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Top 3 Worst Places to Swim in

Top 3 Worst Places to Swim in

This shiny metal is constantly in a liquid state. This is mercury. We normally see this metal in tiny quantities. But what would happen if we took thousands of liters (quarts) of it and filled a pool entirely with liquid mercury? And then, what if you jumped into it?

Have you ever heard of Medusa? The snake-haired greek monster who turns people to stone with a single glance? Well, she might just be a myth, but there is an area so deadly that it could actually turn you to stone. The infamous Lake Natron

It’s as strong as battery acid and it can melt steel. Your stomach acid lives inside of you and helps digest your food. Is stomach acid dangerous? If it’s this powerful, why doesn’t it hurt us? And what would happen if we jumped into a pool full of the stuff?

00:00 What If You Jumped Into a Pool Full of Liquid Mercury?
05:11 What If You Jumped Into Lake Natron?
10:50 What If You Jumped Into a Pool Full of Stomach Acid?

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