to make it permanent, you don’t have to worry and immediately try to put yourself to the “test”, that is to immediately try again to have another sexual relationship, because it is easy to enter a vicious circle: occasional failure to erect, anxiety, to the test, excessive control of one’s reactions or prediction of failure, lack of erection, anxiety, etc. From an occasional episode – after which a period of rest was enough, not giving it importance or talking about it with a doctor to calm down – you can really get to dysfunction that only the sexologist doctor in Delhi can then solve.

For this reason, it is also important not to be influenced by the advertising of drugs that allow you to easily have erections with a pill. Men, and today especially teenagers too (for some years they have been asking me for advice even 18-20-year-olds, it’s absurd!), Must understand that when it comes to drugs it means that certain substances can be taken only after the appropriate tests and not by people who want to take them ( viagra, etc.) to overcome anxiety because they believe they have a non-existent disease or just because they think they are enhancing their performance, says sex specialist in Delhi.

Therefore, if an occasional dysfunction occurs, at any age, it is very important that in subsequent sexual intercourse the attention is not turned to one’s arousal and to make love a few times without thinking about the penetration of the penis into the vagina, limiting itself with the partner to sensual massages, kisses and caresses all over the body. If an erection appears, don’t rush and learn to have mutual orgasms without penetration, otherwise, the anxiety of performance could take over, suggests sex doctor in Delhi.

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Sex And Sport

How do sexuality and sport interact when we combine them? Find out how you can improve your sex life if you exercise regularly, and how an erotic encounter affects sports performance.

How sport affects sexual relations

Can sexuality and sport go hand in hand? What are the results of this energy shake? In the next lines we are going to deal with two essential points to find out, taking into account how gentle and prolonged sports activities affect the sexual lives of individuals, and how sexual encounters can influence productivity in sports events.

It seems clear that practicing moderate intensity sports on a regular basis significantly improves people’s physical and mental health, and precisely these are the two basic premises to enjoy adequate sexual health, thus favoring it in an unquestionable way.

In this way, we have just cleared up the first question, and now sexologist in Delhi, India will explain in more detail the benefits of physical exercise that contribute to improving the quality of sexual relations :

1. Better cardiovascular health, better erections

Scientific evidence indicates that measured training helps our hearts stay in top shape. One of the most important physiological phenomena that occur during sexual function is the dilation of blood vessels, providing a significant flow of blood to certain areas involved in this process, explains best sexologist in Delhi, India. This phenomenon is responsible for the erectile response of some regions, such as the penis or the clitoris, so it is easy to think that sport will help us prevent the appearance of problems associated with erectile dysfunction in men and improve the sexual experience in the case of women.

2. Control metabolic disorders, facilitate arousal

The moderate practice of sports activities will also help control the levels of insulin produced by our body. Taking into account that metabolic diseases as prevalent as diabetes mellitus can induce certain sexual disorders associated mainly to the arousal phase (erectile dysfunction, or lubrication problems), monitoring this aspect will be another important argument to increase our physical activity, suggests sexologist doctor in Delhi.

3. Boost your respiratory system … and your sexual stamina

And what about our breathing? The functioning of our lungs will be positively influenced if we move assiduously, supplying all the organs of our body with blood and oxygen. This advantage will be maximized if we learn to control this process, being a great ally in our daily lives, and increasing our resistance in the sexual field.

4. Matter of weight, matter of desire

Here is another very important reason to play sports: the loss of calories. Staying in shape will provide us with multiple advantages, and that is that on the one hand we will improve our health in general by avoiding overweight and obesity and, on the other, we will feel more attractive, agile and flexible, increasing desire and love possibilities. Who knows, maybe this will allow you to try that kamasutra posture that you thought was impossible!

5. Muscle tone: toned biceps and vaginas 

At this point, it is worth remembering how muscular we are going to put on in the gym or, in other words, how our muscles are going to experience a significant increase in mass. Do you already know how you can take advantage of all that strength and energy that training will give you? This point will be especially interesting for women, because the strengthening of the pelvic muscles will help us to regain vaginal tonicity, and will also contribute to the prevention of urinary incontinence, and will even stimulate our sexual appetite, says sex specialist in Delhi.

6. Emotional issues: activate your pleasure

As we have already pointed out, playing sports not only has a significant influence on our physical health, but it also plays an essential role on our emotional well-being. Those in charge of making us feel good, controlling stress, and raising our libido, will be the well-known hormones, substances secreted by different cells of our body whose release we can promote when practicing exercise.

How having sex affects athletic performance

‘Sex is detrimental to sports performance’… Myth or reality? It seems clear that such a statement has been widely supported by coaches known, given the total prohibition of their stars keep sex during the most important and media championships in the sport.

But … Is it really necessary to take these precautions? Let’s go on the trail by unraveling the two main hypotheses on which those who claim that sexual activity negatively influences the performance of athletes are based.

Hypothesis 1: calories expended and physical exhaustion

When we consider the first hypothesis, we think about what happens during a sexual encounter: heat, friction, rhythmic and repetitive movements, different body postures…

Well, the truth is that although the duration and intensity are variable, the average amount of calories consumed during sex is around 150, nothing that a good sandwich cannot solve.

Well, it seems that more than one of us has just spoiled the party, and it is that a heated and fiery sexual relationship is not going to be enough to lose those extra kilos and get in shape; however, we are in luck, because the love affair will not reduce our sports productivity at all. With proper recovery, you will be instantly ready to tackle your sporting challenges, suggests top sexologist in Delhi.

Hypothesis 2: hormonal function and testosterone release

This hypothesis suggests that the release of testosterone during sexual practice could decrease aggressiveness and alertness in the athlete, leading to a state of distension. However, the enlightening words of sex doctor in Delhi, referred to sex as a natural anabolic, which would not only guarantee its innocuousness for a good development of sports practice, but would also behave succulent benefits to it.

In view of the circumstances, it seems that sex will not be the culprit for poor athletic performance; Moreover, it can be said that sex is a source of well-being and a wonderful natural relaxant, which probably increases the motivation of the athlete in the face of their stressful challenges.

More appropriate exercises and sports to improve our sexual life

As we are sure that we have incited your desire to play sports with these many attractive advantages, sexologist in Delhi recommends any gentle and moderate exercise capable of getting in shape, but that does not leave you out of the fight … inquire about the many options and you will surely find your favorite.

Some suggestions might be running, cycling, swimming, or hiking. One of recommendations by sexologist in Delhi is to practice yoga. Apart from helping to reduce stress (you will gain confidence and greater ejaculatory control), it allows you to improve flexibility, so you can surely dare to make new movements. Another alternative is belly dance, which provides greater coordination to the pelvic area, and barre or ballet fit, which exercises both the core and the pelvic muscles.

On the other hand, for those of you who are more of a crush in the gym, working your abs, not only serves to look like a tablet, but also enhances your balance, avoids back pain and men will have a greater ability to push during penetration. The squats and lifts hip (make the bridge) are also useful for strengthening thighs, buttocks and lower back hip that favors pushing apart the contractions during orgasm to intensify, explains sexologist in Delhi.

And above all, remember, do not end up exhausted after a long gym session if you have a crazy night in bed planned!

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Men’s Health: Treatments That Help You Have A Healthy Life

Much is said about women’s health, but little is said about men’s health. However, we need to talk about the topic. It is very important that man be careful with his health, as it directly interferes with well-being and quality of life. The male sexual health specifically involves several bodily and mental systems, resulting in a complex interaction that can still be influenced by external factors such as stress, illness and medications.

We at Sexologist Clinic in Delhi have a team specialized in male sexual and reproductive health care, offering different sex treatment in Delhi that deals with medical and psychological issues, enabling an active and happy sex life.

These are the segments in which sexologist in Delhi specializes, bringing the best and most modern treatments in men’s health to you.

Preservation of Fertility

The preservation of male fertility involves lifestyle habits such as food, drug use, and exposure to certain toxins and/or some environmental factors.

Semen Freezing

In some specific cases, clinical intervention may be necessary to maintain fertility, through cryopreservation or semen freezing, which is basically the freezing in liquid nitrogen of sperm obtained by masturbation or by an alternative method of collection.

The samples obtained are kept in a semen bank for future use associated with the use of assisted reproduction techniques. An evaluation of the correct indication is essential.

Ejaculation difficulty

Ejaculation difficulty is a sexual dysfunction that brings together different problems, which can be: Anejaculation (absence of ejaculation), Retrograde Ejaculation (an organic problem that prevents normal ejaculation during intercourse), or Delayed Ejaculation (delay to ejaculate during the act) sexual).

The investigation begins with a sexologist doctor in Delhi, and the treatment can be psychotherapeutic or clinical, depending on the case.

Fertility Treatments

Treatments for fertility evolved with advances in reproductive medicine and today, infertility no longer means the ultimate impossibility of having children for all patients.

Treatments against male infertility are focused on the cause and are based on history, physical examination, spermogram and complementary examinations, if necessary.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is related to the difficulty experienced by men, women or couples during any stage of sexual activity. It can have different origins or be a sign of other diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and coronary heart disease, and often involves different systems. Because of this, the treatment is multi-professional, in order to treat the patient, combined with modern and effective knowledge and techniques.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, or sexual impotence, is the best known by men and the second most common of male sexual dysfunctions, understood as the inability to obtain or maintain an adequate penile erection for vaginal penetration. Erection depends on the proper functioning of several systems, such as central and peripheral nervous system, arterial flow and maintenance of the penile structure, and changes in any of these systems can lead to dysfunction, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi is also based on its causes, which can be psychological and/or organic. Drug use can also significantly influence the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation, or rapid ejaculation, occurs when a man has an orgasm earlier than expected during intercourse, not providing satisfactory intercourse.

Almost all cases of premature ejaculation have psychological causes, related to sexual performance anxiety, and premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is based on controlling the causes.

Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease is characterized by painful erections, the presence of nodules of calcification in the penis that evolves causing significant curvature of the penis during an erection.

The disease can worsen over time, so the faster the diagnosis and treatment, the better for the patient, says sex specialist in Delhi.

prevention of impotence

Prevention of Impotence

Most men would like to maintain or improve their sexual function. This is possible with the right training and guidance from sexologist in Delhi, India.

Potent into old age – it works with the right training

As a rule, the natural “aging process” of the penile tissue begins around the age of 35. For example, the number and duration of spontaneous erections at night decrease. In these cases, potency problems begin slowly and progress gradually – both during intercourse and during masturbation or nocturnal spontaneous erections, explains the best sexologist in Delhi, India.

Those who start preventing erectile dysfunction in good time have a good chance that they will never suffer from impotence.

Train your potency muscle

If you want to protect yourself from potency problems or want to improve your potency, you should do something yourself, suggests top sexologist in Delhi.

The main causes of age-related loss of erection are

  • Decrease in the elasticity of the penile tissue
  • Reduction in maximum blood flow during sexual arousal
  • Decrease in “stiffness” during erection.

All three factors can be positively influenced by

  • physical training/pelvic floor training
  • nocturnal use of PDE-5 inhibitors
  • regular sexual activity

To name just a few. There are further “training options” for this.

Every man of all ages can take care of maintaining and improving his sexual performance. However, prevention of erectile function should be started at the earliest from the age of 35, says sex specialist in Delhi.

Important: It is also important to record your initial values ​​when preventing erectile dysfunction. This includes, for example, the measurement of nerve function using biothesiometry , the pelvic floor force using an EMG, the composition of the erectile tissue, the maximum blood flow capacity of the penis using color-coded Doppler duplex sonography. For example, in some cases it is necessary to do special pelvic floor training in addition to so-called nocturnal erectile tissue training, suggests sexologist doctor in Delhi.

The effects of homocysteine, vitamin B12 and folic acid on erectile dysfunction

It is known that damage to blood vessels (vascular components) can cause erectile dysfunction. Conversely, erectile dysfunction can also be an indication of a possible disease in the cardiovascular system. The endotheal system of the penile vessels plays an important role in this context, i.e. the coating of the inner vessel walls in the area of ​​the erectile tissue. An erection can only occur when sufficient blood reaches the erectile tissue, says sex doctor in Delhi.

Patients with cardiovascular diseases often have high levels of homocysteine ​​in their blood. Homocysteine ​​is a natural metabolic product that – when it occurs in excess – damages the blood vessels. The damaged blood vessels in turn pose a risk of erectile dysfunction, warns sexologist in Delhi.

How can the homocysteine ​​level be lowered?

A deficiency in vitamin B12 can trigger an excessively high homocysteine ​​level. If you want to take countermeasures here, you should opt for an appropriate diet instead of vitamin supplements. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal foods. Liver (beef and veal), eggs, fish and cheese, for example, have a very high vitamin B12 content, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

An excessively high homocysteine ​​level can also be reduced with the help of folic acid. These are also available as a preparation in tablet form, but a more conscious diet is also advisable. Folic acid belongs to the group of B vitamins and is mainly found in lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peas, bell peppers and whole grain products. So if you pay attention to a sufficient supply of vitamin B12 and folic acid and thereby keep your homocysteine ​​level in the normal range, you not only lower the cardiovascular risk (cardiovascular disease) but also the risk of arterial erectile dysfunction, says sexologist in Delhi.

best sexologist in Delhi

When manhood fails. How to treat erectile dysfunction?

In India, there is a method of erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi that allows you to achieve it at any time and for as long as you want. It is used in men for whom the “blue pill” has not been effective.

The inability to achieve or maintain an erection affects about 30 million men in India. However, only 15 percent of them seek help from a sex specialist in Delhi. Meanwhile, such problems can be symptoms of many diseases that need to be treated. Modern medicine deals effectively with erectile dysfunction. This is not only important for maintaining a good relationship. Research proves that sexual activity reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Erection as a measure of health

– The most common cause of erectile dysfunction in the age group of adolescents and young men are psychological problems, largely related to complexes, lack of experience, or fear of unwanted pregnancy of the partner. In middle-aged men, the main factors are stress, overwork, and problems in personal relationships. They can also be caused by atherosclerosis, diabetes, and arterial hypertension. About 50 percent in men over 40, erectile dysfunction is associated with cardiovascular disorders – explains sexologist in Delhi. Therefore, erection problems should not be treated as a medical condition, but as a symptom.

Erectile dysfunction may herald, inter alia, ischemic heart disease even eight years before its appearance. Remember that penile blood vessels, like all other blood vessels, become less permeable in atherosclerosis. That is why blood is not able to fill the cavernous bodies of a member so as to achieve a satisfactory erection – explains Dr. P K Gupta, best sexologist in Delhi. He adds that also untreated urological diseases, such as: benign prostatic hyperplasia, inflammation of the prostate gland, or recurrent infections associated with urolithiasis may have a negative impact on the quality of a man’s sexual life. “All these diseases can be diagnosed during routine urological control, and their treatment is relatively simple,” sexologist in Delhi emphasizes.

Erection in training

According to sexologist doctor in Delhi, the first step in erectile dysfunction should be to quit smoking, take care of a healthy, varied, and antioxidant-rich diet, and increase physical activity. And it’s not about a walk, but about half an hour of training at least three times a week. It can be cycling, swimming, running, tennis, etc. – Physical activity definitely affects the quality of erection, sexologist in Delhi emphasizes. He adds that you should also measure your blood pressure, check your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. If the results are abnormal, you should first modify your diet before starting erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

– Don’t hesitate. If the disorder is psychological, sometimes just having an erection pill solves the problem, she says. However, after the age of 45 or 50 (depending on whether the family has a history of prostate cancer), you must visit the sexologist clinic in Delhi regularly in order to detect this disease early. – I dream that men in India visit a sexologist in Delhi systematically and treat this specialist as their general practitioner, just like ladies trust their gynecologists – says best sexologist in Delhi.

Treatment as needed

There are several medications for erectile dysfunction available in India that meet the different needs of men. Some are taken right before intercourse. There are also those that allow you to do it within 36 hours of taking the drug.

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In a pandemic, men could be more concerned with erectile dysfunction

In these times, some pleasures may be low. The signs are subtle but pay attention. In the United Kingdom, for example, one of the most popular health care services, that of Superdrug Online Doctor, reports from February to June an increase of 13% in consultations to try to remedy erectile dysfunction. In fact, if there is anything that is up, according to Google, it is the search for information about the very same problem on the internet. Well, well, what about the male heads?

Erection is a vascular phenomenon. Either by a local stimulus or by an image in the mind, certain muscles around arteries located in the penis – phew! –Relax. As a result, these vessels are dilated, facilitating the arrival of more and more blood. The liquid will fill the numerous hollow spaces of two cylinders, the cavernous bodies, which resemble sponges. They are so drenched that they end up pressing the veins that would be the exit passage. Result: the blood that entered doesn’t come out anytime soon. I mean, when everything is firm – firm and strong.

The volume of blood momentarily trapped can be three to ten times greater than what normally circulates through the resting organ. To the point of everything becoming rigid. “Erectile dysfunction is precisely a persistent difficulty in achieving or maintaining this rigidity for long enough”, defines best sexologist in Delhi.

If the penis rises more or rises less, the total responsibility is for a ligament, the brace, which loosens over time, so that nothing rises more. “Not to mention that some ligaments can be longer in nature. Others, shorter, forming a closed angle, close to the body, which makes it more difficult than it helps to find a position in the relationship, contrary to what many think”, says the sexologist doctor in Delhi. Even if it is more forward or even lower than properly upwards, this is not erectile dysfunction, as long as there is such rigidity.

But staying on the same side at times is not a case of drama – every man has to deal with this frustration sporadically. Jeez, difficult lesson to enter … “The problem is that one episode usually leads to another”, observes the sex doctor in Delhi. “If the penis is not rigid, the next sexual intercourse will already be loaded with anxiety. Hence, the body will release adrenaline and a vicious cycle will appear, a bad erection making the next worse,” notes sexologist in Delhi.

What is good for decreasing the risk of Covid-19 is good for the penis

It is estimated that 30 to 56% of Indians over 40 years of age have some degree of erectile dysfunction. “The prevalence increases by 10% every decade of life. But only one-third of men with the problem seek medical help”, informs sex specialist in Delhi.

The difficulty, when making the diagnosis, is to understand to what extent the causes are organic or emotional. “Usually things go together,” notes the top sexologist in Delhi. “And a good part of the organic causes, in turn, has to do with the unbalanced lifestyle. It is not enough to ask for a medicine without solving the rest. For a hypertensive patient, an earring that more compensates him for taking the medication that his cardiologist prescribed for him to control the pressure than to swallow a famous pill to have erections “, exemplifies.

Obesity, which is another important risk factor for Covid-19,  has an aggravating factor: “fat cells activate a substance called aromatase”, explains the sexologist in Delhi. “And it transforms part of testosterone – the male hormone that plays a key role in the physiological mechanisms of sex – into the female hormone.” In this case, the metamorphosis can be a bucket of cold water.

Alcohol has something curious about it. Studies prove that, for many men, a few sips even help. “If they cause relaxation, they will make it easier at first,” says the sex specialist doctor in Delhi. The problem is that passing a little of the measurement can have the opposite effect. “Not to mention that the excess of alcoholic drink also damages the internal walls of the vessels.” Cigarette, then, is not even mentioned.

Bed is not just place to have sex

Especially because, to have good sex, it needs to be a great place to sleep. Night after night. “The quality of sleep gains more and more relevance in this area”, says sexologist in Delhi. It makes sense: since they are born, men have erections in the deepest stages of sleep. “There are at least three or four in the morning,” says the best sexologist in Delhi.

These marginal erections, as they are called, keep the penile gears ready for action. Exercise your muscles. They improve your circulation, oxygenate your tissues. “But insomnia and even apnea, which is common in men with obesity, hinder the occurrence of these erections, accelerating the evolution of erectile dysfunction.”

The ideal is to keep an eye on the first signs – among them is the absence of erections when waking up, when there is no excuse that nervousness hindered the phenomenon. And then it moves the lifestyle strongly.

“Regular physical activity needs to be included in the recipe”, adds top sexologist in Delhi. Exercise relieves most of the factors behind the problem: it combats extra pounds, reduces stress, makes it easier to fall asleep and lose weight. Not to mention it improves circulation. The whole health wins. If men are even more concerned with that, great.