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Discussed: What If Your Brain Were Twice its Size? with Michio Kaku

Discussed: What If Your Brain Were Twice its Size? with Michio Kaku

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Does size really matter when it comes to our brains? Does a bigger brain mean a smarter person? And how much do we really know about our brains? Michio Kaku, one of the world’s most popular science communicators, will join Richard and Peter to help try to answer the big “What IF”. He will also blow our minds with his insights on “The Future of the Mind”, the title of his seminal 2014 best seller.

Chapters of this episode:
0:00 Does your intelligence depend on the size of your brain?
1:57 What part of your brain would you make bigger?
5:45 Introduction to Dr.Michio Kaku
8:20 How much do we really know about the human brain?
10:29 Brain vs mind
12:36 Is your brain a computer?
15:33 Is empathy real?
18:40 How to process this information?
19:50 What if we cloned Peter?
23:00 Would only the rich be able to upload their brains?

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