These are trends set in summer 2020

these are trends set in summer 2020

These are trends set in summer 2020

Would you like a new haircut at the beginning of the summer calendar? One thing is already clear: Summer 2020 will be hot – at least when it comes to hairstyle trends.

The best news right at the beginning: never before has hair fashion been as free, informal, and diverse as in summer 2020. Even if the strict side parting or the XXL waves are already showing some real trends and the classic hairstyle Bob with bangs reinvented this summer, whatever the wearer likes is!

Hairstylist Laura Polko puts it like this at “”: “People are more open than ever, and honestly, I feel that everyone wants something different. Five years ago, I never had extensions, fake bobs, or Hair accessories included – today, and I have them in my suitcase in all colors and shapes. The motto is: the main thing is individual. “

But the summer hairstyles 2020 should not only be more diverse and individual. The styling effort may also be less. After all, we want to enjoy the summer and not sweat in front of the hairdressing mirror. So easy-care and straightforward hairstyles are very trendy.

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With these hairstyles, you are very trendy in the summer of 2020


The classic bob is as versatile as life itself and thus the epitome of the variety of trend hairstyles 2020. With light waves as a bob, asymmetrical or straight, classic, or as a wild shaggy bob, as a short or long bob – there are hardly any limits to your imagination set. 

The following applies the more beautiful the hair, the more rewarding for an increase in volume and shine. If you want to spot a unique trend for this summer, then it should be the Clavi Cut. 

It extends right down to the collarbone and cleverly conceals harder facial contours and gives the wearer feminine grace.


Although the Pixi-Cut has been trendy for years, it will really get going in summer 2020. Even if the hairstyle seems to be more borrowed from men’s fashion, it stands for pure feminine seduction. 

Stars like Gigi Hadid or Jane Fonda love this style, which stands for female emancipation and independence. The Pixi Cut knows no age – the examples prove it – and guarantees a glamorous appearance in every phase of life. 

The unique thing about it comes to periods of life: Probably no other cut is so often associated with the desire for change. And what are your plans for summer 2020?  


This summer, the mini pony will be ultra-cool and, above all, diverse: The decision whether straight and fine-fitting or somewhat frayed and voluminous is not an option.

It means instead: Do what you want with your pony! And if you don’t like the wild mix, you’re sure to get a taste of the bob with bangs – you’d have laughed. 

The prominence shows us how varied the pony can be every day, from Heidi Klum to Miley Cyrus. Gringe, curly fringe, or curtain bangs, the choice is enormous. 

At the top of the list of summer trend hairstyles, 2020 is the micro bangs, which radiate youthful freshness and additionally emphasize each look of the eye. 

Summer hairstyles 2020: Anything you like is allowed


Braided waves are well received on every red carpet and match the elegant appearance. However, they also make the wearer look a little more detached and unapproachable. 

That is why we will combine them with the undone look in summer 2020 and tear down all barriers. With this look, we cut a good figure at the beach bar and don’t need to hide it at the summer ball.

Hello again, water waves!

Gentle water waves. The look from the golden 20s – surprise! We arrived back in the 20s 100 years later. We are still working on gold, but the trend hairstyle convinces all fashionistas 100 years later. With this hairstyle, you have to look!

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Today it`s international womensday, ladies! 👭⁠⠀ Let me sum it up in @beyonce `s words: ⁠⠀ Who run the world? Girls! 🔥⁠⠀ Frisurtechniken, bei denen mit einem Glätteisen gearbeitet wird, kommen wieder zurück!⁠⠀ Diese Wasserwelle, aus meiner letzten All About Curls – Schulung, ist zum Beispiel nur mit einem simplen Glätteisen entstanden 😊 Das coole daran ist, dass, egal wie viel man sie durchkämmt, sie absolut nicht an Halt verliert! ⁠⠀ Wie gefällt sie euch? ⁠⠀ Markiert eine Freundin, der das stehen würde! 💋⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ __⁠⠀ #hair #curlyhair #hairstylist #hairofinstagram #beautifulhair #hairinspiration #bridestobe #bridalbeauty #brideinspiration #curlscurlscurls #hairstylish #hair_artistry #curlyhairstyle #hairbride #weddinghairinspo #bridalhairideas #hairclass #stylinghair #hairstyleinspiration #friseur #frisuren #brautiful #friseurmeisterin #frisurentrends #frisur #lockenkopf #lockenfrisur #langhaarfrisuren #btconeshot2020_stylingshot @oneshothairawards @behindthechair_com

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The strict parting is a little discredited. But in the summer of 2020, he freed himself of all prejudices: Not just women with an elongated oval face flattered the crown – maybe that’s why it’s back in fashion? 

Or is it because the crown has thrown away all conventions? If the strict side parting from last year was everywhere, we are now experimenting with all possible variants: Messy, voluminous, or combined with a bob (which is then called wob), the parting will be brought up again as a hairstyle trend in summer 2020!

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