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Triton, The Moon That Was A Dwarf Planet!

Triton, The Moon That Was A Dwarf Planet!

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Everyone knows that Triton is the largest moon of Neptune’s. But what if it wasn’t always like that? What if I told you that Triton used to be a dwarf planet before? Ever since its discovery, scientists have been really puzzled by this massive moon of Neptune. Triton is really peculiar as it is covered by a thick layer of ice that could even potentially be a host for life in the oceans underneath it! A team of scientists at NASA claims that there’s a very big chance that Triton used to be a dwarf planet before it was captured by Neptune, and turned into the very unique moon it is today. But what made scientists suggest that possibility?  How else could they explain its peculiarities, like its weird orbital direction and high reflectivity?
Follow me in this video to get to unveil the incredible secrets of this very distant world and get to know the answers to these questions and more!

Triton is the largest and most massive of Neptune’s moons and is among the most mysterious moons of our Solar System. It has a diameter of 2,706 kilometers, so in comparison with our Earth’s Moon, Triton is just a little bit smaller, by around 800 km. Carrying a mass of ten to the power of 22 kilograms, it is the seventh largest moon orbiting our Sun. 
Neptune and its moon Triton have a very peculiar discovery story. It was observed two centuries before it was discovered as a planet, that’s crazy right? Let’s take a little step back in time into the discovery of Neptune.  

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Credits: Ron Miller, Mark A. Garlick / MarkGarlick.com
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3:26 Triton Retrograde motion
7:00 Triton Unusually high albedo
8:40 Triton surface composition and activity

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