Some Causes of Why We Do Not Have Sexual Desire

Lack of Sexual Desire

Some Causes of Why We Do Not Have Sexual Desire

Lack of Sexual Desire

Some people may experience a lack of sexual desire at some point in their life. This is a problem that can happen to people of all ages and can be caused by a number of factors.

Some people with this problem may come up with aphrodisiacs, which are substances that are associated with increased sexual desire. In general, we tend not to want to complicate our lives and look for the easy remedy that will solve any problem. It’s not that aphrodisiacs don’t work. In reality, much of its success is due to the placebo effect, so we just need to think about what will work for it to really work, suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

However, the best sexologist in Delhi recommends in the event that our libido decreases is to try to find the origin of the problem, which may give us the key to the solution.

First it is convenient to identify if the problem is sporadic or has a tendency not to disappear with the passage of time. It is normal that we all have specific days of overwork and fatigue or there has been an anger problem with the partner. The other possibility is that the lack of desire problem lasts longer and is caused by physical, medical, social, or lifestyle factors.


A part of the population is subjected to such a high rhythm of life that it is possible that a stressful situation occurs. Sometimes we have the intention of reaching the limit of what we are capable of doing. Anxiety and stress can decrease our desire to have sex. It is a good idea to look for moments of disconnection from work or family obligations. Having time to do satisfying activities such as sports, reading, crafts or any hobby that is enjoyable for us has benefits for our mental health.

It is important to have a personal space periodically to reduce the chances of stress.

There are also some diseases that are treated with drugs of which a side effect is decreased sex drive. This happens for example with some medicines that are used to treat depression. This disease can also have as a symptom a decrease in sexual desire, which increases the sadness of the patient. If you take a medicine that produces this effect, it is important to communicate it to the doctor who has prescribed it to see if there is a possibility that it is related.

Another disorder that may be related to this is dysthymia, which consists of having a sad, melancholic mood and low self-esteemUnlike depression, its origin can be hereditary.

Apart from these possible causes, there may be many more circumstances that reduce sexual desire related to other personal factors, social relationships. If you have or think you may have some of these symptoms that do not allow you to maintain a good level of libido, consult a sexologist in Delhi expert in sexual desire disorders at the Dr P K Gupta’s Sexologist Clinic in Delhi. Having an active and healthy sex life helps you enjoy life more.

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