Maxims To Renew Your Relationship as a Couple Long Live Love!

Maxims To Renew Your Relationship as a Couple Long Live Love!

Maxims To Renew Your Relationship as a Couple Long Live Love!


Do you feel that your marriage is in limbo? Do you think that the flame of love is going out and that nothing is like before? According to a survey led by Second Love, a social network for unfaithful people, the main fear in a relationship is falling into a routine (40%).

Don’t let your courtship or marriage get to this point! For Dr P K Gupta, consultant and sexologist in Delhi, l to monotony can always fight as both do their part. “If couples are aware of the situation, the crisis they are going through or at least one of the two takes the initiative, the primary passion can be recovered, and this combined with mature love will lead to developing an inventive love that will give greater importance to kisses, caresses and pampering as essential preliminaries to reach unlimited levels of pleasure, “he says.

But Why Does It Get To This Point?

According to the best sexologist in Delhi, creator of the conference ‘Born for pleasure’, it is all due to the fact that over time the novelty no longer exists and that the imaginative capacity diminishes.” The years go by and yes, it is sad to admit that it is no longer desired, that they are bored, that everything is a routine… In addition, the excuses to avoid a sexual encounter are more and more frequent: fatigue, stress, children… They take over the body and nothing is like before”, he explains.

Do you want to regain the magic of your marriage and relive your courtship as a couple of teenagers? With the advice of the sex specialist in Delhi Dr P K Gupta, we give you six keys to achieve it.” Chemistry, like love, evolve. We must be clear that this moment may come; but if there is still admiration, physical taste and respect, there is a solution,” he says.

6. Change strategy with your partner

Instead of accusing the other, talk about yourself. “Right now I am very sensitive” or “I need your support” instead of “you attack me” or “you are unbearable, useless and selfish.” You’ll notice the change with this little strategy tweak!

5. Speak From Love

Dialogue is essential, but it is important not to express it in the form of frustration or reproach. Highlight what you like about your partner. For example: “I like the way you are tender and affectionate”, “I miss you a lot”…. instead of: “why are you never tender and loving?” Finally, it is more fair to question the relationship they have built together, because that way they will be more willing to change.

4. Pair of Friends: Become Accomplices Again

In your courtship, did you love to go to the movies, eat ice cream in the park, or did you accompany him to his football game? Repeat it. “Being complicit, tolerant, sharing dreams and even having the ability to accept frustration, are the perfect doses to recover love and therefore desire,” recommends sexologist doctor in Delhi.

3. Live Your Love And Sexuality As A Couple

Sex should be experienced as something natural, not as taboo. Give free rein to your imagination: go back to the conquest, seduce him and surprise him with different invitations. And remember that sexuality begins with you, that is; you can’t have good sex if you don’t know your body.

2. The Importance of The Sexual Preamble

According to Dr P K Gupta, for a sexual relationship to be satisfactory, not only physical contact counts, but also communication. “Stimulating the senses in a sexual game ignites desire. Gentle caresses, tender words or a flirtation prior to the sexual act itself is beneficial for both women and men”, sexologist in Delhi recommends. More ideas? Music, food, romantic dates, and even sexting (text messages with sexual content) are other forms of stimulation.

1. In The Details Is The Difference

Maybe you think that your relationship is fine, so you think it is not necessary to tell your partner that you love him, do not trust yourself! Relationships are like plants, you have to water them daily so they don’t wither. And this does not mean that you have to surprise him / her with luxurious gifts or that you have to spend day and night with your partner, no! the key is in the small details: a delicious breakfast, a letter, a loving text message…

Now that you know the maxims to not let the spark of your relationship go out, it is time to put them into practice.


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