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Does the “first time” mark your sexual future? This is what the experts say

It is believed that the first time in sex determines what future sex life will be like and in this regard, researchers have made surprising findings.

They say that the first time is never forgotten and in the sexual field, it may not be the exception because it is believed that the way we live it can largely dene our future sex life, but how true is it?

Many claims that their first sexual encounter was not at all as they imagined, in some cases, it is even a disastrous experience that they seek to erase from their minds as soon as possible. Few can say that they had an orgasm in their first time or that they felt comfortable at all times.

Some studies have analyzed how the first sexual relationship influences the rest of intimate experiences throughout life and the findings are interesting.

Does the first time mark your sexual future?

Some studies have found that the first time it determines our subsequent sex life and that, in a way, it creates our erotic DNA, such as the one carried out by the Universities of Tennessee and Mississippi, where more than 300 students were evaluated on their first sexual experience. They were asked about the time when they lost their virginity and about their subsequent sex life.

The conclusions of the experiment indicate that those who had greater physical and emotional satisfaction in their first time, had better sexual experiences later; while those who suffered from negative experiences or anxiety in their first sexual relationship, showed less satisfaction with their current erotic life.

“This study doesn’t prove that a good first time is a good sex life, overall, but the experience you have when you lose your virginity can create a pattern for years to come,” says sexologist in Delhi, India.

Experts disagree

Top sexologist in Delhi, India questioned these results, noting that the participants were mostly young students who still did not have too many years of sexual life to have a greater perspective, and that, for them, having sex for the first time was no longer considered as an initiation rite, but a mere procedure to enter adult life, which would completely change the results.

In this regard, the best sexologist in Delhi, India affirms that “the idea that the first meeting leaves a deep mark on our future sexuality is something that is already out of context. People no longer have such high expectations, they are better informed than previous generations and, in many cases, virginity is seen as something to be discarded at a certain point in life, not necessarily with the Prince Charming.”

For this part, sex specialist in Delhi points out that there is a lot of literature that shows that there is a correlation between the level of intelligence and success in academic studies with age. The first time, that is, they indicate that the smartest wait to be older for their first sexual relationship.

However, it cannot be determined that easily, because many factors influence it, such as family environment, excessive parental supervision, the level of selectivity of the person or simply disinterest in the sexual issue, not necessarily greater intelligence. Sexual orientation and the effort to understand one’s identity can also delay the debut in bed and the overall experience of the moment

How should it be the first time?

According to sexologist doctor in Delhi, India the first time does not have to be as we see it in the movies, but it is important that it is a responsible act, meditated and performed with full freedom and information, without it being something spontaneous or that we do not want actually do. For the best sex doctor in Delhi, delaying the first sexual intercourse too much could also cause conflicts, since it has been shown that not enjoying sexuality after the twenties can generate anxiety and even sexual deaths because there is fear that the other person knows that they do not have enough intimate experience. However, this should not be a pretext to do it with the first person who comes across us simply to end the problem, the decision must be conscious and always with the intention of enjoying the moment.

The use of condoms and other ideal contraceptive methods for adolescents such as the IUD or birth control pills is also essential, as sexologists in Delhi point out that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are one of the biggest fears of young people, who can delay even more his first time for fear of getting sick. However, with the necessary precautions, it is possible to enjoy sexual relations without any risk. You know, the first time it does not have to be a sentence, it is something natural that everyone goes through and that can leave you some lessons, but it definitely does not determine the rest of your sex life because only time allows you to know different forms of eroticism and to enjoy in privacy.