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Orthodontist in Pitampura

What is an Orthodontist?

We all like to smile and for many, having a beautiful and healthy smile is important. Our oral health makes us healthy, and we can live with peace of mind. Therefore, it is important that you know which specialist to go to if you want to have a healthy mouth and aligned smile, says the Best Dentist in Shalimar Bagh.

Orthodontists are the specialists who will help to achieve an aligned, healthy and aesthetic smile. They are the ones who treat the problems of position and placement of the teeth, as well as the development of the maxillofacial bones for a correct bite and fit of the mouth.

The specialty of orthodontists are corrective treatments, such as braces, Invisalign and other types of orthodontics. With these they manage to solve oral problems that patients may present. Their skills, experience and knowledge help create your best smile, explains the Orthodontist in Shalimar Bagh.

Differences between dentist and orthodontist.

On many occasions, the question of who to go to when you have an oral problem is generated. Keep in mind that both dentists and orthodontists are dedicated to the care of teeth. The difference between the two is simple, Dentist in Shalimar Bagh (or general dentists) are specialists in treating more general problems of the mouth and teeth. They are in charge of cleaning teeth, treating cavities and checking your oral hygiene in general.

In case you need something more specific, the Orthodontist in Shalimar Bagh can help you, since they are specialists in orthodontics and maxillary orthopedics with more specific training than the general dentist. That is, orthodontists are in charge of correcting the facial bones and keeping each tooth in the correct position. Ordering, positioning and aligning your teeth to help you achieve a proper bite and esthetics will be the job of your Orthodontist in Shalimar Bagh.

Are there child orthodontists?

Going to an Orthodontist in Pitampura seems like an adult thing, but you have to know that children’s orthodontics is important for the correct development of children and to detect problems early.

Children’s orthodontists are in charge of controlling your child’s oral development, avoiding problems that can arise at an early age and thus preventing those problems from worsening in adulthood if they are not solved when they are young.

As for the recommended age for the first visit of children to the orthodontist is 7 years. At this age, the first permanent teeth have already emerged and the moment of growth in which the child is, allows the child orthodontist to detect dental anomalies and growth disorders early.

At this age, early treatments can be performed to avoid major problems. In case of not needing treatment, the doctors will simply monitor the evolution of the child’s mouth, explains the Orthodontist in Pitampura.

At Dental Clinic in Pitampura we have a team of exclusive Orthodontists and we always seek to make children feel comfortable with us and learn to take care of their teeth. We take care of making the sessions as enjoyable as possible and we explain to the parents in detail the state of health of their child’s mouth and the recommendations they should follow for proper care of their little one’s smile, says the Dentist in Pitampura.

For each smile a type of orthodontics.

The Orthodontist in Pitampura will be in charge of making your smile look healthy and aligned. Among its functions is to plan the treatment, recommend the best orthodontic treatment for your case and monitor its evolution.

At dental clinic in Shalimar Bagh we have the latest technology to complete your treatment and make it easier. Among the orthodontic treatments in Shalimar Bagh that can help you achieve your smile are:

  • Metallic appliances. These are Metal Brackets with a low profile, that is, modern and fast to treat. With latest technology it can make the treatment comfortable and in fewer visits.
  • Aesthetic devices.  This type of bracket is just as effective as the metal ones. Their difference is that they are made of porcelain so that it does not change color during the treatment. It is a good option if you are looking for it to barely be noticed that you are wearing orthodontics.
  • Invisalign. These are computer-made clear aligners. This type of treatment has the latest technology to align your teeth in a comfortable and hygienic way. With this treatment the number of visits to the clinic is reduced.

If you are thinking of improving your smile, do not hesitate to visit the dental clinic in Shalimar Bagh.

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Dental Implant in Pitampura


The treatment of the absence of teeth with the placement of dental implant in Pitampura is nowadays the technique of choice for their replacement. The abundance of advertising and dental clinics in Pitampura means that, on the one hand, we have a lot of offer when choosing, which is initially an advantage, but on the other hand, it creates certain doubts due to the differences between clinics of treatment options and implant prices.

Here we are going to talk about the types of dental implant in Pitampura and the recommendations that should be followed when choosing the treatment.


When we lose a tooth and replace it with an implant, it itself is the one that replaces the root of the tooth. The crown on the implant is the one that replaces the tooth that we will finally see. In other words, the implant will be the holding pillar of the future tooth, explains the dentist in Pitampura.

The implants in the teeth, generally, have the shape of a screw to be able to thread into the bone where they are going to be placed. Although there are different shapes and tapers, currently the most common are screwed.

Then depending on the particular situations, the types of dental implants can be conical or cylindrical.

One difference to take into account is the connection platform of the prosthesis, that is, of the crown that will be placed on the implant. Generally speaking, there are two types of implants in teeth: external connection and internal connection.

In the internal connection the crown is connected inside the implant, in the external connection the crown is placed resting on the implant. Today the most used is the internal connection because it has a series of advantages over the external one. The loosening of the prosthesis is less and errors in implant placement can be corrected.

External connection is the one we used initially, called the Branemark type, but it is beginning to be less used due to the inconveniences of loosening, aesthetics in anterior teeth and less possibility of correcting errors, says the dentist in Pitampura.


Regarding how to place the tooth on top of the implant there are several techniques.

Screw-retained dental prosthesis

Screw-retained prosthesis in which the tooth is screwed implant. In this case it is recommended that the screw-retained abutment be prepared by CAD-CAM, that is, designed by computer and prepared on a milling machine to ensure good adjustments. Never strained as it is very inaccurate.

Cemented dental prosthesis

The cemented in which the tooth is cemented on an implant, this cemented, which means glued, is cemented on an abutment that we connect to the implant. It has the problem of not being able to unscrew or tighten if it ever loosens.

A mixed technique is to cement the prosthesis on a screwed abutment AND leave an access to be able to tighten and loosen if necessary. In this case it would be cement-screwed. Which has the advantage of the exact connection to the implant of the CAD-CAM screw connection and in addition the clamping screw can be tightened or loosened.

Ultimately, the best dentist in Pitampura recommends, the implant of choice must be an internal connection, threaded and with a prosthesis or screwed or cement-screwed. And of course, verify the reliability of the implant that they are going to place.


This is a very common question in dental clinic in Shalimar Bagh. With this post we will also try to give a clear answer in this regard. The dental implants are presented as the best alternative to the dental absence, as well as solve many dental problems.

Previously, when we had severely damaged teeth, compromised solutions were sought to avoid the extraction of said tooth. Nowadays, with the appearance of the different types of implants, therapeutic decisions are made with the confidence that the success of the treatment is very certain, says the dentist in Shalimar Bagh.


But when the decision is made to extract a tooth and place an implant…


It is important to bear in mind that implants may not be for life and that as long as we have a tooth with the possibility of rebuilding and maintaining it, it will be better than placing an implant, says the dentist in Shalimar Bagh.


The dental implant in Pitampura has great advantages, the first is that it prevents one of the main dental diseases which is cavities. As it is not a human tissue, but is titanium and ceramic, we eliminate the possibility of this new tooth having cavities.

But what we cannot avoid is gum disease, which in the case of implants is called perimplantitis. Implants, being screws, have threads, which if they appear outside the bone, have the possibility of being in contact with the mouth and are great bacteria retainers. These bacteria cause an infection and inflammation in the gum causing perimplantitis that ranges from an inflammation of the gingiva, it would be the mildest, to a greater inflammation and consequently a loss of bone support and with the passage of time the possible loss of integration in the implant bone.

Another thing that we cannot avoid is the fracture of the implant, for example by bruxism, clenching the teeth with force in some situations. In conclusion, the implant solution is exceptional and has great advantages, but certain aspects must be evaluated before a tooth is extracted by the dentist in Shalimar Bagh.


First of all, seriously assess whether we can rebuild that tooth to continue using it. Second, depending on the age of the patient (as long as the patient is young), avoiding implant placement as a final solution should be considered. Except, if this tooth has a large infection or its permanence in the mouth can cause some damage.

Finally, if the patient is a bruxist, assess whether we can place an implant with enough width and length to withstand the force exerted by said patient.

These are some of the points that must be taken into account when placing a dental implant in Shalimar Bagh since it is a very important decision since once the damaged piece has been extracted there is no going back. For this reason, it is always necessary that this decision be made by a dentist in Delhi who can assess from knowledge and experience.

Basic tips before getting a Dental Implant


Although more than 80% of implants placed continue to function properly after 15 years, from the dental clinic in Rani Bagh they insist that the patient should follow some advice before deciding to have a dental implant.

Currently, dental implants are among the most reliable surgical techniques of all those performed in human beings. Despite this reliability, from the dental clinic in Saraswati Vihar, they insist that patients have to follow some basic tips that will help them choose the most suitable center and have some knowledge of what the surgical intervention they will undergo will be.

What should you know about dental implants?

They are metallic elements that are surgically placed in the jaws below the gums, restoring the lost dental parts. The implant fuses with the jaw bone, providing stable support for artificial teeth. An advantage of this procedure is that it does not require the wear of adjacent parts, explains the dentist in Delhi.

Dental implants act as substitutes for dental root. They are the basis on which crowns or prostheses can settle to replace teeth that have been lost. Although this is the ultimate goal, it is essential to sit calmly and plan in detail a treatment that is stable, functional and aesthetic in the long term before placing an implant.

The first thing the dentist in Rani Bagh will do will be a comprehensive, dental and periodontal medical history to assess possible interference between the patient’s overall health status and implant treatment.

What is the initial phase of dental implant study and planning?

It is the moment when the implant team will advise you and give you all the information you need. Keep in mind that treatment with osseointegrated dental implants is simple, but of high technical complexity. It must be well studied and planned.

This phase aims to:

  • Provide information about the implants or the type of prosthesis indicated.
  • Help choose the ideal time to perform the treatment.
  • Individually check the oral and general health status of the patient for possible risks or contraindications of the treatment to be performed.
  • Inform the patient of the appropriate treatment plan.
  • Prepare the recovery of your comprehensive health, guiding you on other possible treatments that you may need, whether dental (periodontal, restorative…) or general.

With all the information provided by the patient’s models, the scanner or x-ray, the patient’s medical history, the patient’s mouth, and what the patient demands or expects from treatment, the dentist in Saraswati Vihar can predictably plan the number and location of dental implants, as well as the shape, size, and orientation of the final restoration.

According to the Best Dentist in Delhi, “the treatments with Dental Implant in Pitampura that we perform have worked very positively and with very good results, both in duration, comfort, reliability, and aesthetics. To achieve these results, patients should follow some basic tips before having a dental implant, so that the whole process, from start to finish, goes smoothly.”

Therefore, the dentist in Delhi recommends following some basic tips:

  • Choose a trusted and referenced dental clinic.
  • Have direct dealings with the dentist and absolute trust in who will perform the surgery.
  • Establish a close and mutually trusting relationship with the dental implantologist in Pitampura.
  • The chosen center must report all possible treatments, from the number of implants to the type of prosthesis, either removable or fixed.
  • The patient must be informed of the type of implant to be carried and the trademark, as well as the type of prosthesis the material from which it is made.
  • Another factor to consider is the time, from the beginning of the surgery phase to the time of implanting the parts. To shorten the patient’s stay at the center and reduce their distress and stress.
  • Likewise, the patient must know at all times what is going to be done in his mouth and what the waiting time will be. On the other hand, the aesthetics are also of concern and that is why the client has to know if after surgery and until the time of the implant will be able to wear a prosthesis or not.

Another important aspect is that the patient must be informed about any setbacks that may arise with the implants.


Benefits of Dental Implants


The benefits of dental implant in Shalimar Bagh far outweigh the investment and the procedure itself. It may not be the cheapest alternative to replace a missing tooth, but it is definitely the best option – by far – to recover the ability to chew and aesthetics.

The perfect substitute for your mouth

The oral cavity is a delicate area. Not only does it directly influence the way we see and perceive ourselves, but it is also possible to get serious infections and injuries through it.

Wounds, cuts, lacerations, scrapes, or even the use of full dentures for a long time, can give rise to local infections in your gum that quickly – through the bloodstream – will end up spreading throughout your body, explains the best dentist in Pitampura.

What happens when you lose a tooth?

When we lose a tooth, our mouth is exposed and our self-esteem too. Therefore, before any serious injury to the mouth – even before losing the tooth – it is best to try to replace it with a prosthetic device that maintains the health of our oral cavity, while looking perfect and allowing us to maintain our relationships healthy social, suggests dentist in Delhi.

Dental implants are a definitive, safe and fast solution. They are based on simple systems that seek to join prostheses made of biocompatible materials (with a small margin of hypersensitivity or rejection reactions) to the different large bones of the mouth (maxillary and mandibular).

However, despite being one of the best options available in the market, due to the state of the bones – where the implants should be fixed – or perhaps the state of the gums – very marked deterioration or significant involvement – it is possible that Be a treatment for everyone.

Benefits of dentures with Dental Implants

There is more than one reason to opt for a dental implant in Pitampura, when necessary. Between them:

  1. Permanence: The definitive solution

You won’t have to worry about temporary changes or some kind of transition later. This is not a treatment that merits other adjuvant therapies, this is a unique and definitive solution to your problem, which will help you restore the health of your mouth.

  1. Aesthetics: A whole Ace up the sleeve

The amount of tones, shapes and contrasts in which you can get your prosthesis borders the unlimited. They can even be created by customization specialists so that you get the piece you need, with the color and size it deserves.

In addition, the implants have a quite natural appearance. The sensations are maintained and does not interrupt the basic functions.

However, this is not the case with dental implants. These devices allow to maintain the sensation of deep pressure and do not interfere with speech.

It is difficult to successfully complete a good presentation at work, or smile calmly, if you have a space in your mouth corresponding to a missing tooth. Do you know how difficult it can be to feel confident in fulfilling your daily life with a removable prosthesis, which at any time could take off or fail? Looking good is often synonymous with feeling comfortable, and this is no exception.

  1. A secure device – a safe procedure

We already mentioned that the dental implant is BIOCOMPATIBLE, it is made with materials that do not create rejection reactions. In addition to this, it is important to mention that surgery is one of the safest in the world of dentistry.

More than 85% of patients who undergo dental implant in Pitampura can go to work the next day. An incredible fact! And, as if that were not enough, almost 95% of the implants are placed successfully. There are no better numbers than those, says dentist in Pitampura.

  1. Bone preservation

With age and tooth loss, most of the elderly seem to have their lips retracted, with a retracted jaw and much smaller. This is because the loss of the dental piece causes bone resorption, since the tooth root no longer exists, which was responsible for stimulating the jaw to maintain its natural shape.

The titanium screws that are part of the teeth act as the roots, so that, with chewing, the jaws would have the necessary stimulus to remain intact and not have that appearance aged over time.

  1. Easy to clean, and do not damage other teeth

To place some dentures, such as the bridge, it is necessary to act on healthy teeth, reducing their size and coupling them to the shape that is needed to form the bridge properly.

In addition, when there is a space, the natural movement of the teeth will seek to occupy it. So the mouth ends up deforming, which can seriously affect oral health.

With dental implants, you not only have fixed parts that perfectly fit your mouth, but you will be able to give your oral cavity, the hygiene you need – and deserve – without other complicated prostheses being in your way. It is one more tooth in his mouth.

Do you need more?

Of course not! The implant at dental clinic in Pitampura is one of the best solutions available in the market; Therefore, the benefits of dental implants can do a lot for you. Say goodbye to shame, and greet your new smile.