Your Lowdown On All The Different Types Of Cleansers

Your Lowdown On All The Different Types Of Cleansers

Your Lowdown On All The Different Types Of Cleansers

Few things feel as good as thoroughly cleansing your face after a long day at work. Staring at a squeaky-clean face in the mirror after removing every trace of makeup, sweat and dirt — we’re yet to find someone who doesn’t find that satisfying.

Speaking of the all-important act of cleansing, even the best of us can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of formulas that grace the skincare aisles of the supermarket. Here’s where product knowledge comes into play — knowing the difference between the different types of cleansers out there is key to making the correct (cleansing) choice.

Like always, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of sorts — one that’ll help you navigate better and find a formula that works as hard as you do.

Different Types Of Cleansers

Gel Cleansers

True to their name, these babies have a clear, gel-like consistency. This helps the formula reach deep into pores and get rid of excess oil and acne-causing bacteria. The result — clear, happy pores.

Ideal for: Deep-cleansing

Cream Cleansers

Usually termed cleansing milk/lotion, these are thick, creamy superstars that gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Consider this a steal of a deal of clarifying + moisturising! Where do we sign up?

Ideal for: Moisturising

Foam Cleansers

These formulas start out as cream or gel before working up into a rich, foamy lather. For those with hyperactive oil glands, an effective foam cleanser might just be the end to your oily skin woes.

Ideal for: Removing excess oil

Oil Cleansers

Okay, this might come across as counteractive to many, but oil-based formulas are a gentle way of cleansing your skin without disrupting its pH balance. Removing waterproof makeup seems like a task? Get your hands on this taskmaster.

Ideal for: Gentle cleansing

Clay Cleansers

After clay masks, clay cleansers seem to have risen to the heavy-duty task of drawing out impurities from the deepest layers of your skin. Not only do they pull out excess sebum from your pores, but daily use also helps regulate oil production.

Ideal for: Deep-cleansing

Micellar Cleansers

Containing active compounds called ‘micelles’, micellar water is tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water. Gentle enough for a.m. cleansing and effective enough for p.m. cleansing. You can also skip the post-cleanse rinsing with this one.

Ideal for: Gentle cleansing

Bar Cleansers

No, we’re not talking about harsh bars that only lather. New-age cleansing bars are just as luxurious as their liquid counterparts, thanks to the addition of skin-friendly essential oils. Plus, the fact that they contain very little or no soap makes them worthy of our skincare stash.

Ideal for: Gentle cleansing

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