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Exclusive! Sunny Leone reveals that she has three Maseratis

Exclusive! Sunny Leone reveals that she has three Maseratis

Sunny Leone is currently having a great time in Los Angeles. The actress and television host has been doing her best to keep up with three kids, Nisha, Noah and Asher as well as find time to spend with husband Daniel Weber. Sunny has been in LA for almost six months now and her time there has been super special as she has finally got time to stay in this house of hers that she had bought but never actually stayed. The actress recently caught with Filmfare and also spoke about her latest buy, her Maserati.

According to a lot of reports, it was claimed that this is her first Maserati, but clearing the air around it, the actress said, “I have Maserati for many years now this is the third one now and I just treated this one in white so it’s exciting, I always had black and I got the white one instead and this one makes me happy every time I get in it. It’s not a children’s car. It’s mommy’s car and only mommy’s car and these are the small things which make me feel good.” Mommy knows best, as they say.

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