Sexual Problems, A Taboo In The Couple

sexual problems

Sexual Problems, A Taboo In The Couple


In many couples the law of silence has been established in reference to sexual problems. Although the couple is opening up more and more to talk about these issues, there are still some that consider it a taboo. Both men and women can suffer from some sexual dysfunctions. The most common among men are erectile dysfunction (impotence) and premature ejaculation. Among women, hypoactive sexual desire and vaginismus (pain when having sex). The latest studies estimate a prevalence of 40% of men with sexual problems. Among women it is estimated that 43%. This implies that a good part of couples suffer from some sexual problem, says sex specialist in Delhi.

In many cases the issue is not discussed, and this causes no solution to be found. In other cases, an internal attempt is made to solve it using the wrong techniques or myths. Other cases, they decide to go to the help of a sexologist in Delhi, India, to guide them towards a solution. This last solution is usually the most effective, since the members of the couple are likely to be unaware of the cause of both the establishment of the problem and its maintenance.

First of all, any organic causes that could cause sexual problems should always be ruled out. Once the medical cause has been ruled out, an evaluation of the problem is performed. Sexologist doctor in Delhi, India who dedicates himself to Sex Therapy must always start with a series of sexual demystifications, which current society has been instilling in us. After this pedagogical work, the work of cognitive behavioral intervention enters, which depending on the problem will be based on some techniques or others.

The most complex task is to arrive at the consultation with the best sexologist in Delhi, India, recognize the problem and approach it as a couple. When the sexual taboo is broken, the first step towards a full and healthy sex life is taken.