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Stains on Teeth: Causes and How to Remove them?

The stained teeth affect dental aesthetics is one of the major dental problems, which may appear due to poor hygiene, drugs or genetic. The dentist in Delhi explains to you the main causes and how to eliminate them.

Types of stained teeth

Dental stains can affect temporary teeth or permanent teeth, however, depending on the color in which they occur you will know the cause that originates them. The main ones are the following:

White spots

  • Caries

In the initial stages of tooth decay, the tooth is observed with a white spot due to the demineralization of the enamel, which can be treated by applying a special fluoride that stops its progress.

  • Fluorosis

These white spots are easily identified by the mottled appearance they present. This condition is due to excess fluoride that is applied in childhood and that remains until adulthood. In addition, in certain states of the country, water contains large amounts of fluoride, which when ingested end up affecting the teeth.

Brown spots

  • Harmful eating habits

The brown spots are superficial and commonly adhere to the inside of the teeth. They are caused by consuming drinks such as coffee, red wine, cola, and in the case of tobacco, nicotine and tar produce alterations in their original color.

Gray spots

  • Trauma

When a tooth receives a blow due to a fall, a car accident or fight, it changes color to a grayish tone as a result of pulp necrosis (nerve death). Sometimes it can cause pain when chewing, being necessary a root canal treatment in Pitampura to relieve the discomfort.

Black spots

  • Mouthwash

The consumption of an antibacterial substance such as chlorhexidine found in certain dental rinses can cause black spots due to misuse. The appearance of these will depend on certain factors such as:

  • Chlorhexidine concentration
  • Treatment duration.

Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions of the dentist in Rani Bagh to avoid stains that affect your dental aesthetics.

  • Tartar

It is very common for patients suffering from gum diseases such as periodontitis, to have black spots due to dentobacterial plaque turned into tartar that adheres to the surfaces of their teeth causing bad breath and even bone loss, says the dentist in Saraswati Vihar.

Green spots

  • Poor hygiene

Green spots are on the necks of the teeth, observed mainly in children and adolescents for poor dental hygiene.

By not brushing the bacteria remain on the teeth and gums for a long time, allowing the substance phenacin produced by the decomposition of blood in the gums, staining your teeth with a green tone.

Yellow spots

  • Dentobacterial plaque

The main cause of the yellow spots on the teeth is the dentobacterial plaque, caused by the breakdown of food debris that combined with an incorrect brushing technique begins to change the tone of the teeth.

How to remove stains on teeth?

  •  Dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning involves removing stains, dentobacterial plaque and tartar below the gums. The dentist in Delhi recommend it every 6 months to maintain healthy gums, as well as white and toothless teeth.

The best dentist in Delhi explains the importance of this treatment.

  • Teeth whitening

The teeth whitening in Pitampura is a dental treatment comprising applying cosmetic active ingredients penetrate the enamel, removing stains inside and outside of the teeth, looking white teeth and leaving a brighter smile.

  • Dental veneers

The dental veneers in Delhi are thin foils acting as covers, in order to cover the teeth spots occur which can not be eliminated with tooth cleaning medicinally or excess fluoride.