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Neck And Shoulder Stretches At Work | All Levels Gentle Yoga Flow

Neck And Shoulder Stretches At Work | All Levels Gentle Yoga Flow

Hi loves!
Get a chair, and something LONG and follow along the gentle neck and shoulder stretch with me!

You would need this stretch if your shoulder or (and) neck is hurting, if you work a lot on your shoulders and they are sore constantly and especially if you’re a beginner and you did my previous “beginner push up video” THIS WILL FEEL YUMMY!

REMEMBER Exhalation is where you will relax and let go more. Don’t hold your breathe ALWAYS BERATE especially where you feel more tightness, allow your breath to open whatever is tight!

Happy stretching. Tell me how you feel after! Let me know what videos you would like to see more of in the comments.

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