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Why Blogilates Gets Low Back Pain – The Science

Why Blogilates Gets Low Back Pain – The Science

I’m a bit embarrassed to be another vegan making videos about Blogilates, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share the science. Whether or not back pain is a major part of her life, it disables over 30 million people per year in the US and they need to know the real reason!

84% of people experience low back pain, nearly 1/4 experience it chronically, and it disabling about 1/8 of the US population:

“almost all persons have aortic fatty streaks by age 10” (

“Spine Journal” showed that of people with chronic low back pain, over 3/4 had blocking off of arteries in their lower back, and over half had “significant disk degeneration.” (

Nasty back artery picture and “…high serum cholesterol levels were found to have the most consistent associations with disk degeneration and lower back pain.”

Cholesterol levels of omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans:

90% of americans believe they are eating a healthy diet, and Blogilates is definitely one of them.

Similar exponential increase in artery clogging plaque in both smokers and egg eaters: