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Until what age does the penis grow in men?

pens enlargement

You are not the only one wondering how old the penis grows and the answer is not easy, it depends on several factors.

Many men wonder how old the penis grows and the truth is that the development of the genitals depends on various factors, such as physical and hormonal changes, although some studies have found what is the average age at which the greatest lengthening and thickening occurs of the male member.

There are many erroneous beliefs about penis size, as it is believed that “having it big” guarantees greater sexual satisfaction in the partner and better performance, but that is not entirely true and no man should feel self-conscious about his member, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

However, prejudices and misconceptions especially make young men uneasy and want to know how old the penis grows. Next, best sexologist in Delhi tells you what research reveals about it.

How old does the penis grow?

If you wonder how old the penis grows, you are not the only one, many men and women have that question about it, we have interesting information.

The penis begins to undergo significant changes after puberty, which in the male begins between 12 and 16 years of age, says sex doctor in Delhi.

This stage lasts approximately four years and there is an increase in the production of male hormones such as testosterone, which favour a greater length and thickness of the penis. In this regard, research from Chongqing University in China published in the Asian Journal of Andrology explains that penis growth is pronounced between 11 and 15 years old, then it continues to grow, but more slowly until 17 years old.

The researchers’ work also highlights that the diameter or thickness of the penis follows a similar rhythm, widening with greater intensity from 11 years of age. However, if what we want to know is until what age the penis grows, we should focus on the end of the adolescence of the man, since it is the average moment in which the growth of the sexual organs ends, which occurs between 17 and 18 years.

Should I be concerned about penis size?

Note that the penis stops growing at the end of adolescence is normal and should not cause any concern in young people, because, like other parts of the body, there comes a point when it does not grow anymore.

Believing that having a large penis is a guarantee of better sexual relations and more satisfied couples is a mistake because what is really important is knowing how to stimulate the other person, knowing their erogenous zones and movements that they enjoy with more intensity, explains sex specialist in Delhi.

How much should the penis measure?

There is no perfect size, but some studies determine that the average size is 7 centimetres in a flaccid state and up to 12 centimetres in the erection. It is important to mention that, although size is not the most important thing in privacy, there is a medical condition called micropenis in which the male member does not exceed 7 centimetres in erection, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Penis enlargement

Only in those cases, sexologists in Delhi can recommend a surgical procedure to improve limb size, known as penis enlargement treatment in Delhi. According to a publication in the British Journal of Urology, penile extensors should be considered a minimally invasive treatment option to lengthen the shaft of the penis.

Although it is safe, great care must be taken with the motives behind the decision to make it, because if it is done simply by ego, the results can be disastrous. The penis enlargement is to correct an aesthetic problem where the penis is very small even in an erection.

Actually, there are some simple tricks that allow you to show off a bigger penis without surgery, such as trimming pubic hair, wearing brightly coloured underwear with horizontal stripes and bright colours, as well as following a healthy lifestyle that guarantees good irrigation of the blood in the area that helps maintain rm and prolonged erections. Stop worrying about knowing how long the penis grows, better focus on knowing what your partner really enjoys in intimacy, suggests top sexologist in Delhi.

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