erogenous zone

The Erogenous Zones


The erogenous zones are those that, due to their sensitivity, cause sensations of pleasure when stimulated, since many nerve endings accumulate in them. And they are not limited to the sexual organs, which in many couples can constitute a true obsession, to the point of forgetting the rest of the body, explains sexologist in Delhi.

In a sexual relationship that aims to be fully satisfactory, it is necessary to know the erogenous zones of the couple and know how to stimulate them to produce arousal and pleasure. Each person responds in a different way to stimulation and some are more rewarding than others. The best sexologist in Delhi suggests that you have to explore them all to know the sensations that your stimulus generates in the couple and thus be able to offer you the maximum satisfaction.

You can start from the head, massaging the hair, which produces a very relaxing sensation. Or stroking and kissing the nape of the neck, to cause a chill to run down the back. The lobes and the back of the ears are also very sensitive, especially in men. Finally, the lips increase their sensitivity with excitement and a very light touch is enough for a very pleasant sensation to be felt.

The feet can also provide sensations of pleasure, beyond tickling. But in reality all the skin can be considered an erogenous zone, especially the inner part of the thighs and arms -including the back of the joints-, the abdomen -around the navel and bequeathing to the pubis-, the back, the armpits and the lateral thorax.

When it comes to the breasts, these are much more sensitive in women than in men and, in fact, are one of their main erogenous zones. Although, according to sex specialist in Delhi, the most satisfactory mode of stimulation can change for each woman: very light caresses, gently squeezing erect nipples, pressing with the whole hand, etc.

Finally, there is the area of ​​the pelvic floor, in which the anus, perineum, and clitoris, vulva and vagina are located in women, and the testicles, scrotum and penis in men. This area is the one with the greatest sexual load in terms of arousal and one should not be forgotten, since a different orgasm can be obtained by stimulating only one of them. We must also talk about the G-spot, in men located in the anus at the level of the prostate, and in women in front of the entrance to the vagina. It can be stimulated manually or, in the case of women, seeking positions that facilitate greater contact of the penis with it during penetration.

Knowing the body of the other, studying the reactions of each part to caresses and kisses and thus identifying the most erogenous zones is a guarantee for a fully satisfactory sexual life, says sexologist doctor in Delhi.