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Learn Surya Namaskar STEP BY STEP | Detailed Sun Salutation Technique for Beginners

Learn Surya Namaskar STEP BY STEP | Detailed Sun Salutation Technique for Beginners

Learn Surya Namaskar step by step for Beginners – explained by Bharath Shetty, This Detailed Sun Salutation Technique of Indea Yoga, Very Helpful to Lose Excess Weight, Reduce the Joint Stiffness, and to Keep Fit, Flexible, Strong, and yet Calm. Can be done by beginners to advance level of yoga practitioners to correct their sun salutation technique. #sunsalutation #weightloss #IndeaYoga

This is a brief yet detailed Surya Namaskar video to show how to get into the positions correctly. Part 2 video talks in detail about common mistakes that you or your student could be doing and how to correct it.
~ PART 2 – How to correct Sun Salutations:

~ 20 minutes Daily Surya Namaskar Guided practice with Bharath Shetty’s Voice instructions:

This video is for you if:
~ You are a Yoga teacher who wants to teach correct Sun Salutation techniques.
~ You are a complete beginner in Yoga and want to build a morning Yoga routine.
~ You want to use yoga for weight loss as a beginner and stay healthy and fit.
~ You want to practice some dynamic exercise but do not want to get tired by the end.
~ You want to come out of depression and/or anxiety – Yes! It does help a lot. Give 21 days of your full dedication, even if you do not feel like it. Through that consistency, you’ll be in a better state by the 21st day.
~ You are suffering from mild health disorders (breathing problem, digestion or gas problem, acidity, hormonal imbalance, not able to conceive) – In all these cases, Surya Namaskara helps by opening some blockages and release any stiffness which was suppressed inside.
~ You want to learn step by step surya namaskar through online yoga videos

Indea Yoga conducts Surya Namaskar Marathon on 4th Sunday of every month, where everyone does 108 rounds of it. You can enroll for the same once you are ready with 12 -24 rounds of practice regularly for a minimum of 3 months. Link:

Why Surya Namaskar in yoga? Benefits of Sun Salutation.
This ‘How to Do Surya namaskar’ Sequence is one of the best preparations for a weight loss challenge. Once we learn Sun Salutation properly it will be one of the Best Exercises for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Growth.
Surya namaskar has a lot of benefits:
~ Improves joint flexibility and mobility.
~ Improves strength and stability of body and mind.
~ Reduces stress and anxiety.
~ Balances the left and right side of the body (and mind).
~ Helps overcome depression.
~ Helps lose extra kilos.
~ Activates digestive fires (improves digestion)
~ Works as an active meditation if done properly with coordination and consistency of breath with movements.

In this video:
(01:21) Tadasana
(01:45) Namaskarasana
(02:00) Urdhvahastasana
(02:30) Padahastasana
(03:08) Eka pada prasaranasana
(03:46) Dwi-pada prasaranasana / plank pose
(04:23) Sashtanga Namaskara
(05:05) Bhujangasana / cobra pose
(05:32) Budarasana / mountain pose

(07:15) Surya namaskara with breathings

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