sexual problems

Male Sexual Dysfunctions. How To Deal With Them?

sexual problems

Statistics dispassionately report: in every other bedroom there are various kinds of sexual problems. Sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other. The difference, however, is that if the woman “didn’t work out” she doesn’t make it a problem. On the other hand, when a “mishap” happens to him – it almost means the end of the world. And no wonder, because men identify very strongly with their sexuality and erotic performance and any failure in this regard is a cause for great concern for them. However, it would be much better if the gentlemen, instead of worrying, took the bull by the horns and looked for the source of the problem or professional help.

Unfortunately, only a few percent of men with bedroom problems see a sexologist doctor in Delhi, India. We can say about them “lucky” – because thanks to the quick treatment they return to full fitness. It turns out that most male problems are temporary problems that can be dealt with. And win!

Erectile dysfunction – when to seek help?

The first enemy of true masculinity is erectile dysfunction. There are several different phenomena under this name. Sometimes it is a condition in which an erection does not appear at all. Sometimes the penis stiffens, but not enough to have a satisfactory intercourse. And sometimes, although it achieves the desired hardness, it loses it at some point. If such a situation happens once – it is already difficult for a lover, but you can still say “it’s temporary, it will pass, the next time it will be better”. The male ego suffers, but hope does not die. But if erection problems occur several times, the man becomes afraid. What I feel? He is desperate, the world is slipping from under his feet. The threat of the label of impotent peeks into the eyes – because what is a guy who “can’t” worth?

There is a vicious cycle: the more a man is afraid of problems with potency, the more likely that they will occur. And that – in the opinion of men – ashamed to admit such a powerlessness, instead of seeking help, they begin to avoid intercourse – this is the easiest way not to confront the problem. Is this method good? Definitely not. Because not only does the problem persist, but there are also misunderstandings with the partner who feels unwanted, unattractive, and rejected by her lover. And when the atmosphere between the partners breaks down, the desire drops even more and sex stops “pretending”.

How do I get out of this vicious circle? First of all, approach the problem with calmness. You must remember that temporary erectile dysfunction happens to most men, especially if they are exhausted or very stressed. Only when the problems persist for some time are, they treated as a problem requiring consultation with the best sexologist in Delhi, India. But beware: even if the problems drag on, no doctor will call you impotent. This must not be done. He will sooner hear about sexual dysfunction or problems with potency. Impotence is a negative concept that can only aggravate the problem, and that’s not the point …

The causes of erectile dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction are complex. They can be emotional or psychogenic – it will be, for example, depression or a subconscious aversion to a partner, and sometimes to sex in general. The reason may be hormonal disorders, when low levels of male sex hormones do not “feed” the libido, the man is not aroused enough, so he cannot have an erection. The causes are also neurological (e.g., multiple sclerosis), anatomical or iatrogenic (caused by damage e.g., after accidents or surgeries).

It also happens that erectile dysfunction is the first sign of other, completely unrelated to erotic diseases, for example problems with the prostate or kidney failure, as well as diabetes or atherosclerosis. The last two diseases quite quickly have a negative impact on such a delicate sphere as the erectile mechanism: diabetic neuropathy involves damaged nerves, and angiopathy – blood vessels. Meanwhile, for an erection to occur, both circulation and innervation must function perfectly.

All these problems have one thing in common: each requires consultation with a sex specialist in Delhi. And it is worth considering medical help, the more so that after the cause has been cured, sexual performance returns one hundred percent.

The blue pill – Viagra

What do men with erectile dysfunction most often ask doctors? For the magic blue pill – Viagra (or any other drug containing sildenafil, vardenafil or tadanafil). Although you need to know a bit about Viagra to be able to actually use it.

The main active ingredient in Viagra is nitric oxide, which acts on the blood vessels to increase their flexibility and efficiency. In addition, it stimulates a whole cascade of various biochemical changes that lead to an erection. The composition of the pill has also been enriched with substances that inhibit the process of penile relaxation, maintain, and prolong the erection. Therefore, if the problem lies in circulatory disorders, Viagra will actually deal with it immediately. However, for the blue pill to help, the man must want sex and must be aroused (that is, his partner must “turn him on”). If there is no excitement, you will not get an erection, even after taking Viagra.

Premature ejaculation – causes

This is the second most common male nightmare. This is a state where ejaculation occurs so quickly that intercourse is not satisfactory for both parties. Because although a man experiences physical discharge because of ejaculation, a woman has no chance of orgasm – statistically speaking, she needs at least 10 minutes of stimulation and intercourse to feel satisfied. A man, although he often needs less than three minutes, seeing and feeling his partner’s dissatisfaction, is also not able to derive satisfaction from being close. Although there is no rule here: there are couples where a woman is satisfied with a short intercourse – this is most often the case when she is not a big fan of sex herself and treats it as a marriage, onerous duty. In this case, rapid ejaculation in your partner is not so much a problem as a solution.

Nevertheless, most men dream to be able to make love like a real macho for many hours, and preferably all night (although few women dream about such long-distance close-ups). And ejaculation after two or three minutes is a reason for them to complex. It also happens that a man “shoots so quickly” that he ejaculates before the penis is inserted into the vagina. However, this is quite typical of very young men who are very excited to have access to a female body at all.

However, if we visit a sexologist clinic in Delhi, we will find out that, regardless of our own expectations as to the length of intercourse, premature ejaculation is a condition in which intercourse lasts less than three minutes. If this time exceeds even a few seconds, it is not considered an anomaly by sexology, but a normal condition.

Where do these problems come from? Apart from being young, you can blame them for the emotional tension, the man’s insecurity, his fear of failing to test in bed, and sometimes… infections in the genitourinary tract.

Ways of premature ejaculation

There are several ways to do this. The first is to reduce sexual tension before intercourse – or masturbation for short. If the first ejaculation happens this way, the second “try” will be longer. It is best if the first ejaculation is the “joint work” of the lovers. Then it brings the partners closer to each other, and the woman can even help the man reach the first climax.

The second way is to use special condoms filled with a special anesthetic. It reduces the penis sensitivity to stimuli, and thus slows the build-up of excitement under the influence of frictional movements.

Another method is a strong grip on the base of the penis when a man feels that the ejaculation is approaching (another school says that it is on his head) and quite firmly pressing it. This is to impair circulation. The excitement decreases, you may even experience a partial loss of erection – but this is nothing to worry about, two moves and the erection comes back. In this way, you can press the member several times during intercourse, prolonging it.

But these are all half measures. The most reasonable solution is to visit a sexologist in Delhi, India who will teach a man to properly “handle” his penis during intercourse. He will tell you how to stop ejaculation when it is already approaching. The man may then practice slowing down during intercourse or while masturbating.

Priapism – penile dysfunction

Priapism is another penile dysfunction, fortunately it is extremely rare. The disorder is when the penis fills with blood to get an erection – but after ejaculation, blood doesn’t drain from the cavernous bodies of the penis – as it should. It stays in the cavernous bodies of the penis, causing a long-lasting, prolonged, painful erection. It is a health-hazardous condition! In this case, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible, where the sexologists in Delhi will clear the blood outflow and make the erection pass.

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