Foods that prevent sexual impotence

foods that prevent erectile dysfunction

Foods that prevent sexual impotence

foods that prevent erectile dysfunction

Generally, food has a positive or negative influence on people; It can expose the body to being overweight, to the appearance of some diseases and to enhance or decrease sexual desire.

Men addicted to foods high in fat are at risk of vascular problems as a result of excess fat and cholesterol that can affect blood flow to the sexual organs, especially the penis, thus producing sexual alteration.

What are the foods that prevent sexual impotence? Know the answer with the information that sexologist in Delhi bring you in this development!

What are the foods that prevent sexual impotence?

Ideally, eat foods that stimulate testosterone production and dilate veins and arteries to improve circulation. In this sense, healthy eating stimulates hormonal production, specifically of the hormone testosterone.

It should be borne in mind that sexual impotence is a temporary disorder, at the same time it can be a warning from the body that something is happening at the hormonal or circulatory level. In this way, diseases such as diabetes and hypertension usually appear.

A healthy diet should be implemented to stimulate hormonal production, in addition to cleaning the body of toxins that could have a negative impact, aggravating the symptoms that occur.

What are the foods that should be consumed to avoid sexual impotence?

There is a group of foods that stimulate the body to release nitric oxide, which is essential for excellent circulation. Among these foods it is possible to point out:

  1. Brown Rice: it is a cereal that increases the production of nitric oxide, it also has the ability to rid the arteries of bad cholesterol that can clog those found in the penis, making it impossible to maintain a good erection.
  2. Watermelon: it is a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and water, it also has citrulline, it is an amino acid that synthesizes L-Arginine, essential to improve circulation; in this way, the cells receive more oxygen, in order to avoid problems in the urinary tract and improve erection.
  3. Bitter Chocolate (cocoa): this is a food used since ancient times as an aphrodisiac in countries like Mexico, they call it a divine gift. It is effective in preventing or treating sexual impotence. When you want to get its benefits, it should be consumed daily without milk, without sugar and very cold.
  4. Nuts: such as walnuts, pistachios, cashews and pine nuts contain arginine, a vegetable protein that causes relaxation of blood vessels, its benefits are excellent for reducing blood pressure in addition to cholesterol plaques, which is essential when they are the causes that give rise to sexual impotence. The ideal is to consume 6 to 8 of these fruits daily in the diet for a minimum period of one month.
  5. Red grapes: they are an excellent fruit to consume to treat and prevent sexual impotence, this is due to their high content of flavonoids that act by improving circulation and the internal functions of the male sexual organ. A daily glass of wine fulfills the same functions of the fruit, it is an excellent aphrodisiac and its benefits are noticeable over time.
  6. Chili or spicy: this food contains what is known as capsaicin, which has a great vasodilator effect and increases nitric oxide levels, further improving circulation in the male sexual organ. Its consumption should be as natural as possible to take advantage of its benefits and not damage the gastric mucosa.
  7. Coffee: the caffeine contained in coffee is capable of acting in the body causing a series of effects, among which is relaxation in the arteries of the penis and increased blood flow, acting like Viagra. Despite the benefits, care should be taken with consumption in cases where there are diseases such as hypertension or cardiovascular disease.
  8. Oysters and seafood: zinc is obtained from this food, which is necessary for the production of testosterone, it also contains an amino acid called D-aspartic acid; both zinc and this acid stimulate the production of testosterone, which is essential to maintain sexual desire, as well as to obtain a long and firm erection, thus achieving sexual satisfaction.
  9. Green leafy vegetables: in this group are cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, chard, cabbage, spinach, watercress, among others. These green leafy foods are rich in nitrates, which in turn stimulate nitric oxide production, resulting in improved erection. It is important to increase the consumption of fresh green leafy salads in addition to combining them with other vegetables in order to obtain greater benefits.
  10. Fruits such as raspberries, blueberries and strawberries: they are rich in flavonoids, responsible for giving color to the so-called fruits of the forest, they also provide some of their properties to improve the erection.
  11. Beet: as well as other nutrients, it is also rich in nitrates that act by improving blood flow, which is essential for an erection to occur.
  12. Tomatoes: this food contains lycopene, which is responsible for giving the tomato its bright red color. It also has a powerful antioxidant effect that helps prevent erection problems.
  13. Seeds: within this group we find those of sesame, pumpkin, flax and sunflower, all of which are rich in zinc and essential fatty acids that provide great benefits to the health of the human body, especially by improving blood perfusion to the body and in particular to the sexual organs.


Each and every one of these nutrients provide multiple benefits to the human body. Increasing their consumption and combining them with each other, the results obtained are amazing. A balanced diet rich in nutrients that stimulate the production of hormones, minerals, and trace elements guarantees the normal performance of the organs and therefore the optimization of each of their functions.

It is important to go to a trusted sexologist in Delhi, in order to receive proper guidance on what to do to meet the basic requirements of the body and improve or prevent sexual impotence. Through food, the treatment of erectile dysfunction can be complemented.

We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you can incorporate a healthy diet for your sexual and integral life, until the next article!

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