food to avoid kidney stone

The diet that detonates stones

food to avoid kidney stone

Who knew that food choice would even take stones (pain and other complications) out of your way?

The stone that appears in the kidneys is a measly millimeter. Even so, it is capable of making an adult cry out in despair. Not for nothing, they say that it is the pain closest to childbirth that a man can feel. But, if you do not want to suffer from the birth of a kidney stone, know that, in most cases, it is in your hands, or rather, in your diet, a way to prevent the problem.

Increase your consumption of…


So that the kidneys are not suitable for the formation of stones, the first rule is to drink plenty of fluids. According to the best urologist in Delhi it is right to drink enough to make about 2 liters of pee a day. Since you can’t tell how much urine is leaving each time you visit the bathroom, a simple way to get a sense of whether everything is within the standards is to spy on its color. It must be clear. If it is very yellow, it means that it is well concentrated. Then the risk of the crystals coming together grows.


The production of urine does not depend only on pure, fresh water. To close the account, juices, soups, fruits, vegetables, teas are worth… Even coffee. A study by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, in Italy, evaluated three major surveys, with a total of 217 883 participants. And he concluded the following: in the first study, those who consumed more coffee had a 26% lower risk of having kidney stones; in the second, the reduction was 29%; and, in the third, 31%. Caffeine makes the urine more diluted, explain the Italian researchers.

Citrus fruits

One type of drink that has already been favored by kidney specialist in Rohini is the juice of citrus fruits, such as orange and lemon. These foods have citrate, a protective element. In practice, this molecule has a special affection for calcium. When added to it, it generates a soluble compound, easily released by urine. Thus, calcium is not free to form stones. Vegetables, legumes and other fruits also have their doses of the blessed citrate.


As the stones are basically formed by calcium, there is an idea that stopping consuming cheese, milk and yogurt, sources of the mineral, would be positive. Wrong. In addition to this behavior opening the door to osteoporosis, it only damages the kidneys. Follow the reasoning: in the intestine, there is a large amount of a compound called oxalate. When he is alone, he ends up leaving for the urinary system, where he sticks to the calcium, forming the dreaded stone. Now, if the individual is careful with calcium intake, this junction of oxalate and mineral occurs in the intestine. And there they give rise to a soluble complex that comes out in the faeces.

Decrease consumption of…

Soft drinks

According to the best urologist in Rohini, there is evidence that taking these sugary drinks frequently can threaten your kidneys. One reason would be that the refills cause more calcium to end up in the pee. But there is more: gaseous liquids facilitate weight gain, a situation that favors resistance to the action of insulin. Under these circumstances, urine tends to become more acidic. And there, there is a greater propensity for the appearance of uric acid stones.


Another essential guideline is to take it easy on the salt shaker. When the diet is high in salt, the passage of calcium into the urine is more intense. In addition to reducing pinches, use sausages (such as sausage, sausage and salami), instant noodles, canned food … Anyway, items known to be full of sodium. The ideal is to ingest about 2 400 milligrams of this mineral, something around 5 grams of table salt.

Animal protein

It is also worth reviewing how much animal protein goes into the dish. Because the end product of meat digestion is uric acid – and it can literally get stuck.  To make matters worse, excess protein makes the blood slightly more acidic. When this happens, there is a reduction in the excretion of citrate, that substance of good.

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