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Delhi Police Cop Impresses Akshay Kumar with ‘Teri Mitti’ Cover, Watch Video

Delhi Police Cop Impresses Akshay Kumar with ‘Teri Mitti’ Cover, Watch Video

Akshay Kumar (L) praises Delhi Police cop

‘Teri Mitti’ from ‘Kesari’ was covered by a Delhi Police cop recently on guitar which attracted praise from Akshay Kumar.


Akshay Kumar’s track Teri Mitti from Kesari (2019) became quite popular when it released. The melodious song is a tribute to one’s motherland and has patriotic, meaningful and soul stirring lyrics.

Recently, the track came to limelight once again when a cop, named Rajat Rathor, covered it on his guitar and shared the video on social media, while tagging Akshay in the post. “Teri mitti -it’s not just a song for me it’s a feeling. My first viral video, After this I got so much appreciation. But I am still waiting for @akshaykumar sir’s response (sic),” he wrote on Twitter alongside his Teri Mitti cover video.

Now, Akshay took time out to appreciate the cop’s singing skills and his cover of Teri Mitti. Akshay says in the video message for Rajat, “What a singer you are. The song is so nice that tears roll down ones eyes and you have sang it beautifully. Beautiful. And I can see that you are a uniform man. Lots of good wishes and respect for the work you are doing. Keep doing good and keep up your talent.”

Posting Rajat’s cover of Teri Mitti on his Twitter handle, Akshay wrote, “Teri Mitti is a song which always gives me goosebumps, no matter how many times I hear it, this time was no different ♥️ Thank you Rajat ji for sharing (sic).”

You can also check out Teri Mitti song from Kesari here.


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