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health benefits of sex for men

9 health benefits of sex for men


Most men may not need too many excuses as reasons to engage in a tent of sexual activity, so there is probably no need to sell them on the idea that the benefits of sex on the health of a man are actually quite incredible. As they are for a woman too.

Here are some of the health benefits of sex for men explained by the best sexologist in Delhi, India.

1. Sex makes his heart stronger

Not just for you, but also physically. This is a double whammy for you and your partner a lot of sex, keeps your heart healthy and strong and keeps it healthy for you too! It’s a win, win situation.

According to sexologist in Delhi, India, if a man has sex at least three times a week, they can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke risk by 50%! This should be one of the best health benefits of sex for men.

2. Sex promotes restful sleep

If you have a man who gets dirty when he experiences a lack of restful sleep, having sex with him more often may just be the answer to the problem. It will also ensure that you have a restful sleep too!

This is because Oxytocin is a naturally relaxing agent and sleep inductor is released during orgasm, which is especially powerful for men and probably explains why he just overflows and sleeps after sex!

3. Sex will improve his mood

The health benefits of sex for a man can be enormous in his mood. It lowers stress levels, improves confidence and esteem, binds you to him, promotes restful sleep and improves his spirits in general.

The feel-good endorphins that are released during sex can also cause depression, long-term or just temporary withdrawal.

So if your husband is a little low, you have the perfect solution to help him improve his mood – we are sure he will thank you for your care too!

4. Sex reduces pain

Sex promotes the release of hormones that act as natural painkillers for you and your husband.

This is because oxytocin is released which cuts your pain threshold in half, and the increased blood flow that occurs naturally through the body reduces inflammation and subsequent pain. This is an important health benefit of sex for men who will surely ease his aching muscles, says sexologist doctor in Delhi, India.

5. Sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer

According to sex specialist in Delhi, regular sex can protect your man from developing prostate cancer. Recent surveys have discovered that men who ejaculated at least 4 or 5 times a week had a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer than those with only four or five ejaculations per month.

Researchers from Nottingham University have also found that men in their 50s who regularly enjoy sex in their 50s have a lower chance of developing prostate cancer. Why? Now, when you have sex, you remove the toxins from the prostate, and it is these toxins that can hang and develop into cancer.

6. Sex helps men stay in shape

Sex is a cardio activity which means you will burn calories during sex. So, the longer you last or the fuller your sexual activity, the more calories you burn and the more fat you keep from your body, the longer you will stay happier and healthier, says sexologist in Delhi.

7. Sex improves his immune system

If you want to take less sick days, then become sexually active! People who have sex develop higher defensive words against germs and viruses. That means less coughs, colds and other viral illnesses!

Studies have shown that people who have sex only once a week have higher antibodies in their system! So if you want to maximize productivity, and be the best, you can stay healthy by having sex regularly, suggests best sexologist in Delhi.

8. Sex increases your brain

We all know that one of the reasons why sex gives everyone a certain glow and an impulse in energy is because it increases blood flow everywhere. Increased blood flow not only increases the sensitivity, but the blood flow also pumps glucose through the body which stimulates energy. Perhaps this is the reason why you have a spring in your step after you have enjoyed an intimate moment with your spouse. But it also helps productivity and increases focus, says top sexologist in Delhi.

And if that wasn’t enough, studies have shown that sexually active adults have a better memory than those who are not.

9. Sex prolongs life

According to sexologist in Delhi, people who climb at least three times a week has a fifty percent reduced chance of dying for ALL medical reasons than those who climbed only once a month! Unfortunately as it sounds, it’s time to get your man in the sack and then remind him how you saved his life!


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