What are the Causes of dry hair; useful tips for you to get rid of it

What are the Causes of dry hair; useful tips for you to get rid of it

What are the Causes of dry hair; useful tips for you to get rid of it

One of the most common problems related to hairs is dry hair. It is a common problem for every age group. Causes of hair dry and treatment vary for everyone based on several facts. In this post, we will discuss all about the causes and treatments for dry hair. If you suffer from this problem, don’t panic and read on to solve your problem.

Why is my hair so dry

There are a number of external and internal factors due to which hairs become dry. External factors include weather conditions, hair products you use, and which kind of styling treatments you often get. Internal factors include hormones, how much you hydrate your skin, and any medication you are on. Let’s deep dive into the factors to find out the common dry hair causes.

Causes of dry hair

Whether conditions

Whether has a greater influence on your hair, if you are facing autumn and winter, the air becomes dry. Not only does it dry your hair, but it also makes your hair dry, dull, brittle, and prone to split ends.

Frequent hair washing

If you wash your hair often, it is the leading cause of hair dryness. As we know, lack of moisture is the major cause of hair dryness. Over-washing can strip all-natural oils from your scalp. It causes not only dryness but also an itchy scalp.


If you suffer from dryness and hair loss for a long time, then it may be the cause of medication you are used for depression, weight loss drugs, and high blood pressure. If you are taking such kinds of medicines, then make sure its after-effects and consequences.

Consult with your doctor before you start this medication if you feel any adverse effects then immediately consult with your doctor and go for an alternative.

Hairstyling tools

We love hair tools to volumize our hair and so many other styles to look stylish. But these tools are very harmful to our hair. When we overuse dryers, curlers, and straighteners, they lead to dry hairs, breakage, and damage.

Remedies to fix dryness in the scalp

Limit washing your hairs

If you often wash your hair, then limit it two to three times a week. Doctors said that overwashing could erase necessary natural oils, which lead to many hair problems.

Conditioning your hair

Conditioning hairs is very helpful in moisturizing dry hair. But remember, don’t need to lather the whole head with it. Always apply it from mid-shaft to ends and make sure the product is washed thoroughly.

Do Not use hair styling tools.

Avoid the use of curlers, straighteners, and dryers because they are very the worst enemy of our hairs.

Use oils for the dry hairs

Hair oils are best to solve your problems. Use argan oil and coconut oil for dryness. They built up the moisture and nourished your dry, brittle, and split end hairs.

Some useful tips for hair dryness

  • Although the oils are best for the hair dryness, hair steamers are also the best tool. Hair steamer adds moisture to your skin, restores your color vibrancy, strengthens the elasticity of your hair, and helps hair growth.
  • Don’t forget your scalp and use products which are scalp friendly. Use mild shampoo made especially for dry hairs because it has less content of drying agents.
  • Instead of using hair styling tools, you prefer to go with the hair extensions to carry out different styles and save your hair from chemicals and heating tools.
  • Use hair products that are free from alcohol because it is also a significant cause of dry hair.

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