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What If Cthulhu Was Real?

What If Cthulhu Was Real?

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The night is dark and stormy at the beach. A crowd prays to the thunder in the skies. All hail the god of chaos, who sleeps no more. Cthulhu, the great, green, bringer of madness rises! A colossal shadow emerges from the ocean. Wielding tentacles, wings and eyes that reach deep into your soul and your mind. If Cthulhu, the terrifying demi-god from classic literature, was here, who would it attack first? What would happen when you looked at it? And why would you bring out the big guns?

Transcript and sources:

00:00 What If Cthulhu Was Real?
00:53 What is Cthulhu?
01:32 What is Cthulhu’s most powerful ability?
02:54 How would you survive?
04:06 Blindfolded combat
05:14 Nuking Cthulhu

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