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10 lies and truths about liposuction

Although today the internet offers us a lot of information (even too much) about surgical interventions, dissolving doubts is still essential to face insecurities before surgery and face them with peace of mind. The liposuction in Delhi is one of the most in demand interventions and possibly cosmetic surgery that can generate more doubts given the varied information circulating about it. Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi will try to dispel some of them.

1.Liposuction is used to lose weight.


It is not a method to lose weight, nor to treat obesity. Paradoxically, patients do not observe a weight change after the intervention equivalent to the volume that has been extracted. liposuction in Delhi is a method to modify volumes and shape creating more anatomical contours. The more localized the fat accumulation is, the better the result is obtained, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

2. Extracted fat accumulations are easily reproduced


Fatty accumulations such as those in cartridge belts have a very important genetic component. We can ENSURE that once modified cartridge belts will not reproduce again. Contrary to the accumulations of the abdomen we have been winning them, extracting them implies a commitment on the part of the patient to take care of their diet and physical activity so that they do not reproduce again. Liposuction in Panipat does not prevent us from gaining weight in the future, but the distribution of that gain will be distributed in another way, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

3. Liposuction in Panipat produces a rebound effect.


This technique does not produce a rebound effect. It will always be interesting for the patient to adopt healthy habits to maintain the results obtained, says the Best Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

4. Liposuction removes cellulite.


Liposuction in Karnal removes clumps of fat. It does not modify cellulite although it can indirectly modify it by eliminating underlying fat. Liposuction is NOT a treatment method for cellulite, clarifies the Plastic Surgeon in Karnal.

5. Laser and ultrasonic liposuction are better than classic liposuction.


NO new technology has so far proven to be superior to classical liposuction in terms of results, instead they have brought new complications that it does not have. Most of these technologies actually require the complementary use of classic liposuction to achieve satisfactory results, explains the Best Plastic Surgeon in Karnal.

6. The results are not immediate.


Depending on the volume extracted and how localized the fat was, there is a certain result that can be immediate but it will not be until three months that we will be able to judge them with the assurance of having already gone through 80-90 percent of the entire process. Most patients begin to feel satisfied one month after the intervention, says the Plastic Surgeon in Panipat.

If you are thinking of undergoing Liposuction in Panipat to show off the results this summer, keep these deadlines in mind and get going!

7. The skin will be flabby.


If the patient maintains elastic skin, it will re-adapt to the new shape without any problem. The surgeon must evaluate the quality of the skin to set a limit to the amount that can be extracted without significant impact on the skin, explains the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

8. Liposuction is a simple and safe method.


Within cosmetic surgery techniques, Liposuction in Karnal is a simple and safe body contour modification method. Hence its popularity. However, like any surgical technique, it is not free of complications or side effects, most of them in relation to your previous state of health and that you should evaluate with your Plastic Surgeon in Karnal.

9. Liposuction is performed in most cases with local anesthesia.


In very localized and small-volume cases, it can be performed safely under local anesthesia. However, if we take into account that the objective of liposuction is to obtain harmony, in most cases it is necessary to work on several anatomical regions. In the pre-anesthetic consultation, the patient has the opportunity to discuss with the anesthesiologist the most appropriate anesthetic technique for their case, says the Plastic Surgeon in Delhi.

10. This is a technique for women only.


More and more men are also undergoing liposuction in Delhi, either to modify accumulations that do not respond to diet or exercise or to modify accumulations in the breasts known as gynecomastia.

Although this is a simple and safe technique, safety should never be underestimated, and it should always be performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon in Delhi and in a hospital environment that ensures the conditions for a satisfactory result. It is important to bear in mind that it is a technique that requires great sensitivity and aesthetic sense on the part of the surgeon who performs it. It is your experience rather than the technology that will determine a good result.

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