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INDORE (56 Dukan + Sarafa Bazar) Food Tour –  FLYING Dahi Bada + GIANT Jaleba + Egg Benjo 2/2

INDORE (56 Dukan + Sarafa Bazar) Food Tour – FLYING Dahi Bada + GIANT Jaleba + Egg Benjo 2/2

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In the final episode of the two part Indore Food Tour series, we bring you our memorable gastronomic explorations from 56 Dukaan and Sarafa Bazaar in Indore, the commercial capital of central India and the city of foodies. 56 Dukan is a lane that has 56 different eateries serving various popular street foods from and beyond the region. Sarafa Bazar on the other hand is Indore’s most prominent jewelry market transforms into a vegetarian food haven after sundown. This video is a compilation of the most popular eateries that are famous for their delectably exciting delicacies.

We start with eateries at Chappan Dukan street. Our first stop here was Vijay Chat House. We tried two of their most popular snacks, Batla Kachori and Khopra Patties. The former is peas stuffed kachori while the latter one is a one of its kind snacks that are available in Indore or to be precise at Vijay Chat House only. The coconut stuffed potato patties were crisp and moreish.

The second stop was Madhuram Sweets whose Shikanji is very popular. This one is not at all, not even remotely, the Shikanji that we are familiar with i.e. refreshing spiced lemonade. Here it refers to a luscious milk drink made with Rabri, buttermilk and spices. It’s a signature delicacy of this sweet shop.

Our third halt was Johny Hot Dog an eatery that is hugely popular with the locals, especially the young crowd for its delectable and affordable snacks like hotdogs, egg benjo etc. We ordered their bestseller Egg benjo and Veg Hot dog. The former is a simple yet interesting dish of spicy omelette stuffed buns. The use of desi ghee in the preparation gives its taste a different dimension. The veg hot dog was decent too.

As evening ushered in, the jewelry market of Sarafa bazaar got transformed into a food haven with innumerable vendors thronging the place in time. As the glitter from the gold ornaments gives way to the enchanting sight of mouth watering snacks.

We began our binge from the iconic Joshi ke Dahi Vade whose owner Joshi Ji was no less than a sorcerer. He has this unbelievable skill of flinging the Dahi Vada plates into the air without spilling a drop and also sprinkling five different spices in one pinch. He is also a very eloquent person whose sweet talks will win your heart. His Dahi vada was quite decent, especially the curd which was super smooth and luscious. This place is a must try.

Then we went on to try the Indore famous Bhutte ki Kees and Garadu from the stall named A-1 Garadu. This place is hugely famous for these two playful treats. We tried them for the first time and we loved them.

Our next food stop was Sawariya ke Khichdi food stall whose Sabudana kichdi is very famous among the locals. The mildly spiced Sago khichdi along with the toppings of spicy sev was quite appetising.

Next was the time for some sweets and so we visited the Jai Bhole Jalebi Bhandar to relish the humongous Jaleba which is nothing but a toothsome extra large saffron flavoured Jalebi. We thoroughly loved the contrast of hot jaleba with chilled Rabri.

To digest all the food we that we have been binging on since the morning, we decided to have a glass of lemon soda from Jai Bhole Soda. The fizzy drink gets extra frothy when the owner at the stall mixes some secret spices into the lemon soda.

From there we headed to Nima Kulfi, a highly recommended place at Sarafa bazar. Apart from the sensational kulfi, the genial owner was all decked up in gold ornaments.

Our penultimate halt was Naveen Coconut Crush stall where we tried the healthy and refreshing drink called the coconut crush. The concoction had a milky taste that came from the flesh of the coconut.

We wrapped up this food trail with a brilliant Paan from Anna Pan Shop.

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