Winter vacations are reaching their final stretch and, with this, the promises of the new season begin. One of the most common is to commit weekly to sports. Physical exercise not only helps maintain good health and prevent disease but improves sexual potency. Dr. P K Gupta, a sex specialist in Delhi for male sexual health, recommends the sports suitable for men to maintain active sexual life.

Exercising regularly and moderately improves the state of the physical and mental health of men. A proven fact in which medical specialists affect the welfare of citizens. And although being constant in sport is not an easy task, especially for daily obligations or for age, it has a particular benefit that must be an extra motivation to take time and practice it.

Various studies have shown that sport increases the sexual performance of men in bed. The training helps to keep the heart, one of the fundamental muscles during sexual intercourse, in full form, when the blood vessels dilate to provide an important flow of blood to the male reproductive organ, explains sexologist in Delhi.

At the same time, sports practice helps control insulin levels produced by the body. A natural remedy to combat some metabolic diseases such as diabetes, key in sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

In addition, gentle exercise positively influences the lungs, gradually improving breathing. Increasing the capacity of oxygen in our body enhances resistance in bed.

Finally, the sport helps to lose weight, so apart from the fact that the man feels more attractive to himself, it is stimulation to dare to perform more postures in the sexual field, since he develops agility, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

The most effective sports to improve

Physical activity is good for the human being by positively affecting both the body and emotions, an ideal combination of intimate relationships. Its practice causes more endorphins and testosterone to be generated in the case of men, so it increases the sexual appetite. In that sense, the top sexologist in Delhi recommends the following disciplines to maintain an active sex life:

Running: According to a study by Harvard University, running 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of men suffering from erectile dysfunction by 50%. If older people do not dare to practice athletics, they always have the possibility to take more walks at a fast pace.

Swimming: Swimming three times a week, at least 30 minutes every day, increases people’s sexual resistance. Again, a Harvard investigation showed that those over 60 recognized that with swimming they had sex lives comparable to when they were in their thirties.

Spinning: Aerobic sports decrease vascular risk factors (such as cholesterol, triglycerides, glycemia or cortisol) that predispose to the closure of arteries and, therefore, create problems for erection.

Tennis: Outdoor sports, such as tennis, surfing or volleyball, help improve bed performance. The reason? The sun stimulates the production of vitamin D, essential to generate more testosterone, that is, the hormone that increases libido, essential for the sexual life of men.

Yoga: An increasingly fashionable sport that can help strengthen intimate relationships. In fact, according to sexologist in Delhi, yoga, if practiced as a couple, favors sexual relations because it strengthens confidence, relaxation, and fun.

Gymnastics: Toning the body with specific exercises in a certain area enhances the self-esteem of the person, so feeling good about yourself improves the sexual life of men.

Weights: Weightlifting causes the body to produce testosterone, which is the main precursor to male sexual behavior.

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