The dental veneers are thin foils of composite or porcelain fixing in the outside of the tooth. It is an aesthetic treatment that allows you to get a perfect smile. With this technique, it is possible to correct certain deformations and irregularities, such as broken, short or small teeth. Also, the pieces rotated or inclined. Excellent results are achieved, with a method that is neither invasive nor aggressive. In the following article by the dentist in Delhi you will know more details about them.

Advantages of dental veneers

  • It is not an aggressive treatment. Due to its characteristics, its placement only implies a slight carving of the tooth and in some cases, it may not even be necessary, explains the dentist in Rani Bagh.
  • You get a natural look. As they are ultra-thin, they are barely perceived. A natural result is achieved, only those who appreciate the great change that has occurred in the smile will realize that the treatment has been performed.
  • It is a quick treatment at the dental clinic in Rani Bagh. In the case of composite dental veneers, only one session is necessary. While in one of the porcelain in three visits the final result will have been reached.

Types of dental veneers

Once you know its main advantages, we show you the two types of dental veneers in Delhi that we offer you.

Composite dental veneers

To make composite dental veneers a resin-derived material is used, which can be molded and mimicked 100% with the patient’s teeth. It is not an invasive technique, since to place each veneer you hardly have to touch the outer surface of the tooth. They are perfect when you want to correct slight color, position or shape alterations.

This type should be checked every year by the dentist in Saraswati Vihar, since it is a less stable material than ceramic. This fact may lead to a slight change in color over time. In this review, any alteration that has occurred can be repaired. They are placed in a single session, since the resin is molded on each piece until the desired shape and color is achieved. It is a material that mimics the tooth, and adheres using a special light source, which allows the paste to harden and stick to each piece. We emphasize that it is a painless technique, since it almost does not touch the tooth. Therefore, in most cases it is not necessary to use anesthesia.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers offer a higher quality than composite veneers. Their main advantage is that once they are placed, they hardly need maintenance. In addition, the results achieved are more natural and also last longer, explains the best dentist in Delhi.

The porcelain veneers are made taking into account the needs of each patient. Unlike the composite ones, more than one appointment is needed for this technique. These are the steps that are followed until completing the treatment:

1st visit. In the first visit each patient is studied individually, photographs are taken and videos are recorded to design their ideal smile. The measurements are taken and a mold is removed to obtain a provisional model, before the final one.

2nd visit. The tooth is superficially carved to adapt the piece to the porcelain used. The patient will leave the clinic with provisional veneers.

3rd visit. The final porcelain dental veneers are placed.

It is true that the price of porcelain veneers is higher than that of composite parts, but it is not less that they offer a higher quality result. They are the perfect option in these cases:

  • Dental fractures
  • Short teeth
  • Microdontia (teeth with a size smaller than the rest).
  • Cone teeth (cone-shaped incisors).
  • Major color changes.
  • Dentures that have previously been restored with composite.
  • Complete remodeling of the smile.

If you want to show a perfect smile, veneers are the best option. Request your appointment now, at dental clinic in Saraswati Vihar we will study your case and give you the solution you need.