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Are Rogue Planets Already In Our Solar System?

Are Rogue Planets Already In Our Solar System?

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I don’t know about you, but if I’m told that billions of planets are freely roaming around in our galaxy, I start to feel slightly nervous.
Because it’s one thing for small asteroids, interstellar wanderers – such as Oumuamua, for example – to come into your house – into our solar system, I mean – and take a ride and then leave without doing any damage, it’s quite another to think that a large planet might come in like a cannonball that would also be capable of disrupting orbits, if not doing much worse
You are wondering what the hell are we talking about?
Well, about what certain astronomers are going around saying, convinced that such planets should not be considered a very rare freak of nature, as was the case until a couple of years ago … but the result of a cosmic mechanism that in our galaxy acts on a large scale, and that of these starless planets is capable of churning out hundreds of billions of them!
So am I right or wrong to feel a tad worried?
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