The dangers of over-the-counter sexual performance enhancers

sexual performance enhancer

The dangers of over-the-counter sexual performance enhancers

sexual performance enhancer

You may have heard (or read) stories where a sexual performance enhancement product caused a health problem or was banned.

Some important issues related to male sexual performance enhancement products (even penis enlargement), should be addressed.

Why do some men buy sexual enhancement products without consulting a doctor?

For many people, sex is not an easy topic to discuss. Some men are ashamed to talk about sexual problems, with their partner or with a sexologist in Delhi. Buying sexual enhancement products anonymously – from someone who doesn’t know them or online, from a website that promises discreet packaging – can make them feel less embarrassed.

In addition, sexual enhancement products are easy to purchase. Men can buy them without a prescription from sex specialist in Delhi, so there is no medical exam to schedule and no prescription to complete. And because the products are easy to find, men can get them quickly.

What are the dangers?

Many sexual enhancement products are marketed as dietary supplements with keywords such as “natural”, “herbal” and “safer”. These words make the products sound harmless, but the words can be misleading.

Dietary supplements are not always regulated by medical agencies. They are not subject to the same quality controls and are often not studied as comprehensively as approved products.

The ingredients in sexual enhancement products can also be problematic. For example, some products for erectile dysfunction (inability to obtain or maintain an erection) use the same active ingredient that can be found in prescription drugs, such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. Or, the products may include an analogue – a chemical compound that is similar to the prescription ingredient, but not quite the same. Supplements may contain more of the active ingredient than prescriptions. Sometimes, supplement manufacturers do not list all ingredients on the label, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

The danger occurs when the supplement interacts with the current medications that man uses. For example, men who take nitrates for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol should not take drugs without a prescription. The interaction of nitrates and drugs for sexual dysfunction can cause a critical drop in blood pressure, warns sexologist doctor in Delhi.

An innocent man who uses nitrates may think that the “natural” product, which he claims is a “safer alternative”, will not be a problem. Unfortunately, the product may contain the same active ingredient as prescription drugs, putting you at serious risk. And that interacting ingredient may not even be on the label.

What can men do?

If a man is having sexual problems or feels that his performance is not good, it is important that he see a sex doctor in Delhi. Some sexual problems are signs of a serious medical condition. For example, erectile dysfunction can be a sign of diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Sexologists in Delhi can suggest healthy ways to deal with a sexual problem. Medication, or a change in medication, could dramatically improve the situation. A healthy diet, a consistent exercise program and stress management can also help.

Men who have taken, or are considering taking, any type of supplement should consult the top sexologist in Delhi to make sure it is safe.

Partners must also be involved. A man may feel that he is not pleasing his / her partner without taking these supplements. This partner can assure you that your activities are fine. Or the couple can discuss ways to improve their sexual relationship.