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What`s This Beautiful Creation Of The Universe Captured By Hubble?

What`s This Beautiful Creation Of The Universe Captured By Hubble?

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This beautiful image that you see right now might look like CGI but it’s actually one of the most recent amazing photos taken by the Hubble telescope. This is an actual, rare and intriguing object out there. The striking image features a relatively rare celestial phenomenon known as a Herbig Haro-Object or HH for short. These Herbig Haro objects are one of the most beautiful creations in our universe, which we can sometimes observe with our own telescopes.
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This particular object, named HH111, was imaged by the Hubble space telescope’s Wide Field camera 3(WFC3). HH 111 is about 1300 light years (400 parsec) distant from earth and is embedded in a cometary molecular cloud called L1617. These breathtaking objects develop under very specific circumstances. So in this video we will talk about how this system works, what mechanism is involved in the formation of these objects and what’s happening in this particular system
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