Dentist in Delhi

Despite the many variables that can weigh in the balance, when scheduling an appointment many people still focus their search on the one they can trust. Search for the dentist, or indeed the best dentist in Delhi.

The technological and scientific evolution that we have witnessed over the last years has been revolutionizing dentistry, distancing it increasingly from the one that practiced “in cold blood”.

As a result, better oral health care, a greater range of treatments, higher success rates, and of course, less pain are being achieved.

Dental medicine has grown and with it also the offer of providers, with the most varied ways of approach, and currently, there are thousands of dental clinic in Delhi that, as they say in slang, serve all tastes and shapes.

The Question Is: Which Dental Clinic in Delhi To Choose?

Dentist in Delhi

Despite the many variables that can weigh in the balance, when scheduling an appointment many people still focus their search on the one they can trust. They search for the dentist, or indeed the best dentist in Delhi.

But What Defines A Good Dentist in Delhi?

Well… Technically, any professional in any medical field has a learning curve that goes through years of experience, getting better and better.

However, and from our point of view, even more, important than the professional career and the time of clinical practice, it is the doctor’s view of his own profession that will then dictate the level of excellence of care provided.

The dentistry can be defined as the area of medicine dedicated to the ” evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and/or treatment of diseases, disorders and/or conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and/or associated and adjacent structures and their impact on Human Body; performed by a dentist as part of their education, practice, and experience, in accordance with the ethics of the profession and applicable law.”

It is that oral health, such as the Order of Dental Physicians refers, is not just the absence of disease or disorders or conditions, it is multifaceted and includes the ability to talk, smile, taste, chew and above all convey emotions with confidence and no pain or discomfort?

And it is in this line of reasoning that when a patient sits in a dental chair, the first thing dentists see is not a problem but the way that problem influences his quality of life.

A good dentist in Delhi does not just treat teeth, but people, who most often have teeth.

It is not just about removing caries, devitalising, removing a tooth or placing an implant. You have to be able to evaluate and solve an oral problem effectively and efficiently, of course, but you also need to understand how this condition influences the person, how they change their daily life and way of being, what their expectations, what are your fears.

Phobias And Trauma Are Still Present In Many People, Even Today.

Most patients a dentist in Delhi attend the first-time appointment greet him with a “hate dentists!” And what is certain is that these fears sometimes end up compromising the proper course of consultations and the success of clinical procedures. So, and before starting any kind of treatment, the dentist personally tries to understand why these aversions and how together we can overcome them.

Not only in these cases but in all others, it is essential to listen to the patient as this is the basis on which a good doctor-patient relationship is built and allows him to live up to the expectations of those who trust him and his team.

This takes time, which is often undervalued by both parties in the rush of life today. But it is essential.

Spending time talking to the patient, communicating with the team, exchanging ideas with colleagues, planning a case is essential. The give attention to all the details that can make a difference in the passage of the patient by our office. Only in this way can dental treatment be adapted to that person.

And specialist thinks this is, in fact, what differentiates a good dentist, not the standardization of approaches but their customization before the patient in question.

Because A Good Dentist Is So Much More Than Treating Teeth!

Maintaining proper dental and oral health requires periodic reviews to prevent or correct possible complications. It is recommended to go to the best dentist in Delhi at least once a year for dental check-ups and, especially, in the case of the presence of some symptoms such as dental trauma, tooth pain, chewing problems,  gum inflammation or bleeding gums during dental hygiene, among others.

List of Best Dentist in Delhi

best dentist in Delhi

These are the best dentist in Delhi, according to the information available on the Internet.

It is difficult to know from the information currently available on the Internet who is the best dentist in Delhi. That is why we have proposed to make a ranking based on the data provided by Google users.

Then we proceed with our list of the best dentist in Delhi according to the scores of Google users.

To elaborate it, we have taken into account not only that the average scores of the doctors were the highest, but also that the number of votes was relatively high in order to avoid biases as much as possible.

Dr. Akash Sachdeva

BDS, MDS, Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Akash Sachdeva is a Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dental Implantologist. He has built a reputation for excellent standards in dental care making him one of the best dentists in Delhi.

  • Consultant maxillofacial surgeon & implantologist in New Delhi, with a clinical experience of more than 12 years
  • His practice is dedicated in the field of maxillofacial surgery
  • He is a consultant to various hospitals in Delhi
  • Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon at M R Dental Centre, Delhi
  • Maxillofacial Surgeon at Bhagat Chandra Hospital, Delhi
  • Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon at Delhi Dental Hub, Delhi


  • Oral Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Oral Treatment
  • Bone Grafting
  • Wisdom Teeth
  • DNA extraction

Address: A-16, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi – 110015
Email id:
Telephone: 011-45072227
Mobile No.: 9810132223, 9818279779

Dr. Gaurav Jain

B.D.S, Dental Surgeon

Dr.Gaurav Dinesh Jain is one of the leading, best dentist in Delhi, he has graduated from Kurukshetra University in 1997. He had a meritorious term during his graduation and started his dental practice in1999. He is passionate about Cosmetics, Laser-dentistry, root canal and Endodontics. Since 2010, He is dedicated to working with Vardhman Dental Care and is known as one of the best dentists in Delhi, India.

Address: 114, 115 & 117; 1st floor, Vardhman Shopping Centre, Rohit Kunj Market, Pitampura New Delhi-110034, India.
Phone No.:+91 8285 101213, +91 11 47525361
Email Id:,

Dr. Kamal Dev

BDS, Dental Surgeon

Dr. Kamal Dev is one of the best dental surgeons in Shalimar Bagh in Delhi. He has done BDS in 2010 from Santosh dental college (Chaudhary Charan Singh University) which is one of the best dental colleges in Ghaziabad. Since 2010, he is extensively practicing dentistry and attended many seminar and hands-on programs to improve his dental skills. He has specialized in root canal treatment (RCT), Crowns, complete denture, orthodontic treatment, and other dental surgeries.

Address: AJ 53 B, (Opp. Everbake), Shalimar Bagh, Delhi – 110088
Phone No.: +91 – 9999222947, 011-42614271
Email Id:

Dr. Rahul Kamra

BDS, Dental Surgeon

Dr. Rahul Kamra is a specialist Dental Surgeon. He completed his B.D.S. from Magadh University in 1996. He is uniquely qualified to provide excellent dental care to patients. His special area of interest relates to cosmetic & general dentistry. He regularly attends all conferences, exhibitions, CDE Courses, Hands-on programs & workshops to keep himself abreast with the latest developments in the field of dentistry.

Address: C-716, Vikaspuri, Delhi – 1110018
Phone No.: 011 28545062 , +91-9810102392

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