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Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction


Treatment of erectile dysfunction… Perhaps this is the most awaited text. However I must inform you that I will not talk about any magic formula for having good erections. So, it is likely that I will disappoint you. It will also not indicate a new miracle medication. Anyway, like almost everything in life, to get results we have to make an effort. I will talk about what is important and has scientific support for erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

First of all, I would like to point out that with some exceptions: psychogenic erectile dysfunction, after pelvic / perineal trauma and due to hormonal causes – sexual impotence is treated, but does not cure, in such a way that the dialogue between doctor, patient and partner it’s essential.

Is the partner’s involvement important in the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

Certainly. The partner often takes responsibility for the lack of erection. Then she loses self-esteem, for imagining that the patient is no longer attracted. At other times, she suspects that he has another relationship and, therefore, is unable to satisfy her as before. Undeniably, some (ones) start to investigate the patients’ lives, unhappy (because) they avoid sex.

In addition, several studies indicate that, in the face of the man’s erection failure, the partner has a differential role. Thus, that who admits that he may be experiencing a health problem and encourages him to seek treatment becomes an ally. However, that minimizes, is indisposed or becomes indifferent, contributes to the maintenance or worsening of erectile dysfunction.

Non-drug treatment

Life Style Change

According to what sexologist in Delhi said earlier , it is interesting to think that the beginning of the treatment is the change in lifestyle and the control of risk factors. Therefore, starting regular physical activity, giving up smoking and other drugs and dietary reeducation are central. Certainly, controlling existing diseases and exchanging medications that happen to contribute to sexual impotence is also interesting.

However, how many times have you heard of it? In fact, it is necessary to change habits, as well as to assume the consequences of what we chose to do today. Selecting a good diet and developing healthy habits is certainly a personal responsibility. In summary, giving priority to reducing refined sugar, white flour, fatty meat fats, butter, fatty milks, and trans fats can be a first step. At the same time, stopping tobacco use and starting physical activities will surprisingly help, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Sex Therapy

Because the psychogenic factor is important, and to a greater or lesser extent, it is present in practically all patients, but, especially in young people, best sexologist in Delhi emphasizes the importance of performing sexual therapy. It is often the only treatment needed and other times it can be an ally with medications.

The objectives of sexual therapy for erectile dysfunction are:

  • Identify and work with resistance to medical intervention that results in treatment abandonment;
  • Reduce performance anxiety;
  • Understand the context in which the patient has sex;
  • Promote psychoeducation and adapt the patient’s “sexual script”.

The effectiveness of therapy depends on focusing on pleasure, reducing anxiety, decreasing the emphasis on the sexual act and promoting awareness of sexual feelings. They can optimize the results: therapeutic bond and motivation / support of the partner, establishment of goals for the patient and his / her partner. The focus of sex therapy should not only be improving performance, but sexual comfort and pleasure.

And young people, why do they have erectile dysfunction?

Before going on to the general guidelines of the treatment, I would like at this point to stop for a while and speak specifically about young people. In them, most of the risk factors discussed are absent. In contrast, insecurity, fear of failure and negative self-image can be seen as significant causes. The problem may also arise from a conflict related to sexual orientation or identity.

Under these circumstances, the young man releases high concentrations of adrenaline in the circulation, which impairs the filling of the corpora cavernosa of the penis, and thus presents difficulty in erection. Once the dysfunction starts, the continuation and aggravation depend on emotional factors: shaken self-esteem increases the fragility and the lack of confidence in recovery and performance, explains sex specialist in Delhi.

Undeniably, what I put above are the most important points of treatment, however, it is difficult for patients to strive to do so. And I’m not judging people for that. Changing our lifestyle, taking care of existing illnesses, accepting that we need best sex treatment in Delhi and looking for it is a challenge for all of us.