Women And Impotence

TV commercials make everything seem simple: the partner cannot have an erection, so take a pill. Soon, the woman boasts that her partner has become passionate and romantic. What the ads don’t look like is the pain that a woman may feel when her partner suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Studies show that women internalize everything – they tend to self-innovate first, thinking that something bad is happening because of them or because they are no longer attractive to the partner. In fact, the first thing a woman thinks about when her partner can’t have an erection is that it’s her fault, and this is completely false, says sexologist in Delhi.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to get or maintain the erection long enough for a sexual act. Many men experience erectile problems at some point in their lives.

This can be caused by stress, depression or sometimes it can occur for no reason. For some men, the problem becomes chronic. When this happens, the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is established by sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Although many women and, of course, men continue to see erectile dysfunction as a sexual problem, in fact, the most common causes are undiagnosed physical conditions, such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, or even early stages of cardiovascular disease and, more often, be the result of the administration of certain medications, in particular some medicines to treat high blood pressure, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

Unfortunately, top sexologist in Delhi says that a lack of education about the causes of erectile dysfunction is behind women’s self-innovation, as well as behind increased anxiety and sometimes feelings of pain and anger at the onset of these problems.

Often, the woman suspects that the partner has someone else or she is no longer attractive, and the man suffering from erectile dysfunction will interpret her questions – and her bitter attitude – as an attack on his person, so he will withdraw from the relationship.

This withdrawal will be a confirmation that something is wrong with her, so she will withdraw. In this context, increased levels of anxiety or depression, of suspicions related to the partner may occur, along with the belief that something is wrong with it.

The end result: the couple no longer communicates effectively – not only in the bedroom, but in all aspects of their relationship, and this, sex specialist in Delhi says, can worsen the problems for both partners.

The formula for a disastrous relationship is the withdrawal of the woman from it. When one partner withdraws, the same thing happens with the other and this type of dance continues until the two no longer touch each other, then they stop talking and, until they realize it, stop communicating at all.

erectile dysfunction

Women and erectile dysfunction: balance

While withdrawal is not helpful, making additional troubleshooting efforts can be just as damaging. Indeed, while some women are ready to leave the sinking ship, others have a different approach, trying to “drown” their partner in eroticism, believing that problems will disappear if they strive harder.

Not only is this not true, but sexologists in Delhi say that this approach can make things worse. This woman’s behavior will put even more pressure on the man, and his dysfunction will not be helped. Nor are over-arousal attempts helpful because erectile dysfunction is not due to the inability to be stimulated.

Thus, the more the woman strives, the worse it will be for him and her when it is not what they want.

So, what should a partner do for a man suffering from erectile dysfunction? Sexologist in Delhi says that it is best to remember that it is not the problem and that it is not the cause; then, the opening of communication paths between the two partners can be beneficial. It is best for things to be discussed outside the bedroom, not immediately after it happened, but days or weeks after.

During these discussions, the man should be aware of the medical problems he has and which may cause erectile dysfunction and maybe gently suggested to discuss with the doctor. If the problem is posed more from a medical point of view and not a sexual one, men will tend to be more open and accept suggestions.

While some men prefer to go to the sexologist in Delhi and then go on erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi alone, others may consider helping the partner, so it is advisable to offer the help and let the partner decide on their own. Also, it is important for the woman to tell her partner that she has enjoyed the physical part of their relationship, that they are missing and that together they can find a solution.

It is important for the woman to treat her partner as her best friend – to be calm, friendly, patient, to give her affection, to tell her that she loves him, that he is attractive and that physical closeness is important.

Erectile dysfunction: sexual experimentation

Depending on the causes of sexual dysfunction, treatment may be rapid or more elaborate, such as the control of high blood pressure. It may take some time until the man decides to go to the sexologist in Delhi.

One thing that a woman should not do in the meantime is to tell the man that erectile dysfunction does not matter, as this is important to him, and if the woman says that it does not matter, the message sent is that she does not lack intimacy with his partner – this can quickly remove a man.

What the woman can do is to find other ways for the two to continue to have intimacy, even if erection is not possible. Also, this may be the time, experts say, for the woman to become the initiator of the sexual activity of the couple, although it is known that the man is usually the initiator.

If the woman is patient and understanding and the man continues to withdraw, most likely he suffers from depression – another possible cause of erectile dysfunction.

In this case, it is good for the woman to remain in position, because the irritability of the man is not determined by the woman, but is a symptom of depression. Sex doctor in Delhi says that the most important thing is to keep the emotional communication channels open, even if the physical part of the relationship is waiting.

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