Why Do We Fear Of The Dark? #shorts

Why Do We Fear Of The Dark? #shorts

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What if I told you that the fear of the dark is not just a childish thing to believe?
Our fear of the dark is an evolutionary trait that we picked up to survive real-life predators stalking the night. 
It is commonly believed that this innate fear stems from a point in human history when we were nowhere near the top predators we are today.
Before the advent of technology, which wasn’t long ago, our ancestors were constantly on the lookout for predators that wanted to…eat us! 
And of course, most of these predators hunted at night, because they knew we were vulnerable to attack because of our relatively poor eyesight. 
It was super important for our ancestors to stay safe in the middle of the night. It would mean live or die.
Over the years, this nightly fear became instinctual, and we still experience it today as a form of mild anxiety.
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