Why should we go to the urologist periodically?


Why should we go to the urologist periodically?


Going to the urologist in Delhi periodically is a key aspect when it comes to preventing and detecting diseases in men. Even so, there is a lot of misinformation about when and in what situations you should go to a review. We’ll tell you then.

When to go to the urologist for the first time?

According to the best urologist in Noida, a first revision is advised at 40 years, especially if there is a family history of prostate problems, although many men come with less age if they experience any abnormality in the testicles or urine.

The visit to the urologist in Rohini would have to be a “duty” from the age of 50, at which stage most problems begin to appear(benign prostatic hyperplasia, fluid retention, changes in urination…). The main reason for reviews at this age is the possible presence of prostate cancer.

At the first visit, the patient’s history will be established, based on the clinical data provided, lifestyle, type of urination and if there is any discomfort, problem with erection or sexual intercourse. In addition, a physical examination will be carried out and additional tests may be requested to check hormonal levels and other parameters, or to check for any abnormality found during the physical examination, explains best urologist in Rohini.

How often to make revisions?

As a general rule, the frequency of the review will be marked by the patient’s health status, as well as the data provided by the complementary tests or the symptoms that occur. To get an idea, those men over 50 years with symptoms of prostate enlargement, a history of prostate cancer or abnormalities when urinating or maintaining relationships, an annual visit to the urologist in Pitampura will be established to monitor the treatment and prevent more serious conditions.

Why go to the urologist?

Periodic visits aside, there are some reasons why a man should go to the urologist in Pitampura, regardless of his age or background.

  1. Blood. If you have blood in your urine or it is darker than usual since it can be symptoms of kidney problems, prostate problems or infections.
  2. Increased desire to urinate. If this is also accompanied by stinging, burning with urination or a feeling of urgency, it can be a urine infection, which must be treated correctly to avoid, among other things, a prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate).
  3. Kidneys pain. It is a throbbing pain, which can radiate to the pelvis or back area and can be a symptom of stones or kidney stones. Therefore, before a pain that persists, and more if this is acute, it is recommended to go urgently to the specialist.
  4. Penile abnormalities. Especially if the curvature of the penis is very pronounced or there has been some type of trauma during an erection since it can prevent a pleasant and complete sexual relationship.
  5. Erection problems No matter how old you are, if the erection is difficult or is not achieved at the desired times, you should consult for possible reasons. Keep in mind that erection problems are not always caused by problems in the genital system, but can also be caused by coronary or emotional causes.

Reasons to go to the urologist

In conclusion, the visit to the urologist in Delhi periodically will allow us to:

  • Prevent and/or treat prostate diseases.
  • Prevent and/or treat the appearance of stones in the kidneys or urinary tract.
  • Detect prostate problems in time.
  • Detect prostate cancer early, increasing the chances of success in treatment.
  • Avoid problems in the testicles.
  • Prevent and/or treat erectile dysfunction, infertility or incontinence.

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