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When to consider a breast reduction operation

When to consider a breast reduction operation

Having a large, proportionate and well-shaped breast can be a blessing, most women’s dream, but also hell. Breast size continues to be the subject of social controversy.

What is the ideal size? However, beyond the aesthetic component, an excessively voluminous breast can cause serious health problems for women.

The breast reduction surgery in Delhi reduces size and volume by removing fat, breast tissue and skin in order to achieve a proportion and balance between aesthetics and health.

breast with an excessive volume not only generates physical discomfort but can also lead to psychological problems for women, limiting their confidence to exercise or use certain types of clothing. 

Some of the most common pain associated with excessive breasts are back pain, problems with the neck and shoulders, irritation in the area of ​​the submarine sulcus and even sores and infections.

The breast reduction operation defines breasts proportionate to the thorax, corrects asymmetries and provides a harmonious shape. Now when to consider a breast reduction.

Cases in which a breast reduction operation is recommended

The best candidates to undergo a breast reduction operation are those in which breast hypertrophy causes health and psychological well-being problems.

Breast reduction operation for back pain

The breast hypertrophy, in its milder and especially in severe stages, known as gigantomastia have a direct impact on the back, causing not only discomfort but also continuous changes in the spine.

In these cases, the reduction of volume of the breasts will be a relief but will not eliminate the spinal problems that the woman drags. At least it is possible to reduce pain, discomfort and avoid aggravating the injury. 

In fact, it is usual that this breast reduction surgery in Delhi is recommended as an early intervention to avoid an aggravation and reach the point of physical limitation of normal vital development. In these cases, it is necessary to wait until the corporal development has been completed to evaluate the option of surgery with a specialist in breast reduction like plastic surgeon in Delhi.

When it generates a psychological discomfort

An excessively large breast, which also generates health problems and limits the practice of certain sports, ends up psychologically affecting women, directly to their self-esteem and confidence.

Most of the patients referred with this diagnosis, once the adaptation period has elapsed after the breast reduction operation, assure that their quality of life has improved.

Patients who want to improve their aesthetic appearance

Likewise, the breast reduction operation is also recommended for those women who have a noticeable and significant difference in the size of one breast compared to the other.

In these cases, the objective of the intervention is to reduce the size of the minor and refine the minor so that they have a symmetrical appearance, or as symmetrical as possible. At this situation, women usually find themselves after several pregnancies and women after the age of 50.

In any of the three cases, the breast reduction operation is confirmed to favor an improvement in the quality of life of patients, greater self-confidence, and a more natural appearance.

However, there is an exception that applies to the three cases mentioned to recommend or not a breast reduction operation: those women who are pregnant or who hope to breastfeed once the child is born.

How to act in these cases

When to consider a breast reduction operation

In the first consultation, the plastic surgeon in Jammu evaluates the patient’s case, analyzing the size, shape, if the skin is firm and the general state of health. A breast examination is also performed, and if the surgeon considers it, a mammographic study can be requested to know the possibilities and limits of the breast reduction operation.

Keep in mind that the intervention is only contemplated under the Social Security umbrella in the most extreme cases of the circumstances explained above, especially in gigantomastia.

In addition, it is an operation that usually requires the patient to be admitted both one day before the intervention and a few days after the surgery so that the doctor can evaluate the body’s response and that everything is going as it should. However, beyond the fatigue of the following days , most patients regain a normal life of rest and care within 48 hours.

Some frequently asked questions about breast reduction and the day after

The breast reduction is an operation and as such involve a number of risks and considerations to be taken into account.

The breast reduction surgery is a safe whenever performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in Chandigarh. However, despite the fact that the maximum in any aesthetic operation is to leave the minimum possible signal, these will appear, either under the bikini or the bra. Over time they will be less noticeable.

Some patients experience some loss of sensation in the nipple . In the most extreme cases, even the total loss of this can be registered, which affects the ability to breastfeed the baby.

After the operation, my chest feels strange

Until the breasts settle into their final appearance, it is normal for a few months to pass as the hormonal stimuli stabilize and the body adapts to the change in weight. It is advisable to take some time to get used to the new image.

Will I ever see my chest fall again?

In the weeks after the operation, as the breast takes on a natural appearance, it is common for the patient to notice that the breast descends slightly. Never up to the starting level, unless the fabric is very loose and elastic.

We hope we have resolved the main doubts about what is a breast reduction and when is breast reduction recommended by best plastic surgeon in Delhi.