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Why  Space Research  Is So Important!

Why Space Research Is So Important!

In recent years, people’s interest in all countries on the planet in space exploration has soared.
Many controversies have been raised regarding whether money should be spent on Space research while there are many problems in our inhabited planet, earth and especially in Humanity. There is poverty, financial issues. And still so much attention into Space exploration. Why?
Join me I show you reasons why Space research is very important.
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We have seen NASA announcing findings in other planets, solar systems and companies such as SpaceX undergo space projects. For instance we have determined the approximate age of the universe, we found water on Mars, we discovered the first exoplanets in 1992, between the years of 2004 and 2005 three new dwarf planets that exist in our solar system came into our attention and so much more.
But many keep on claiming. What is the point in all of this?
In order for a space exploration to happen, much money needs to be spent. For this reason many people seem to raise questions when it comes to space exploration whether money should be spent on space missions while there are many issues that are happening in our planet that we haven’t solved, and need financial support. So instead of exploring space, money should be spent for Earth’s needs.
Some others consider that, since we already visited the moon in 1969, we don’t need space travel anymore. isn’t it enough?
Well, there are many reasons why space exploration is important and I will try to explain my point of you on this topic and why space research is more significant than we think and vital to humanity.
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Now let’s start analyzing our topic.
Well Universe!
Can you imagine the feeling the astronauts who first landed on the moon must felt looking back at the earth? Breaking through into space travel, leaving earth and defeating gravity, taking steps on the moon?
I bet the feeling would be unique! As they had the opportunity to see earth from a distance and be the first ones to acknowledge it! Imagine being in there position! I think many are jealous that they didn’t live this experience. For them this incident can’t be compared with anything else, and while we didn’t know at this time, this mission advanced our Humanity, and raised the interest on figuring out the Universe! Only goo results can come out of this as we are learning who we are and becoming strong.
But what is the real motive behind exploration. Why do you want to explore and go out of our comfort zone instead of carrying only about what is going on on Earth?
Well, the main reason why moon landing happened in 1969 and, is because humans are driven to explore the unknown, discover new worlds and push the boundaries of the scientific limits. Like it or not, we are by nature explorers who want tο push further and challenge the boundaries of what we already know and we want to learn always something new that can cause a whole new reality. We love exploring the world, travelling abroad visiting other countries and places, collecting memories and experiencing feelings. The same happens on a bigger level by exploring the universe. We are never satisfy and we always want more. People try to achieve these feats for reasons that are not necessarily rational. A few years ago we confirmed the existence of dark matter and we couldn’t do that without space exploration. What is the value of this knowledge? It’s hard to guess today.
And what keeps us going is the fact that we can discover everyday something new and in this way we advance human race. Imagination remains our most powerful attribute and we don’t want to stay stable in only one thing. That is what we do. We always explore. We overcome obstacles not because we have to, but because we want to. We can’t live without progress and curiosity is in our blood.
In this point we need to make clear that exploration isn’t just only about curiosity though, as exploration is necessary for advancement in general. If it wasn’t for the Space exploration we wouldn’t have advanced technologies.
The space research has led us to expand our scientific knowledge and have development of various technologies that improve our lives on Earth and also the economy. The world that we have created today, is the result of several years worth of knowledge, much of which has been built through exploration.

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