The Truth About Premature Ejaculation

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common and frequently encountered sexual dysfunctions in men. It occurs generally in those under the age of 40, and, despite many speculations about its causes and severity, this condition most often arises from the lack of experience of men.

Premature ejaculation occurs when men finish their sexual intercourse before satisfying their own needs (orgasm) or sexual partners. It is rather an orgasm or ejaculation that they cannot control and which can have severe personal and relational psychological consequences, says sexologist in Delhi.

Premature ejaculation has become an extremely controversial topic, surrounding a lot of myths or untruths that can mislead you and aggravate your illness. In order to successfully pass for this sexual dysfunction, it is important to carefully discern between the relevant and relevant information about this medical condition and the truths surrounding it.

Causes and triggers of premature ejaculation

Despite the myths that revolve around this sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation is not considered a disease (but a sexual state in fact) and the exact causes of its occurrence are unknown. However, the best sexologist in Delhi says there are several factors that influence the triggering of this sexual problem.

Identifying potential causes or identifying triggers of premature ejaculation is crucial for treating or overcoming this condition.

When you present to the sexologist doctor in Delhi with the diagnosis of premature ejaculation, the sex specialist in Delhi will subject you to a series of investigations and anamnesis based on which they will try to identify what triggered the onset of this disorder that affects your sex life.

Physical factors that influence the onset of premature ejaculation

Despite the fact that the main symptom (ejaculation before reaching orgasm or partner satisfaction) manifests itself at the level of the sexual organs, the condition is not compulsory to appear due to conditions located at the genital level. It may also appear against other medical conditions, directly associated with the control of ejaculation.

In the sexual act itself, not only the sexual organs are involved. The brain and nervous system are the ones that control arousal, maintain erection and control of ejaculation during sex, and the causes for which ejaculation occurs too early can also be identified at their level.

Among the most common physical or medical causes that cause the onset of premature ejaculation are

  • Hypersensitivity of the pelvic musculature
  • Genetic diseases
  • Neurological disorders
  • Vascular disorders
  • Prostate diseases
  • Chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
  • Some medicinal treatments (eg antidepressants)
  • Lesions in the spine
  • Thyroid problems (hyper or hypothyroidism)
  • Certain types of sclerosis.

There are several controversies regarding the medical causes underlying the premature ejaculation of men.

One of them refers to the fact that premature ejaculation would always occur with a group of sexual disorders called erectile dysfunction (ED) or as part of it.

The Truth About Premature Ejaculation

Top sexologist in Delhi argues that there is no causal relationship between them. It is true that erectile dysfunctions can promote the onset of premature ejaculation, but the conditions can appear separately, without being conditioned by each other.

Many of the conditions that men can suffer can have a negative impact on sexual performance and the onset of premature ejaculation. The altered state of health leads to weakening of the body’s resistance (stamina), which can affect the control of the ejaculatory muscles.

Psychological factors that influence the onset of premature ejaculation

Another important category of factors that may be the basis of premature ejaculation is that of psychological causes.

According to the sexologist in Delhi, the most important psychological factors that can prevent men from reaching the climax or control ejaculation during sexual intercourse, up to the right time, are:

  • Traumatic sexual experiences from the past
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Feelings of guilt (due to stresses inside the couple, cheating on partners, lack of feelings for partners, etc.)

Other possible causes that can lead to premature ejaculation

Besides the two major groups of triggers of premature ejaculation – physical and psychological, there are other types of causes that underlie the appearance of this sexual dysfunction.

  • Marked experiences of childhood (instilling the mentality that sex is something bad or dirty or fear of not being discovered when they were masturbating in childhood);
  • Various reactions or criticisms of sex partners, regarding penis size, erection, low sexual performance, etc.
  • Mentality towards certain types of women
  • Disorganized or vicious lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, fatigue).

Discovering the cause is the first step in finding the most appropriate and effective solutions or premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi for overcoming this dysfunction and returning to a fulfilled and satisfying sex life.

Depending on the cause that triggered the condition, sexologist in Delhi may prescribe

  • Drug therapy;
  • Sexual therapy;
  • Relaxation techniques;
  • Psychotherapy (individual psychological counseling as a couple).

If your disorganized lifestyle interferes with your sexual performance, your sexologist in Delhi may recommend changing certain eating habits, playing sports and giving up addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.) and sources that cause stress.

In some cases, the sexologist in South Delhi may also recommend combination therapies designed to help prolong erection and delay ejaculation until the right time.

Left untreated, premature ejaculation can worsen and can lead to severe and even irreparable complications – infertility, dismantling the couple’s relationship, which can impact on your life and health in the long term, says sexologist in East Delhi.

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