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low sexual desire at 20

Low Sexual Desire At 20

It is believed that young people are those who enjoy a full and vigorous sexual life, but sex specialist in Delhi warns that every day it is more common to find problems of low sexual desire at 20, why?

The factors can be many, but if they are not addressed, there could be irreversible consequences in sexual health, so it is important to know what causes the lack of sexual desire in young people.

Low sex drive at 20

An article published in El País points out that sexual desire occurs when the brain interprets certain sexual stimuli, such as images, people, movies, erotic memories and fantasies.

Normally, it is said that young people are the ones who have the most desire to have sex due to the hormonal changes they experience, but this is not always the case, in fact, there is a significant decrease in sexual desire in young people between 20 and 30 years old.

According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in which the frequency of sexual intercourse of men between 18 to 93 years old was analyzed, it was found that sexual activity and desire is on the decline, especially among young men and boys. middle-aged.

There are many reasons why there may be low sex drive in your 20s, including the following:

  1. Stress
  2. Medications
  3. Hormonal changes
  4. Menstrual cycle
  5. Taking the contraceptive pill
  6. Low self-esteem
  7. Bad previous sexual experiences
  8. Diet high in fat and sugar
  9. Trouble sleeping

The sexuality is a combination of various elements, so that if one or more are missing, may be affected sexual desire, regardless of age.

“When we talk about sexual desire there are always three ingredients: the physical drive, the motivation and the cultural ingredient. Within the first, age, hormones, health, but also mood and disposition influence. The motivation comes from previous experiences and from the quality of our sexual relationships, while the cultural factor also builds sexuality”, points out sexologist in Delhi.

There are no magic solutions to increase sexual desire but going to a sexologist in India could be very helpful, especially if the problem is causing conflict with the couple.

Only a sexologist doctor in Delhi can determine if the causes of low sexual desire at 20 come from physical, emotional or cultural factors, and if you need a low sex desire treatment in Delhi to overcome it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, there are some habits you can change that dramatically improve sexual intercourse, such as eating a balanced diet, getting at least 30 minutes of daily exercise, losing weight, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco abuse.

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sexual desire low in men

Sex: Why is sexual desire low in men?

It is a fairly taboo subject today, there is still the belief that men always feel like it, they are always ready. For a long time men have carried almost all the weight of the relationship regarding initiative and sexual performance. Although it is true that I hear more and more female patients who say “my partner doesn’t feel like it, he doesn’t look for me anymore”.

Let’s start at the beginning, what is sexual desire? I have found multiple definitions like:

– It is the phase of stimulation of sexual impulses to activate the sexual response.

– It is the desire to have sex with someone.

– It is a pleasurable anxiety of an erotic nature, a state of mind, a propensity to get excited and a host of pleasant sensations.

– It is the need or sexual impulse.

A sexologist in Delhi defines it as the desire and interest in maintaining erotic and/or sexual intimacy with oneself or with someone to obtain pleasure.

We must differentiate several types of low sexual desire:

– Primary:

The lack of desire is forever, there has been no change.

– Secondary:

When you enjoy a good desire, but at a given moment you lose interest in sexual behavior.

– Generalized:

The person with low desire experiences it in all situations, the couple, other people, masturbation, etc.

– Situational:

Desire towards the partner is not experienced, but towards other people or towards self-stimulation.

What factors can lower sexual desire?

The most important thing is to know the cause(s) in order to treat it and resolve the discomfort. There are organic and other psychological causes, so it is important as a first step to go to the urologist to carry out the relevant tests and if everything is correct, the next step is to go to the best sexologist in Delhi to resolve the possible psychological causes.

Organic factors:

– Treatment with some medications.

– Hormonal alterations and neuroendocrine problems.

– Metabolic diseases.

– Chronic diseases.

Psychological factors:

– Couple problems.

– Sexual dysfunctions.

– To feel down.

– Anxiety and stress.

– Fatigue.

– Pressure to satisfy the partner.

– Low sexual satisfaction (monotony, loss of pleasure, etc.)

– Loss of attraction.

The first step is to recognize the problem and seek help in the hands of good sexologist doctor in Delhi because each case is different. On many occasions we believe that time or we ourselves are going to solve it, but time goes by and everything remains the same, that’s why it is best to go to a sex specialist in Delhi to solve the discomfort since with a little involvement and desire it will be resolved being able to enjoy again of sexuality.

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Treatments To Recover Sexual Appetite

Intimate relationships are very important in the lives of adults. Most people relate them to something positive and pleasant. But we cannot forget that others face different problems in order to enjoy them. One of these problems is the lack of desire.

There are many men who suffer from this problem. Next, we show you a series of options for low sex desire treatment in Delhi.

What does sexual desire depend on?

The sexual appetite not only dependent on testosterone, as many men are usually thought, but other hormon as, mind and certain physical aspects. So you cannot find a single cause, nor offer a single solution.

The first thing to be clear about is that testosterone is not solely responsible for libido in men. In fact, desire wakes up from a more complicated physical, hormonal and psychological interaction. That is why it is possible to mention many causes for the lack of sexual desire. In the same way, there are several options to recover sexual desire, which include some natural methods, certain therapeutic treatments or certain medications, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

Improve lifestyle to improve sexual appetite

The lifestyle has a lot to do with sexual appetite. There are certain practices that are indispensable. It does not mean that they are directly related to sexuality, but that they allow you to have good health and therefore improve your lack of appetite:

  • Physical exercise. It is not necessary to become a professional athlete, but to do some moderate physical exercise. For example, go jogging, swimming or going to the gym. This will improve the blood circulation of the sexual organs. You should keep in mind that exercise increases the production of endorphins, which help improve mood, says the best sexologist in Delhi.
  • Obesity. Being overweight can influence sexual desire in different ways. For example, men suffering from obesity produce up to 50% less testosterone. But in addition, this problem can affect self-esteem and reduce sexual appetite, warns top sexologist in Delhi.
  • Alcohol. Too much alcohol is very harmful for sexual arousal. Although many think that the opposite is true, the truth is that drinking too much can cause you not to get an erection.
  • Break. There are studies that show that when a man is sleeping for only 5 hours during the night he sees his testosterone levels decrease between 10 and 15%. Don’t forget that getting enough sleep increases libido, suggests sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Foods that improve sexual desire

We must start by saying that there is no clear scientific evidence, but the truth is that there are many who speak of the benefits of certain foods.

For example, avocado that thanks to vitamin E, can improve the production of sex hormones. The chocolate is phenylethylamine and serotonin able to release that contribute to have a better mood, which in many cases leads to more sexual desire. The bananas leads to increase energy, is rich in potassium, fiber and antioxidant vitamins.

Psychological help to improve sexual appetite

As we said at the beginning, one of the origins of decreased sexual appetite can be psychological, even if it is not the main cause, or it can influence the problem.

Among the most frequent causes would be depression, anxiety and stress. Of course, it is possible to fight against this origin, in many cases with the help of a sex specialist in Delhi. These points may be useful:

  • Seek treatment for depression. When someone is depressed, they should seek treatment as soon as possible, not only to recover sexual desire, but their entire life. Only a professional sex specialist doctor in Delhi can help, which depending on the case will be in the form of therapy and in others should be combined with medication.
  • Fight against anxiety. Learn techniques to fight anxiety, to get relax.
  • Controlling stress. When there is stress, a hormone called cortisol is produced excessively, which causes the rest of the hormones to become unbalanced, of course also the sex hormones. In addition, more aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase are produced, which are two enzymes that break down testosterone. So, if you want to regain sexual appetite you have to avoid stress and do relaxing activities.
  • Couples or sexual therapy. Another great help for many people is to perform a couple or sexual therapy. If you do, a specialized sex doctor in Delhi will provide the help you need. It is true that any psychologist or psychiatrist can help you, but it is undeniable that if you visit a sexologist in Delhi the chances of success increase greatly.

Medical treatments for lack of sexual appetite

If you visit the best sexologist in Delhi, they can give you some of the pharmacological treatments that exist for the lack of sexual appetite. For example, if testosterone is high or low in analytics, the doctor can regulate it with medications.

Don’t wait any longer and start treating the lack of sexual appetite.

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