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The First Human Expedition To Our Closest Galaxies

The First Human Expedition To Our Closest Galaxies

Ok guys, believe it or not, in the famous “Harlan diary”, found years ago inside the spaceship Pythéas, historians have managed to decipher what could be the story of the birth of our colonies in this part of the universe.As I’m sure you already know, the Pythéas an old ship.
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You may also recall that the Pythéas was found off the coast of Andromeda I, a small spheroidal galaxy satellite of Greater Andromeda. With no one on board and the memories of all the computers completely wiped out. It was only many years later that the Diary was found, a collection of sheets thick with signs as they were used a million years ago.
Our destination, which we can comfortably see through the immense glass windows of the Glass room, is the galaxy we all know as the Small Magellanic Cloud.
It is almost 203 thousand light years away and for the first time the Warp will be used at full power.
So, we are about to leave at the time of the Small Cloud, but actually, our final destination is much further, it is the Great Andromeda Galaxy, which we will try to reach in stages, passing first through the Fornax Dwarf, NGC 6822, and Andromeda I.
December 30, 2454. Two and a half years have passed since our arrival. In that time we have visited the habitability belt of 107 planetary systems. We found vegetation and elementary animal life on at least 32 planets, but the best of all, in the end, was GEORGE, a planet almost indistinguishable from Earth

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