Types of shampoo to choose from according to your hair type

Types of shampoo to choose from according to your hair type

Types of shampoo to choose from according to your hair type

types of shampoo

A must use hair care product that which cleanses the scalp and nourishes the hair, shampoos are not just part of a beauty regimen but also an essential requisite of hygiene. And just as hair types vary, so too shampoo types which means you can choose from a wide range of products that will caress your hair the best way it needs to be done. Listing for you the many different types of shampoo to choose from to be the absolute head turner by way of your gorgeous hair-

Normal/ Regular shampoo

As the name suggests, this is the shampoo intended for regular use by people with normal hair. Gentle cleansers that work well on all types of hair that does not demand special treatment, regular shampoos tend not to strip the natural oils from your scalp. A balanced combination of sulphates and surfactants makes this type of shampoo ideal for use without having to fret much about how it might impact your hair, provided you have healthy natural locks.

Everyday Shampoo

While shampooing your hair everyday is not recommended since shampoo is after all a chemical product, however mild it may be, there still are types that cater to the needs of those who find it difficult to get by without its use for even a single day. These are everyday shampoos that are specifically even milder so that they can suit everyday use. Generally people whose hair tends to get greasy in no time no matter the weather and season finds everyday shampoo to be quite a blessing. Light on the scalp because they contain far less surfactants that regular shampoos, this is a cleanser that is mild almost like baby shampoos. In also being soap and alkaline free, everyday shampoos stand true to their name as being the types that don’t drain your hair completely of its natural oils.

Volumizing shampoo

One of the custom types of shampoo, volumizing shampoo, as the name suggests helps to endow volume or fullness to your hair. For people with fine, thin hair, volumizing shampoo works wonders by lending their hair a bounce that visually renders it significantly thick and full. With lighter formulas making up volumising shampoos to ensure that your hair does not get weighed down, these types also come in handy for even people with normal hair during the winter season when the dryness gets to your tresses and leaves them flat. By opening the hair cuticle, volumising shampoos encourage hair growth so that you actually experience a head full of hair over time with regular use.

Clarifying shampoo

Designed to clarify or deep cleanse your scalp, clarifying shampoos are an intense version of regular shampoos. With stronger surfactants than what makes up normal shampoos, clarifying types of shampoo tend to be somewhat harsh on the hair which is why it must be always followed with conditioning. Specially for such hair that endures the onslaught of a range of styling products, a clarifying shampoo is a must use since it helps to completely clear out builds up in the hair like a typical hair cleanser. However owing to how intense they tend to be, it should not be used as a regular shampoo and certainly not as an everyday one since it will leave your hair dry and frizzy.

No Poo Shampoo

Perhaps one of the most ‘revolutionary’ types as far as shampoo classification is concerned, no poo is more a method of hair cleansing rather than any specific product. But within its range however it includes numerous such means that present themselves as alternatives to the commercial shampoos we have been using for ever. No poo is in fact short for no shampoo and therefore this method sees use of such natural ingredients to cleanse the scalp and nourish hair that do not cause any damage unlike synthetic shampoos. Sometimes however only a conditioner can find use as a shampoo to leave your hair soft and silky through a method that which is popular as co- washing. The point here is to use gentler shampoos, preferably such agents that are completely natural to let your hair retain its natural texture and characteristics.

Dry shampoo

Like no poo shampoos, dry shampoo too aren’t shampoos in the traditional sense of the term. Much like hair sprays, though they can even be available in liquid or powder form, dry shampoos work by absorbing the oils secreted by the glands in your scalp without actually cleaning it. In its instant work mechanism that which absorbs the sebum from the roots of the hair, dry shampoo is just the perfect types of shampoo on days when you are all caught up with work. They works wonders as well, from lending you the freshly washed hair look to having them smell fresh, dry shampoos have turned out to be total saviours. However it is not advisable to rely on dry shampoos for long time at a stretch since you do indeed need to thoroughly cleanse your scalp from time to time.

Color-treated hair shampoo

While coloring your hair is a style trend that most of us get excited to try, living with a head of artificially obtained hues can be a tough job. Color treated hair tends to become a real nuisance real soon with hair getting dry and the color getting faded. That’s the reason why washing color hair with the proper shampoo is so essential. To the rescue therefore is such color treated hair shampoos that are made specifically for that purpose. From letting your hair retain its color for long to providing it also with the required moisture and nourishment, color treated shampoos work with rather mild chemical composition to save your hair from further damage. For those with colored hair, this is the types of shampoo to absolutely shell out the bucks for.

2 in 1 Shampoo

Shampooing your hair needs to be absolutely followed by conditioning every once in a while to ensure that the chemical do not drain away all of the nutrient from them through prolonged use. But if letting that conditioner sit on the hair is too much wait for you, then you can be banking on the 2 in 1 types of shampoo. With cleansing and conditioning taken care of with the wash itself, 2 in 1 shampoos are another savior for the busy folks or even the lazy ones. For best results however, 2 in 1 shampoos though should not override the use of those separate bottles of shampoo and conditioner and needs to be only a refuge you can seek ease of comfort in at times.

Keratin Shampoo

For long, shampoos have been working on the dual premises of keeping your scalp clean and your hair healthy. And one of the types of shampoo that specifically works in improving the quality of hair is keratin based shampoos. Particularly with such hair that is brittle and damage, the application of keratin shampoo helps to restore the levels of this essential protein that is so vital for hair health. By repairing such damages that are the root cause of frizzy hair, keratin shampoos work life into your hair. The keratin oil enriched shampoos also help reverse the adverse effects to your hair caused by the rampant use of such styling products and appliance that rely on heat to style your tresses. Even with such curly hair that can be naturally frizzy, keratin oils work well to give them a smooth, glossy appearance.

Moisturizing shampoo

What the moisturizing types of shampoo sets about to do to your hair is apparent in its very name itself. In helping to retain and even restore the moisture levels of your scalp, this is a shampoo that works its way towards letting you look and feel radiant in shiny hair. While the properties of moisturising shampoos are such that yield most visible results with dry hair, the mild nature of its fewer drying ingredients also means that they suit even normal hair quite well. In endowing you with shiny, healthy hair, moisturising shampoos effectively cleanses and nourishes your hair and can even help offset such hair problems as dandruff and the like.

Neutralizing Shampoo

Restoring the levels of the pH levels of your hair is the basic way in which neutralizing shampoos work to help you with healthy hair. As the name suggests, these are the types of shampoo that neutralizes the alkali and caustic residues that have been built up on your hair with continuous use of chemical laden hair products. Apart from synthetic shampoo however, you can also try such natural neutralizing agents like apple cider vinegar to reverse the profound impacts that your hair is subject to specifically in the face of numerous beauty treatments.

Organic Shampoo

With organic being the buzzword of the current conscious times, it is no wonder that organic types of shampoo dominate the spectrum as far as hair cleansing is concerned. Free from chemicals, harsh or otherwise, these organic shampoos are formulated with such essential oils and organic ingredients that work gently but effectively on your hair without the many side effects that accompany the regular use of synthetic shampoos. Much like organic makeup, organic shampoos too can be formulated to suit different hair types which goes even further in making them the ultimate hair cleaning products to vouch for.

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