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Yoga From The Heart ♥ Beautiful Sunset Flow

Yoga From The Heart ♥ Beautiful Sunset Flow

An inspirational yoga video of a beautiful sunset yoga flow combined with spoken words of poetry and heartfelt ideas. We shot this on Hermosa Beach in Costa Rica, just outside of Santa Teressa on the day we got engaged to be married. Our hope is that it will inspire you in even the smallest way or just simply brighten your day.

Yoga Lessons For The Heart
Reach for your dreams, never give up, and learn to love yourself in every possible way! Life is a journey not a destination.

Please share if you relate to these ideas… and not just share this video, but share positive energy, your own inspirational video, or even just a smile.

Inspiration for women.
Inspiration for men.
Inspiration for us all to make the world a better place.
Inspiration is Life.

How Yoga Saved Me… or What I Learned From Yoga.
By Juliana*

Take a deep breath.
Sometimes you simply must let go.
Release yourself into the unknown.
Who said you are supposed to have it figured out anyway.
Maybe we truly never will.
Maybe life is about living with each moment and daring to follow the unknown path.
Maybe life is supposed to be about learning to surrender.
That everything will be revealed when its time for you to grow into the person you are meant to be.

No one has the right to judge your life.
You are always in control of the type of life you want to live and who you want to spend it with.
Thats the beauty of being you.
Maybe life is about appreciating what you have been given.
And becoming better than who you already are.
Its about giving back into the universe
Through kindness and love to all that share this planet with us.
Its about daring to be different.
To stand up for what you believe.
No matter how much resistance comes your way.

Its about truly discovering your passion.
Which will lead you to your purpose.
Feeling the happiness and joy it brings you.
The way it melts your heart and stops time while you are in it.
To me that’s life.

Don’t be afraid.
Fear is not even real.
Its always in your mind.
And you are in control of it.
Simply allow yourself to make a choice.
Allow your heart to lead you where it needs to.

So look up. And take a deep breath.
Trust that all is taken care of by an energy far greater than you.
Smile and trust the universe.
Somehow it knows exactly what its doing.

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Shot at Playa Hermosa in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Video Production- Mark Spicoluk
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