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How Much Does FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

How Much Does FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

The first question that pop ups in people’s mind when searching for a hair restoration procedure is the cost. What is the exact price of the process? You must note that a hair transplant surgery has no fixed cost. Its average cost can vary. The cost of most hair transplant surgeries is different in different locations.

Cost of FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplants usually costs from $4,000 to $15,000. For the Robotic FUE procedure, the price is different because of the technology. The overall price is calculated per session, which could increase depending on the numbers of hair to be transplanted, and who’s the professional performing it. Also, the FUT or FUE hair transplant cost is to be paid by self. No insurance premium can pay for the procedure, as health insurance does not cover cosmetic surgeries.

What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE or Follicular unit extraction hair transplants are performed taking individual hair follicles from the skin and implanting them on the required area. The new area will look thicker with the new hair. FUE came out after FUT or follicular unit transplantation, where the procedure is done by taking an entire piece of skin or scalp including the follicles and transplanting the skin on the target area. FUE is popular than FUT because it will less likely to look like a hair plug look, where the skin or hair sections do not match the surrounding areas. Also, there won’t be large scars like FUT. The FUE hair transplant is performed on people experiencing hair thinning or baldness with some still left to be usable for hair transplant. The most important thing required in hair transplant is the presence of healthy or thick hair for the hair transplant procedure. 

Areas Targeted in FUE Process

FUE hair transplant is performed on the scalp region. They can be performed on areas where hair is less or absent. Even on arms, legs, and the genital area, FUE treatment is suitable. FUE is done in multiple sessions. It may require some gap between the days. Also, the FUE hair transplant performed in multiple days is called mega session that would last for ten hours or above. The outpatient procedure allows the patient to go home after the process is completed. There is no need to interrupt the daily routine after FUE. There is no need use much water for hair washing or performing any rigorous exercises. This must be followed for a week.

New Hair Growth

Hair transplanted in the new area grows within three to four months post an FUE hair transplant. The expected rate will be 80% percent of the transplanted hair. FUE is successful more than the FUT method, with high graft survival rates. For the Robotic FUE technique, the success rate can be 100%. The factors of success in this surgery are skill, knowledge, and experience of the surgeon.

Science behind FUE

The older the people grow; the phase of hair growth and regrowth reduces until the follicles are unable to regrow hair. The cycle is different for everyone. Some go bald in 20s, while others bald late. FUE hair transplant puts new follicle, replacing the old ones. These new follicles have the ability to grow hair. These follicles get nourished through blood vessels and begin growing thick hair that was thin.

Is FUE the right one?

FUT and FUE methods are both opted at the moment. Both have their benefits and advancements, expected results, costs, and ideal candidates. The only thing that matters is good outcome and less or zero issues.


The FUE hair transplant is a safe procedure where follicles are extracted with the new ones. It is popular than the follicular unit transplantation or FUT. The fue hair transplant cost is also favorable. So, get it done by a qualified hair transplant surgeon.