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Why Do Men Lose Desire?


One of the most difficult moments in a couple’s life is when a spouse’s desire diminishes or even ends.

Some factors that decrease sexual desire, such as lack of care for each other, lack of attention, communication problems, constant fights, lack of empathy and compassion, lack of admiration and of respect, the power struggle in the education of children, divergent values, lack of time for two and all those everyday things that erode the relationship.

Often, when the man loses interest in sexual intercourse or is unable to maintain an erection, it is common for the partner to feel rejected or for people to think in their mind, such as “he has another woman”.

According to sexologist in Delhi, there are several reasons that may be affecting male libido.

Lack of desire can be due to numerous factors such as low testosterone and / or medication use, low self-esteem, anxiety, tiredness, stress.

Excessive tiredness and stress at work are the main causes of decreased male sexual desire, premature ejaculation, or difficulty maintaining an erection.

This is because of stress and tiredness cause changes in mood, which causes fights between the couple, lack of interest in investing in the relationship, low energy for leisure, and low libido, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

Another factor related to sexual dysfunction is anxiety. Modern life, with its diverse demands, takes a heavy toll by demanding high professional, physical and even sexual performance from everyone. We are observed, compared, evaluated all the time and this creates a great psychological strain known as anxiety. In a society focused on exacerbated consumption and the accumulation of wealth, where interpersonal relationships become increasingly distant and virtual and the demand for results is a constant factor in people’s lives, it is almost impossible for excessive anxiety and high levels of stress do not settle, says top sexologist in Delhi.

For this reason, in relation to two, the best tool is always communication. Having detected a lack of sexual desire, instead of the partner feeding your mind with a lot of misconceptions and pre-judgments, it is important to try to seek information directly from the partner. Taking an interest in what happens in the world of work, the main pressures and associated fears can help the couple to understand what is happening and, together, find solutions to problems, suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

To find out if you are a victim of the modern world, answer the questions below, considering the last six months.

  1. Most of the time I feel on the edge, like I’m going to explode.
  2. I feel that time is not enough for all the things I need to do.
  3. My mood suddenly changes and simple things drive me crazy.
  4. I feel tense and stressed most of the time.
  5. My mind keeps thinking and I end up distracting myself from my activities.
  6. I have been experiencing physical reactions, such as tachycardia, chest tightness, stomach / headache, dizziness, difficulty breathing, among others.
  7. I feel like there’s something wrong with me.
  8. I feel dissatisfied with my life in general.

If you answered yes to most questions, it is very likely that your lack of desire is related to excessive anxiety or stress.

In this case, the best thing to do is to count on the help of a sexologist doctor in Delhi and start activities that promote well-being and relaxation.

A pleasurable and quality sex life improves quality of life, reduces stress, increases self-esteem, increases the connection between the couple and positively affects work performance.

So don’t give up on living a life to the full. If you have already identified that something is not going well, seek help from a sex doctor in Delhi.